Lost kingdom

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Chapter 1

"Come on Amy you have to go to work!" Said my mom
"Please just five more minute..."
"You're gonna be late!"
I was in the best part of the book I had to finish it before work.
"I didn't show you how to read to make you lazy!" She sigh will looking at me.
"I'm not lazy I'm just smart and you're jealous"

I was smart of course but she was right I was also lazy, lazy to live in this world of work, lazy to get out of the perfect world that my book was putting me in, lazy to serve some lucky who was born with brown hair.

I work at the castle since more than a year now. To be real it wasn't that bad, My mom was getting old and the electricity bills wasn't gonna pay itself. My bestfriend Jules Is the one who made me have work at the castle of the king. I was cook I mean A wanna be cook I was cutting carrot and tomatoes most of the time, sometime I was cleaning too. On hard days the chef let me do some of the desserts. Anyways my mom was right I can't be late again I jump out of the tree I was reading in and run to my room I change my dreamy dress that I wear to read and feel like a savage princess with horse and flower to my work uniform, I put a rose as a bookmark and make sure to put my book in my bag. My mom come in my room and saw my book in my bag.

"You're too smart for you're own good." She laugh.
"It's you're fault mom." I said laughing.

I give her a forehead kiss and run until the front door to leave to my work. I walk to the castle while reading my book barely dying at least 10 time because I don't look where I go but I finally made it too the castle with barely no problems. Once I get in the royal kitchen I start taking of my bag when my boss come to me.

"Sorry Amy we have no work to you in the kitchen today." He said with us deep creepy voice
"But what can I do?" I can't go back home now I need this money If I want the eat tonight
"Elda!" Scream the boss.

I barely had a heart attack I never heard this name before she must not work in the kitchen. The little women come barely the same age as me maybe a little younger. She obviously not work in the kitchen first I never saw her before, seconde she wear a weird uniform that seem like a dress but not at the same time.

"Take this girls to help in the royal bedrooms." Dis I really heard what I think? I don't know how to take care of the bed rooms I don't even know nothing about this castle except this kitchen and he want me to go on the royal family apartement.
The boss look at me with a dark look.
"Do you prefer to go home without money tonight?"
He was right I needed this money I was just scared that I do something wrong and lose a hand or worst my head.
"No sir..." I follow the little girl named Elda.

She takes me around the castle in rooms bigger than my whole home, I saw chair who probably worth more than my pathetic life, I've never came in this part of the castle I was always in the kitchens.

After a thousand of stairs the girls named Elda stop in front of a door.
"You have to wear the maid uniform you will find one in there" she smiled with compassion.

I go into the room a little room with a mirror and a little wardrobe full of maid uniform. I lock the door and put one on before looking at myself in the mirror. Maybe it's weird but I feel good in this uniform, I feel like one of the girl in my books. Elda knock at the door to tell me to hurry up.

When I open the door I felt like a princess Elda was probably taking me for a freaky smiling dumbly after putting on a simple little with maid dress but I never wore something that beautiful before. She don't bother asking question and just start walking excepting me to follow her as I does.

We head up in a more silent Hallway, don't their a thousand of guard and other worker were walking through the castle to do their job. Her we have only three guard. Elda open a door and I saw a stunning bedroom exactly the type I imagine while reading a real princess dream with a private bathroom and a big walk-in, everything in a beautiful baby pink and brown color.

"Here's your room, do the bed, clean the windows, clean the windows do everything that you can to make this room perfect if you wanna keep your two hands. Anyways it's only the princess room I wouldn't give the king room to a beginner I prefer my head stitch to my body" she sigh and get out of the room letting me alone to do a work I haven't done of my life and that I will probably messed up.

After looking at the room again I decide to start to clean. Well we're should I start? The bed! It's easy doing a bed.

God damn how many pillow does this spoiled princess have! I count at least six, how am I supposed to make fit six pillow on one bed!

I do my best and after 3 test I finally find a way to put all the pillow on an aesthetic way on the big blanket. I swear she must have neck problems with that much of pillow. I turn and saw a bucket of water with I don't know what in it but it smell like lavender like spicy lavender it's horrible. I take a towel and push it into the water. I go to the window to clean is when I open the curtain the window are litteraly crystal clear, they should see the windows at my house they wouldn't complain about their. Anyways I start wiping the already clean window.

Once I finished that useless task I go to the walk-in maybe they're something I can do here. I get in and she some clothes on the floor. I saw some clothes on a little grey metal box I guess it's where we put the dirty laundry. I take the clothe and go there I put the clothes in the box and saw something.

Behind the clothe there is a opening, I push the clothes on the side and give a little push at the door. It open itself and what I saw on the other got me open my eyes so big that I bet they barely escaped my head.

A big, I mean a gigantic library full of colorful book. In the middle of the room Is a big brown carpet and on it a baby pink sofa beside a little table. I slowly go in the room everything in it is so beautiful Like a dream. I go closer to a shelf and barely touch the book like if it was a precious diamond.

"You like it?"
I turn around so fast that I barely tripped over my own foot. A beautiful girl was in front of me with a dark red dress. I remember automatically is face I saw her on the kitchen several other days I never thought that she could have been that prestigious she looked like others cook. I bow the best that I know from my book wishing to not having upset her.
"I'm sorry I wasn't... I didn't stole anything I swear I just saw a door and..."
"Your new here don't you?" She ask calmly going on the couch probably because of those stunning but probably hurtful high heels.
"You can call me Celestia"
I bow again she was the princess I must be careful if I want to get out of here alive.
"Oh don't worry about the formalities anyways you're doing it wrong you have to keep the shoulders backward and the keep your head up" she said with a little smile.
"Sorry your majesty"
"Oh dear I haven't saw new people since at least two month I'm glad to saw a new face I'm not gonna eat you I just find you interesting"
Interesting? What am I a type of monster that little miss princess want to play with. I sigh I can't judge people only by their parents mistakes come Amy you're better than that.

She wasn'tlike the big bad princess that everyone talk about. I heard a story from a junky saying that people say that she like to burn alive people when she is bored. But honestly she look much more into reading than big camp fire.
"Why are you looking at me like that you're the one who's not as it place in this palace" she laugh wanting to make conversation
"I was just thinking that you don't look like you burn people alive when you're bored"
She start laughing. What have you said Amy you really can't keep your mouth shut!
"No I prefer reading less cleaning to do after" she give me a wink and go back at laughing.
She even kinda look kind.

Maybe I was the crazy one and she was about to burn my body alive. But at what I saw until now it's those black haired soldiers that were crazy to describe a monster of a normal girl in a family of monster.
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