The Hidden Truth

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The Hidden Truth will be published on Galatea!

Hi everyone, I just want you all to know how thankful I am for the support you have given me on this book.

This book has to get removed now as it will be available on the 11th of January on the Galatea app.

I hope you all give this book a chance whoever hasn't read it yet (It's an emotionally gripping read)

This book was by far the hardest to write.

I also have some good news on a storyline I am writing, which will be available after I have finished Fragile Longing.

Here is a sneak peek... The name is called



I was never meant to sleep with my best friends dad. I had never met him before. How could I have known?

I came to England to get away from my overbearing mother; my best friend Grace told me I could move in with her until I got myself sorted.

Then one night, she ditched me for her boyfriend whilst we were out. That's when I met Owen alone at a bar. One thing led to another, and I ended up in a hotel room with a handsome mystery man only to wake up alone.

I never expected to see him again year's later at my best friend wedding as the bride's father. The only thing is the night we spent together; I got pregnant. He has a daughter he never knew about.



The moment I laid eyes on Owen, I knew I needed to have him. It’s been years since I’ve seen him, but I see him in our daughter every time I look at her sweet, angelic face.

I tried to find him when I got pregnant with her three years ago. I had no luck, but that was ok because my daughter had my best friend and me, but the moment I locked eyes with him at Grace’s wedding, I knew then, and there I fucked up.

I know my world is going to come crashing down at any moment. Soon as he sees Lacey, he’s going to know she’s his daughter.

How do I explain to my best friend that Lacey is her sister? After all these years, she’s had a sister she never knew about.

My stomach turns at the thought of losing her. I stand up straight when I see he’s heading towards me. I look towards Lacey to see her and Grace walking back from the bathroom.

Oh no. My eyes go wide, and I try to walk away, but before I do, Owen is standing in front of me. He starts to open his mouth but shuts it just as fast.


Owens’s eyes lock on Lacey’s. I can see the wheel spinning.

“Dad, this is Ellie, my best friend I was telling you about.” How didn’t I know he was her dad? I knew he travelled a hell of a lot, and when I moved in with her, he was leaving that following day for a job in Sydney.

All of Graces features are from her mother. She’s the spitting image of her. I never asked that much about her dad because they have a strange relationship.

I see his jaw clench, and I know he’s figured it all out.

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