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Insatiable Headcannons

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Why they fell in love with (Y/n)

Shota Yasojiro

True, this redhead despises Rei because he is perfect at most everything, outdoing him at every turn. True, (Y/n) embodies the same amount of talent in many things she attempts, including her intellect and creativity. True, Shota loves it to death. The fact that (Y/n) can do more than keep up with him, but excel on her own is enough to drive him to utter bliss. He is motivated to follow after her example, especially with the compassionate way she encourages others. Not only that, but she was the one to prove to him he didn’t need to be constantly compared to Rei who was completely different from him. She opened his eyes to who he wanted to be, not what his parents wanted or what others expected. He was already desperate for affection and love due to the gap in his life, but she pushed it overboard, making him obsessed with having her with him.

Takuya Miyahara

(Y/n) didn’t force her love onto Takuya, she let him go at his own pace, encouraging him to let her join him when he was ready. She cared for him, treating his injuries or providing a place to stay when he was too scared to go back to his mother. Not only that, but she stuck up for him in front of her who was the person he feared the most. In doing so, he found her to be someone he could put his everything into without regrets. Ultimately, it was her persistence to not abandon him that led him to become fascinated with her.

Haru Akahito

She loves video games. Well, at least that was what interested him in the first place. The second was the fact that she treated him like he wasn’t his father’s son. (Y/n) didn’t lie to him or conceal her true thoughts of him in order for her own gain like he was so used to. He wasn’t Mr. Akahito’s son, he was Haru, an ingenious boy at technology who was dense at times when it came to social interaction. Within a month, she knew him more than he thought he knew about himself. She taught him who he was and what made him seem strange to others and offered to help. It was enough to make him never want to let go.

Rei Hirasi/Hoshino

She stripped him of his mask. (Y/n) didn’t trust Rei at the very start, knowing he was not who he seemed. She noticed the small things he did and noted they didn’t add up, especially when he was trying to go out with her or his conversations with others. Simply put, she put aside who he was encouraged to be like and figured out what he truly was without fear. She faced his gun to tell him she accepted who he was. Acceptance was what hooked him into needing her to go on in life. That same voice that told him she accepted who he really was is the one he wanted so desperately to hear sing for him and with him, ignoring any and all others.

Yamato Hisaki

At first, he believed her to be the largest nuisance that landed in his life without his want of her. However, she wasn’t helpless or vulnerable, able to defend herself. He respected her, seeing she was just as disciplined as he was, holding herself accountable for what would come. Simply put, she could give him a run for his money, something he rather loved. Over the course of knowing her, he got to see she wasn’t just stubborn and capable, but intelligent and caring, especially to Akari and Haru whom he was closest with. Though he took the longest to fall in love with (Y/n) to the point of obsessiveness, debating his feelings until the end of the first book, he certainly fell deep. It wasn’t that his heart didn’t yearn for her, he just didn’t have the selfishness to rip her away from the others. That was until she made him feel inherently protective of her.

Akari Otsu

The fact (Y/n) could see his fears by just watching him try to take a picture, it shocked him. As a young child, Akari could read others just as she could, able to tell the way they lied through the teeth and coerced their way into success, but she was only pure. As a young girl, the only thing she wanted to do was make a friend. She didn’t care about what he could provide for her should she befriend him, she just wanted to make someone smile. The pureness was what inspired him to take a picture, immediately filling him with motivation. She was a rare kind of beauty he’d never experienced. The innocent outlook on the world she possessed made him fall madly in love with her.

Sora Gensai

Simply put, (Y/n) is his opposite. She completes him and makes up for what he lacks and vice versa, giving him ideas of how to deal with his father and his advisors. Though he views her as innocent to a fault, not being able to harm another or let harm come to another, he takes it upon himself to finish the job. Though he is restrained to ruling by fear through his father’s name, she is able to rule through love. Sora wouldn’t tie himself down to one person for no reason. She is quick-witted and is able to be at the same level as him, something he wouldn’t admit so easily to any other.

Asuka Chinen

Her younger sister passed away when she was much younger and her relationship with her father had never been strong. Trusting and liking other people are not things she does easily, often acting stuck up to others. However, she found similarities between Emi and (Y/n). Though they were hardly the same person, having many differences, the same things she adored in Emi were in (Y/n). She is someone Asuka wants to protect, giving her a semblance of belonging she only really had with Sora. Asuka loves (Y/n) because she adores her, looking up to her.

Kazuki Hirasi/Hoshino

There are many factors that drive Kazuki to be head over heels in love with (Y/n). The main part was that she was so unlike his previous lover. Unlike her, (Y/n) was uncaring about materialistic things, focused on helping other people. When she began to put smiles on his younger brother’s face, it was something he found to be irresistible. Then when she helped him with work, cooked for him and Ichiro, or even helped with Kazuki’s charity work, he understood she was a selfless person. The main reason he loves her, however, is because she is someone that can love or care for another unconditionally.

Ichiro Hirasi/Hoshino

Desperation was what first led Ichiro to seek out (Y/n)’s time and affection, lacking it from others and relying solely on Kazuki for it. But, after (Y/n) showed she was a genuinely loving person by her caring tendencies for both him and his older brother, he began to think of her in a hopeful way. He was not one to hold a girlfriend for long, finding it was too much on him especially because he felt they were only using him for something. However, (Y/n) didn’t want anything from him but him. He didn’t have to do anything to get her attention, something he wasn’t used to from his parents and those around him that looked to Rei and Kazuki instead.

Narahashi Shiko

Little ’Hashi had always been cheerful and peppy, able to make friends with anyone he ran into regardless of age, gender, or social standing. But it was (Y/n)’s shyness that made him take interest in her. After he got to know her, he found her to be a very reliable person that helped him with his homework, tutored him, and played with him. She was always there for him, and he couldn’t help falling in love, wanting to share his future with her.


Before, ??? was an emotionless doll, only capable of feeling amusement from people’s reactions, especially when he hurt them. However, as he encountered (Y/n) and she insisted on becoming friends with him, he began to feel a rush of emotion when he was around her. She is his very reason for having such an adrenaline-like feeling and it’s more than addicting to him. In his eyes, without (Y/n), he would be a walking corpse. She is his very reason for existing, and he fully intends to savor the desire he feels for her.

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