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my scandalous lover

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WARNING; this story is a lesbian love story , and if you don’t like that then this story is not for you

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The morning was snowy and cold , with my windows providing little protection from the cold seeping in through them the flower's in my room sent a beautiful scent through my room .

" Morning miss " Mary my maid came in with a silver platter with food on top and set it gently on the edge of the bed . I sat up , and reached for the tray , which I then put on my lap . After a couple of minutes of sitting in bed and eating the porridge , Mary (My maid ) came back in and took the tray from me which she then proceeded to help me get dressed first into my shift , then my over the knee stockings , with a little piece of ribbon tied just above my knee . Next she helped me into my first petticoat of many , then my corset , my pocket bag , my hip pad , Then my second petticoat , but this one was full length. She then connect the stomach pattern to the slikerchief , which was around my neck and was tucked into petticoats . After , she put on my gown petticoat which went around my waist , finally she pinned the top half of my gown into place .

My hair took around 20 to 25 minutes to be done , with it's elaborate curls and ruffls .

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