The Hidden Truth

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How does one's life turn out to be so heartbreaking? Will I ever get my happy ending? Will I finally find peace? They say after every storm, there's a rainbow, but where is mine? Where is my luck? The man who saved me years ago threw me out the moment I told him I was pregnant. Now I'm back with the daughter he abandoned but is it all as It seems? The heartbreak he gave me was all lies because of one woman... And that woman is the reason my past has come back to haunt me. Will all the truth come alight, or will it all be hidden away like my life? (This book is filled with heartbreak, sexual scenes, and graphic contents such as rape/trafficking/child abuse.) (Big trigger warnings in this book. It is a very heavy read. Please be aware of that.) ⚠️ 🔞 Please note that I am dyslexic, so they will be some grammar and spelling mistakes.

Romance / Drama
K.A Tilson ❤
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I look around my hotel room. Trying to search for anything to stop me from getting annoyed, but nothing is working.

I take a deep breath. In and out, I can do this. Don’t say anything. Don’t bring up the past, not when I’m trying so hard to forget it, but I can’t.

It’s all built up years of keeping it all in is finally coming out, and I’m scared that when it does come out, I’m going to find out the horrible truth that I wanted to hide away from.

I can hear Ben walking towards me from the bedroom. I hold his shirt tighter against my naked body. I try to breathe in his scent.

“Sophie, come back to bed, baby. I haven’t finished with you yet.” His hand wraps around my slim waist, but I move away. It’s now or never. Evie is sleeping, so I should do this whilst she’s not here.

“You know I saw you that day,” the painful memories of that night comes flashing through my mind. Him and her together. The tears are flowing down my face.

“You and Natalie fucking on your desk. She saw me, she smiled, looked me right in my eyes and smiled at me, and the thing that makes it worse is it didn’t even take you a fucking day before sticking your dick in her.”

I growl out at him. All the venom in me is coming to the surface, and I hate that I fell into his trap yet again!!

“I told you I was pregnant with your baby. I was so happy you knew how much I wanted my own family, seeing as I never grew up with one. You called me a whore said I was just your plaything. Then threw me out like I was nothing.”

I’m screaming. I want to slap him so hard, but I won’t because I know what hitting can do to somebody!

“Do you know I was coming to show you the scan photo? I thought you just needed a little time. How wrong was I?”

My voice cracks a little more. I hate showing him how hurt I am, but I carry on. I need to get this out.

“For you to then send Natalie to Lucy’s house to give me money to get out of your lives. She told me why you helped me that night. You saved me, to try to fix me because you couldn’t fix your sister but realised I wasn’t fixable because I was always going to be broken.”

The tears are flowing down my face harder than ever before. I try to wipe them away, but they keep coming.

The look he is giving me, I can’t even describe it. It’s like I’ve punched him in his stomach.

Is it wrong that I finally feel free?

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