Calm Down, Miss. Rodríguez

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- (teacherxstudent) a senior in high school ready to leave but soon meets a small problem when faced with a new calculus teacher. she soon realizes she's beginning to develop feelings, she faces some heartache but still goes for what she wants. falling for my calculus teacher was the hardest yet best decision she chose to make. *i understand this book is not the best but this was my first book however your feedback is one hundred percent welcomed. also, i understand i wrote in lower case but that is comforting to me.* * Currently under construction *

Romance / Humor
- nvell
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a beautiful monday—or shall i say, a beautiful first day of hell—as you all guessed, yes school.

today was my final year, thank god. shit, college was on my mind but school was all as hell, stressful enough. i didn't have "bad grades" but my grades weren't exactly the finest—low c's high d's.

i sighed as i admired myself in my mirror for a few more seconds before forcing myself out of bed and into the bathroom—taking a quick shower.

i wore my black tracksuit with my white forces—grabbed my phone, slid it into my pocket as i sprayed myself with cologne a few times before exiting my bedroom—heading downstairs.

"morning." my father said as i made my way into the kitchen.

"good morning, sir." i said as i grabbed a water bottle from the fridge—chugging it slowly before grabbing an apple.

"excited for your first day back?" he said as he began pulling breakfast foods out of fridge.

"ah, not really. but it's my last year." i said with a small shrug.

"well at least make the best out of it," he leaned over onto the wall. "but would you want me to drive you or you wanna drive ?"

"ill drive. also, ill make dinner. y'all want out or y'all wanna cook?"

"ill ask laura when she wakes up but dinner here sounds fine, but again, ill ask her."

"okay, ill be back around 6? yh?" i said as i made my way towards the front door.

"why 6 kiddo?" he said as he followed.

"because if i have to hit the store, ill run there and a few more errands. yh?"

"okay be safe. call me when you're off ?"

"yh. always." i said with a soft nod as i headed out the door.


"seniors this way, juniors this way, sophomores that way, and freshmen's up here please !!"

all i could hear was—i could only guess, our assistant principal—giving directions. as i entered the gymnasium, all eyes made their way towards me.

being me, i ignored and kept it pushing. as i scanned the room, i looked and found my grade—making no hesitations—going over towards them, taking a seat.

"hey, what's your name ?" i heard from a girl above me. it better had been asia because that bitch was the only one i spoke with.

i quickly looked and noticed who it was, chuckling to myself. indeed it was.

"asia bruh, go to hell." i laughed as i looked at her. "trying me this early?"'

"noa, you heard ?" she said as she slide over towards me. "but always," she smiled.

"heard what?" i said with a concerned expression.

"we're getting a new calculus teacher ? you didn't hear ?"

"nah. you know i don't keep up with the media. i be out that shit."

"keep up with that shit but her name is miss, Rodriguez."

"ah, okay. but no thank you. im good off that media."

as moments passed—we became the last grade in the gymnasium. i guess getting our schedules was gonna take a bit longer than expected.

without any hesitation, i pulled my phone out and began to kill time, answering a text, my dad sent about a half an hour back.

"she said here is fine." - dad

immediately, i shot him a text back.

"okay, ill grab things from the store, yh?"

after sending the text, i slide my phone into my pocket. sitting back as names began getting called.

"noa" i heard my name after about an hour of waiting. my ass was hurting, emails work too.

i quickly got up from my seat, walking over to the table—grabbing my schedule and exiting the gymnasium.


"okay class, that'll be all for today, enjoy the rest of your day—see you tomorrow."

we didn't talk about anything. we just went over the classes we had and little things we already knew. english wasn't my best subject but it one of my favorites.

"you got her class ?" asia said as she bolted down the hall.

of course it was asia. this girl.

"who class ??" it had to have been the new teacher, hell everyone was talking about her. i could of course see why but damn, shut up maybe ?

"the new calculus teacher." she said simply. "everyone's talking about her," she smirked.

"you look liked a creep," i laughed. "but yes, matter fact, i have her now. why?"

"shut up you damn frog," she rolled her eyes. "lucky ! i don't have her. i have miss. miller."

"shit, nothings wrong with miss. miller." i shrugged. "miss. Rodriguez isn't even all that cute bruh."

"you seen her?" she glanced at me with excitement as i gave her a nod. "and your gay ass saying she's not all that ?"

"yes." i nodded. "

"bro she's sexy idc what you say. but anyways, let me get to class."

"ight Asia."

splitting ways, i went my way down the hall and made my way to calculus. i looked down at my watch, realizing i was a little bit later. shit, 3 minutes aint bad. i knocked on the door softly, almost 5 minutes late. after a short few seconds, the door flung open—coming face to face with miss. Rodriguez all over again.

shit, she wasn't that bad looking but damn did she look intimidating as hell.

"my apologies for being late." i said lowly.

"come in." she said in a slight raspy voice. moving aside allowing me to step pass her. "stay after class."

shit. you gotta be kidding me. now ill get home later than i planned. i shook my head as i slowly lost focus—zoning out as i allowed the minutes to pass.

i scanned the classroom, looking for familiar faces, and yeah, a few. Scott, Dymond, and Ciara. i never really spoke to them, i knew them, yes but yeah, you know.

the bad part was i didn't have any class but gym with Asia. I'll have to go through 2 hours without her. i mean, this teacher was hot, so i wasn't complaining.

"why were you late ?" miss. Rodriguez said as she pushed her glasses up against her face—keeping settle eye contact with me.

"because, the halls were a bit crowded." i lied.

"if you're late again, you'll be getting detention." she said as she looked away from me and down at her papers.

well shit. excuse me, miss. Rodríguez. why's your panties in such of a twist?

but she was sexy, i liked it.

she'll make this year, interesting.


"okay you did good !" my father said as he laughed a bit—pulling a piece of steak into his mouth. "i won't lie, you did pretty good."

"thank you pop, thank you very much."

after finishing our food, i collected my dishes and made my way to the kitchen. as i was washed my dishes, letting my thoughts wonder, causing me to zone out—i could hear a faint voice, which made me zone back in.

"noa ! kiddo !" my dad softly yelled, trying to get my attention.

"hm? yh? yh?" i said as i turned the water off, drying my hands before putting my dishes away.

"i need to talk to you about something real quick." he explained.

"im listening, yh?"

"i was thinking about marrying laura." he said as he pulled out box, opening it, revealing a ring.
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