The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 9: Friends or enemies?

Lexi holds onto her leg feeling the pain her mate is going through. She cries not knowing what else to do as she is being comforted by Melania. She wants to go out there and help her mate. Her body is begging for her to just get up and leave this room to comfort her injured mate.

But no one lets her leave because she is needed here. So Lexi nods as she holds out hope that this will be over soon. The sounds of fighting sound loud to her. But it is starting to fade as she can hear more of their pack coming into the building to fight the rouges. She wonders why they are here and what is going on. This pack has been left alone for so long so why start trouble with them now?

Mark is a gentle and kind alpha yes, but that doesn't make him a weak one. Every alpha in this pack has been of the same kind of attitude. They offer friendship, guidance, love, and support to those that need it. When babies are abandoned near their pack, they make sure they are werewolf pups before placing them into a good home in the pack to be raised by those willing to take the little ones in.

This pack has grown thanks to the level of care the alphas show their pack. When a betrayal happens pack law is put into effect and punishment is served no matter how much it pains those that have to do so. So for rouges to do this and put the pack at risk, it is uncommon to happen. Usually rouges try to join the pack in hopes of finally finding a mate and settling down with those they can care for.

Any wolf in this pack knows of this and the history of their pack for they are taught pack history as part of their lessons growing up. None of them are allowed to enter human school until they can control their shifting. This is to keep humans from finding out the secret.


Mark keeps fighting hard and manages to get it so that they have one rouge alive and it seems they have their leader as the only rouge from the battle. That is good for them, it may mean they can get more direct information.

The dead are taken out of the pack house while the wounded are being rounded up to be treated. Thankfully none of Mark's pack was killed in this, but many were badly injured in the fight. Mark is being forced to go to the hospital they have for the stab wound on his leg.

Mark says, "I need someone to bring Lexi to me. I will not go if Lexi is not there to see that I am okay." His father growls as he says, "Go, I will bring Lexi myself. Now go get treated. That wound is not worth risking your health for." He has Luke and two others ensure that Mark is taken safely to the pack doctors.


Three hours later Lexi is allowed into Mark's room and she heads in with tears in her eyes. She says, "Mark, I am so glad you are okay. I was told you were stabbed with a silver knife." She holds his hand and looks into his eyes.

Mark nods, "I was but I am going to be okay. I promise that I am okay. It will take a few days to heal but I will be healed and able to do all that I used to do before you know it. But now that you are here, there is one thing you could do for me~"

Lexi thinks he is being serious for a moment as she has been too worried about him to notice the hint of flirting to his tone. When it registers in her mind, Mark is already telling her, "You could give me some sexy time right here and now. My leg may be hurt but that don't mean you can't ride me baby~"

Lexi laughs softly as she says, "Now I know you are going to be okay if you are inviting me to do sexual things with you in this bed. I am not going to risk you getting hurt and I am not going to let some doctor or nurse see me like that with you."

Mark playfully pouts as if Lexi has taken away his favorite toy. Lexi kisses him on the cheek and whispers, "You will get your wish once I know we can get away with it." She finds it hard to deny him such attention when seeing that cute pout.

Mark grins at her whisper and nods pleased with that. He for now pats the spot beside him on the bed. He says, "At least lie down with me and cuddle. I missed you and I am glad you are safe."

Lexi gets up onto the bed not needing much more persuading. She cuddles with her mate as she says, "I am glad too. They were after me, weren't they?" She knows it because something about her is making this happen. Is she a bad luna?

Mark can tell this is bothering her. He gently strokes her hair as he says, "Yes, they were here for you but it isn't your fault. Someone is after you for some reason. I don't know why but I will find out."

Lexi sighs as she says, "Thank you for being honest with me. I know you don't want to tell me this kind of stuff but the fact that you are trying. It shows me that you really do want to help me understand."

Mark is feeling pretty tired from the medicine but he holds onto her as he kisses her forehead. He smiles softly before saying, "You are right but for you, I will try. I need to sleep but I want you to stay. Can you do that?"

Lexi nods not trusting her voice as she is filled with so much emotion from the past few hours. She cuddles with him even after she hears the soft sounds of his breathing change to show he is asleep.

She knows trouble is here and that someone let those rouges in or somehow did enough damage to allow the rouges in. The question is why and why is it that they want her? Lexi wants answers but for now she drifts off into sleep with her mate feeling exhausted. The staff leave them be for now as they know what it is like in times like this. Other wolves that were hurt are in similar holds with their own mates if they have them.

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