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Simple Man

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I walk onto set, and a man tells me how exactly I’m supposed to enter the scene. I go over my lines a couple times before hearing the familiar male voices.
“Is that my rival I see?!” I hear Jared shout entering the set. I chuckle and see Jensen following him.
“Is that the famous moose?” I laugh.
“Don’t forget my trusty side kick the squirrel!!” Jared responds pointing at Jensen. I laugh and shake my head watching them approach me.
“Everyone only thinks about the moose, never the squirrel.” Jensen mumbles with a chuckle.
“You ready for first day of filming?” Jared asks.
“I won’t lie I’m kinda nervous.” I chuckle nervously.
“You’ll be great.” Jensen smiles. My heart beat begins to speed up seeing his smile and I can’t help but blush slightly as I smile back.
“Yeah just remember your lines and don’t look at the camera.” Jared says nudging me before walking onto his spot.
“You’ll be great, just focus on us.” Jensen whispers as he walks passed me to join Jared. I watch him walk onto set and take a deep breath before the director begins shouting.

“ALRIGHT GUYS TAKE ONE, HELLO ROXY IN 5 4 3 2....” And silence.

Scene 1

Dean’s pov (when Jensen thinks it’ll be like this)

“Come on Sammy let’s just go scope out that office!!” I grumble, grabbing my jacket off the motel bed.
“The police said the FBI was already here we can’t risk it Dean. What if it really is the FBI?” Sammy responds. Before I can respond there’s a knock at the door, interrupting our conversation. Sam and I look at each other, brows arched. I slowly approach the door, hand on gun and look at Sam giving him a small nod. He stands up, ready as well as I open the door.

There’s a girl with y/h/c, her eyes burning into mine.
“Howdy I’m Roxy....FBI.” She smiles showing her badge. I tense up and quickly take my hand off my gun.
“Hi officer we were just leaving.” Sam says from behind me. She steps inside and I close the door behind her.
“Sure You were,” she chuckles,“Now you wanna tell me why two hunters are on my case?” She asks. My eyes widen as I stare at her in disbelief.
“H-How did-”
“I’m not really FBI, I’m a hunter as well.” She says interrupting
“Than why’d you show the badge?” I ask crossing my arms over my chest.
“I wanted to make sure you guys really weren’t FBI.” She shrugs. “But now I know you aren’t, just wanted to let you guys know I got this one. I’m sure there are other cases in other towns.” She smiles.
“Sorry sweetheart but we ain’t leavin.” I smirk.
“Why? I said I have this case covered.” She narrows her brows.
“Maybe because we need to solve this case.” I shrug, my smirk growing. She stares at me before her frown turns into a smirk.
“Okay, stick around but I’ll have this case done and over with once you boys finally catch up.” She smirks, her voice becoming more seductive. She was close now, inches from me. She has beautiful eyes.....how’d she get her voice like that? She seemed so shy before.....

End of scene 1
Your pov-

“Uh Jensen?” The director calls out to Jensen who hasn’t said his next line. He just stared at me, his eyes locked onto mine.
“Jensen?” I shake his arm causing him to snap out of his trance.
“Yeah yeah shit sorry guys.” Jensen chuckles rubbing his face.
“We got enough for right now, take 5!!” The director calls out.
“You okay?” I ask Jensen, afraid maybe something was wrong.
“Yeah yeah I’m good.” He smiles. I nod and walk off to the side to get a drink of water. I look over at Jensen who’s now talking to Jared, both of them glancing over at me. Did I do something wrong?

Soon the director calls us back onto set, and we go back into the scene we left off at. No mistakes this time.

As I’m walking back to my trailer I hear someone calling my name causing me to turn around. It’s Jared.
“Hey what’s up?” I smile.
“First off, great job today your an amazing actress.” He smiles nudging my arm slightly.
“Thank you thank you, your not so bad yourself moose. But you said first so what’s the second thing?” I chuckle.
“Well my wife called and reminded me about this weekend. Her and the kids are coming up for the week and we’re having a bbq. And your invited.” He smiles.
“Sounds awesome I’ll come. Need me to bring anything?” I ask.
“Up to you, you don’t have to. Jensen and some of the other crew will be there. I’ll text you the details alright?” He smiles.
“Sounds good thanks Jared.” I wave as he walks away. I walk towards my trailer and go inside, gasping seeing Jensen inside.
“Jesus Christ.” I groan, my hand on my chest,“You scared the crap out of me.”
“I’m so sorry, Jared told me he threw my phone in here as a prank.” Jensen chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck shyly.
“Oh....well need help finding it?” I ask.
“That’d be great thank you.” He smiles. We begin searching around but see no sign of his phone. “Can you possibly call my phone?” He asks.
“Is that a sneaky way for you to get my number Mr. Ackles?” I chuckle, remembering the director saying his last name on set.
“Damn it you figured out my plan!” He laughs. I laugh, shaking my head at his goofy behavior. “Ready for my number?” He asks. I nod and he gives me his number. We hear a vibrating noise coming from inside the sofa, so Jensen pulls off the cushions and finds his phone. “Thank you for helping me.” He smiles.
“No problem, besides you got my number out of it so I expect a text.” I chuckle.
“You can count on it.” He winks before leaving my trailer.

Great first day. I think.

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