Lost kingdom

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In a world where you're hair defines who you are. You can't escape your destiny, You have blonde hair? You're an healer You have black hair? You're a fighter You have red hair? You're a worker You have brown hair? You're The royalty and have the power that come with it But what happens when you're born with the wrong color?

Romance / Action
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It's a old story, a very old story.

Some people claim it's a lie other say that they where their and know that it's true.

What I think of it? I think it's a lie people decide to believe in it cause it's a story of hope, a story of an old royal family.

This royal family wasn't a normal royalty it was the family on the throne. The king was good, he had a loving wife and a little boy. He was barely 5 y/o when this miracle happened, the queen was waiting for a baby. A little girl had said a healers. When this baby have been born he was a normal happy baby barely never crying, it's only one month after her born that they king and the queen realised that this little girl was special. She had red hair.

The king and the queen found in this miracle a way the make the country more strong to give hope to the worker.

They were so happy that they made a ball for the first month of the little princess. Everyone of the royalty was invited to see the little miracle girl. The little girl have been named Angel on the idea that she will be the Angel that will save this country.

Everybody was so proud of the queen baby excepted one family the Robertson, the second most importante family of the kingdom. They were the king bestfriend, this family was composed of a women Elisa Robertson, a men James Robertson, a little girl of three month Celesta Robertson and a little boy of two year Alden Robertson.

The family full of jealousy brutally killed the Royal family during this bal to take the thrones.

I believe in this part of the story the Robertson our royal family now was cruel enough to do such a crime. It's the next part that sound crazy for me.

The story said that the queen was taking care of her baby with the nurses in another room while this crime happened and that she heard the gun shot and the screaming before the Robertson soldier come at her. She give her little miracle at one of her most faithful nurses and told her:

« Take care of her like she was yours take her safe she will save all of us one day »

The little nurses was about 25 years old and now had a baby to take care of, she escaped by one of the secret door of the castle and take care of the baby like it was hers like the queen said.

And now a miracle princess was supposed to live among us. I mean that can't be real if I was her I would have take back my thrones long ago. I guess it's just a late night story that we tell kids to give them hope until they grow up and realise that we can't escape our destiny.

A destiny of hard work and hard life.
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