Sweet Temptation (Sample Only)

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Summer was always meant to be forbidden. I was never meant to fall in love with her. I'm twice her age and her fathers best friend. I've always had a crush on Mason, I thought it would have gone away when I got older, but it just got stronger and stronger. It didn't help that my dad made us all go on one last family holiday together to Mason's villa. Let alone I haven't seen Mason since I was 13 years old. At the age of 22, I know I should have told him who I was when he met me in the bar the first night of the holiday, but I loved the attention I was getting off of him, but things didn't just stop there, will one night ever be enough for the both of us. Book One (CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE!) (This book contains lots of mature contents and sex scenes) 18+ !!!PUBLISHED ON GOODNOVEL!!!

Romance / Erotica
K.A Tilson ❤
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Gazing out towards the ocean, it's breathtakingly, but I can't seem to enjoy it. I watched the waves crash along the beach’s shoreline. Silently praying, this wasn’t happening, this couldn’t be happening! I contemplated walking out into the water, letting it carry me away from all of this heartache.

It's my own fault. How did I expect this to turn out? That we would live happily ever after because life isn't a fairy-tale, and my dreams mean shit!!

I never thought this day would come. I close my eyes feeling every little heartbreak seep through my body like a drug.

The sound of his heavy feet can be heard as he appears behind me. I know who it is before he comes into view because I listened to his footsteps every night sneaking into my room.

“I’m sorry, Summer. I never meant to hurt you. I didn’t think things would go this far,” he unconvincingly half-ass apologised.

But I know he isn't sorry because if he were, he wouldn't be doing this, and he wouldn't be shoving his cock in me for the past five weeks. I bite my tongue to keep from sharing my unfiltered thoughts with him.

Despite how things have turned out, I’ll cherish our brief time together. The weight of my words registers in my mind, causing a tear to slip from my eye.

“Is it true? Are you going to marry her?” I ask him with a wavering tone. “After everything we have done together, the nights we shared, you’re going to stand there and choose her? I thought I meant something to you,” I foolishly defended, swiping a tear from my cheek. It hurts so much.

Surprisingly, I feel his warm breath on my neck as his left hand secures around my waist. “Don’t you think I know what you’re feeling?” He whispers into my ear. “I’m feeling it too,” he adds, placing some of my blonde hair behind my ear.

“But we have to be real about this. You knew from the day we started this; It wasn’t going to last. I’m twice your age, Summer,” he argues, but what does age have to do with anything? If he felt the same way, then he should want me! Not her.

“Mason, are you coming to bed, Baby? I need you.” My stomach drops, hearing her calling out for the man I love. Tearing his hand off of my hip, I run away before I allow another tear to fall in his presence.

Cycling through Mason’s hurtful words, I’m painfully reminded of how right he was. This was never meant to happen.

I was never meant to fall in love with him, but here we are, and I know nothing in the world will stop me from loving him, even if it’s the last thing I want.

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