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Simple Man

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Your an actress but not that well known sadly. You've done a soap opera here, a crappy horror movie there, and occasionally a commercial. But one day you get the chance of a life time when your picked to play the role as 'Roxy', Dean Winchester's new love interest on the hit TV series Supernatural. What happens when your love for Dean comes off camera and your love for Jensen grows?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I pull up to large black gates, my hands tightly gripping the steering wheel. I show my crew ID to the security guard, and he gives me a small smile before opening the gate. I slowly drive in, and drive into a parking lot. When I finally find a spot, and park I take a shaky breath. Today was my first day of filming on an actual tv show that people watch. Sure when I was a kid, I did modeling, and some really cheesy horror movies as a teen. And than a really crappy soap opera but this was the big leagues. No mess ups, if I mess up I’m kicked off and my acting career is finished.

I take a deep breath before grabbing my purse, take my keys out of the ignition, and step out of my car. I lock my car, and make my way towards the large studio set. People were running around, some extras already had their faces painted and were practicing their stunts. I approach a women wearing a head set, and holding a clip board.
“Hi I’m y/n, can you tell me where my trailer is.” I smile nervously. She smiles widely, and looks down at her clipboard.
“Absolutely! Ms.Y/n you are trailer B8 right next to Mr. Ackles I’ll take you there and than once your settled I’ll escort you to makeup and hair. Than Wardrobe is right next door.” She informs me.
“Sounds great thank you, I’m sorry I didn’t get your name?” I smile beginning to walk with her towards my trailer.
“I’m Maggie.” She responds.
“Well thank you Maggie for helping me.” I chuckle softly.

We walk to my trailer, and she allows me inside by myself for 10 minutes. I place my purse down on the counter, I double check my phone to make sure I didn’t miss any calls or texts before exiting my trailer. Maggie than led me to makeup, and hair than left me. I thanked her one more time before entering the trailer. There were two ladies, very sweet looking and a very tall man getting his makeup done.
“Good morning sweet heart you must be the new girl!!! I’m Lucy I’ll be doing your hair.” One of the women say offering me her hand. I shake her hand and smile warmly.
“Goodmorning. I’m y/n, it’s nice to meet you.” I shake her hand and she gestures me to sit down in her chair. I take a seat, and she begins working on my hair. I look at the man through the mirror and see he’s smiling at me, he was pretty cute.
“Hi I’m Jared, nice to meet you.” He smiles, giving me a wave through the mirror. I chuckle and wave back.
“Y/n, nice to meet you too.”
“I’m assuming your going to be playing Roxy, Dean’s new love interest.” He says.
“Yep that’s me. And imma assume your playing.....Sam?” I ask.
“That’s me.” He chuckles.
“Is it true what they say about you?” I ask causing him to arch his brow.
“What do they say?” He asks.
“That your as tall as a moose?” I giggle.
“Oh yes, yes that is very true. I’m surprised they didn’t warn you about me though.” He laughs.
“Warn me about what?” I ask.
“I’m well known for my pranks on set.” He smirks. I laugh, and shake my head.
“Well be warned I’m pretty well known for my pranks as well.” I smirk.
“Ooohhh is that a challenge I’m hearing?” He smirks.
“Possibly.” I giggle. The lady finishes his makeup, and he stands up. Jesus he was tall!!!
“Than let the prank wars begin!!” He laughs causing me to laugh as well. “Let me see your phone real quick, I’ll give you my number.” He smiles. I hand him my phone, and he makes a funny face before handing me my phone. I turn on my phone and see that he changed my lock screen to him making a funny face but when I unlock it, I see he did leave his number.
“Beautiful.” I laugh, causing him to laugh as well.
“I’ll see ya on set.” He smiles before saying bye to the ladies and leaving.
“He’s sweet.” I chuckle.
“Yeah, he’s our little moose.” The makeup artist smiles.
“Little?!” I chuckle causing them to laugh.

Once I finish with hair and makeup, I go over to the wardrobe trailer.
“Hi I’m here for the part of Roxy.” I smile at the lady.
“Great! Here’s your outfit, and if anything doesn’t fit let me know.” The older women smiles back. I nod and get dressed in the Roxy outfit which was black jeans, a tight black T-shirt, heeled boots that went up to my knees, and to finish it off a red leather jacket. “Everything fit?” The lady asks.
“Fits great thank you.” I smile before leaving the wardrobe.

I asked an extra where set was, before making my way in that direction. As I was walking, I pulled out my phone to text my best friend that I was going to start filming today. I wasn’t really paying attention, causing me to bump into something hard and knocking me on my ass. I grumble and sigh, when I look up I see a man with short hair, wearing T-shirt and flannel with regular jeans. His eyes captivated me and I didn’t realize I was staring till he cleared his throat.
“I-uh-I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” I ramble. He chuckles and offers me his hand, helping me stand up.
“It’s alright,“He smiles, showing off his beautiful small dimples,“I’m Jensen, and you are?”
“Y/n I’m here as the new role as Roxy.” I smile.
“Oh well I’m Dean.” He chuckles. My cheeks heat up, and my eyes widen slightly.
“O-oh well that great to know.” I smile shyly.
“Well I’ll see you on set Roxy.” He smiles before winking and walking away. I stand their in shock for acouple seconds before taking a deep breath.
“You got this.” I whisper to myself before going in the same direction as him towards set.

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