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Insatiable Headcannons

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Your favorite yandere boys (and girl!) from the Insatiable series. What makes them tick? What drives them crazy? Here, you can find out, and even find some clues and special one-shots for some characters. Please note, besides Akari's sequel, all other unrevealed rivals (like Hotaka, Orion, Ryota, Yusei, etc.) will not be listed until they make their appearance and their story is either completed or significant enough to reveal motives.

Romance / Horror
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How they react to another flirting with (Y/n)

Shota Yasojiro

Due to his past with Rei and competing for everything for affection and attention, Shota is not one to tolerate feeling jealousy. He’ll become incredibly possessive of (Y/n), holding her close and shooting death glares at the person hitting on her. The level of rage and discontent with the other person may vary, especially if he needs to play nice for a business deal, but he’ll never smile happily. Most of the time, he’ll play with her hair while occasionally darting his eyes to the other person to tell them to back off and get the hint. Of course, he’s not beyond starting a fight if it means other people keep their hands off her.

Takuya Miyahara

Takuya is not a very comfortable person when it comes to interactions with others, especially if he’s never met them before. That being said, he’ll likely attempt to get (Y/n)’s attention by way of pouting and flashing puppy dog eyes to get her to look at him instead of the other person. If possible, he’ll drag her away from the nuisance, but if not, he’ll cling to her and continue trying to get her attention. His attempts can vary from giving her loving compliments to burying himself in her neck and poking at her shoulder lightly.

Haru Akahito

Being the stubborn and neglectful person he is, Haru won’t typically care about the other person’s flirting nor will he, himself, understand the other person is flirting. Unless (Y/n) says something about it or the other person begins to make a very obvious move on her, he’ll stay with her and play games on whatever device he has on him. If the latter begins to occur, the brunette will get uncontrollably angry and begin to very obviously touch her. Whether it's hugging her tightly or kissing her a million times, he won’t stop until the other person goes away although he may not stop either way. In worst-case scenarios, Haru will casually threaten the other person or act on that threat. Still, even though Haru can’t take a hint himself, he expects others to. Until (Y/n) teaches him otherwise, anyway.

Rei Hirasi/Hoshino

There’s only one other character who is as proud of himself as Rei is, and it goes far to show the lengths he’ll go to when someone dares to flirt with his cupcake. He won’t tolerate it. There is no calm situation with him. He won’t try to get the other person to back off with chaste kisses or hand-holding. He’ll simply drop all formalities and step in front of (Y/n) with an intimidating glare. Judging off of the other person’s reaction he’ll either smirk and know he’s won, proceeding to kiss (Y/n) lovingly in celebration or pull out his revolver with a sadistic smirk on his face. Either way, he’ll end up getting cocky and then extremely lovey-dovey afterward.

Yamato Hisaki

Expect long strings of nonsensical cursing from this brunette. He doesn’t mess around with threats, especially if it’s Sora. Jealousy doesn’t sit well with him, and he can’t often handle the feeling, particularly when someone is flirting with his kitten. Yamato will become immediately protective, becoming suspicious of the other person. He won’t care who it is. As long as it moves, it’s a threat to (Y/n). If the other person doesn’t back down, he won’t hesitate to get into a fight but can be easily stopped through embarrassment if she kisses or compliments him. After, he won’t let go of his kitten, clinging to her with hugs and refusing to leave her side. Masaru and the others will often do the same.

Akari Otsu

Because he doesn’t typically know when to make the right move with another he doesn’t have good feelings for without (Y/n)’s advice, Akari will worriedly float around her. He’ll poke his head over her shoulder and look at the other person in concern, fearing he will be replaced. He’ll also make little whimpering noises unintentionally, telling the (h/c) haired girl he has a bad feeling about the other person. While he’s not typically right about his hunches, it makes him feel better if he can hover around her, not that he’ll appreciate the flirting. He’ll have an urge or two to stab the other person, but out of fear of a scolding from (Y/n), he’ll be a good boy and be a pacifist for the time being. Most of the time, he’ll often become passionate about speaking with the other person about how perfect (Y/n) is. However, for the most part, Akari is the ultimate cock block.

Sora Gensai

Jealousy? Sora? No, you’re thinking of someone else. The heir to the Gensai Group isn’t intimidated by anyone, even Yamato. He couldn’t care less about the attempts of a grunt to woo his doll. In fact, he’d be amused by the things they could come up with. It’s not like anyone would be able to compete with the fact that he and (Y/n) were made perfectly for one another. It isn’t something that can be torn apart by a dumbass guy trying to get lucky. That being said, touching her is going too far, and at that point, the other person will likely have a bullet hole in him or a future full of torture.

Asuka Chinen

Nobody knows about flirting better than Asuka. That’s her job. She’s a femme fatale who knows how to get what she wants with a bat of her eyelashes or a swish of her radiant orange hair. Should she discover someone trying to flirt with her duckling, she would likely snicker and burst out into laughter. She’d then demonstrate her flirting skills on (Y/n) to show the other person they have a lot to work on.

Kazuki Hirasi/Hoshino

Yes, he’s run into this issue before, and the last time, it ended with the death of more than one person. Of course, he’s not so stupid to kill (Y/n) when the other person was flirting without her asking for it. His sweet and darling treasure had done no wrong. In fact, he understands why other people would want her for themselves. That’s not to say that he would forgive it, however. In order to scare away the other person and sufficiently intimidate them, Kazuki would hold onto (Y/n)’s hand and kiss it gently and lovingly in order to show the other person she is taken. There was one time he feigned a proposal to scare a particularly irritating suitor off. Well, if (Y/n) had said yes, he wouldn’t have admitted he faked it. He just would have started to plan the wedding.

Ichiro Hirasi/Hoshino

An odd one indeed, Ichiro’s first instinct isn’t to fight for his position as (Y/n)’s lover. He’ll just make his own assumption and curl up on the floor for a bit. If the other person isn’t gone by then, he’ll grab his knife from his pocket and stand in front of (Y/n) with it hovering over his skin. More often than not, he’ll go through with the act of cutting himself, only to feel utter bliss by (Y/n) panicking over his wound. If the other person isn’t gone still, he’ll ask them if they’d like to prove their dedication to her by cutting themselves, too. This almost always scares them away since he’s threatening to cut them anyway if they say no.

Narahashi Shiko

Narahashi is not the type of person to get jealous very easily, being a very sociable and agreeable person. His outgoing nature may prevent him from realizing if a person is flirting with (Y/n), but when he understands, he will be very protective of her, but not overly rude to the other person. For the most part, he’d watch over the (h/c) haired girl to make sure he made no unwanted moves on her, but he’d enjoy the conversation until given reason to suspect the person is a danger to her.


This one is all too familiar with his green-eyed monster. In fact, they’d been in sync ever since he was very young. When the sun goes down, that person flirting will be done away with, buried more than six feet under to ensure proper disposal. The solution a serial killer came up with: kill all of your problems. The first goal would be to knock the other person out of things to talk with her about to ensure he had no chance of taking away (Y/n) from him. But ??? has his habits, and serial killers don’t stop, do they? Ashes, ashes, indeed.

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