Destined By The Moon (jikook)

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(If not fate, than what’s this) Jimin was a very picky person, he can't help it when his omega is even pickier when it comes to choosing an alpha(mate). This only gets worse when all of his siblings had eventually chosen a mate from full moon ceremonies but he still hasn't. Sick and tired of Jimin's pickiness, his parents forced him to agree that any unmated alpha who comes through their door that night is going to be his mate, no matter who it is, thinking that it will teach him a lesson. But what they didn't expect was for him to actually choose the wounded alpha who came covered in blood, dirt and mud covered his cloth, dark curly hair, an enemy.

Romance / Fantasy
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Jimin's bored eye traveled anywhere to keep himself entertained.
He’s currently sitting on a floor chair, body leaning against the arm pillow, legs curled up on top of each other beside him.
His white levandor, lustrous top that was wrapped around his chest, leaving his toned belly showing. The ever so thin wide and long fabric that did nothing to the cold, covered his back and both both arms holding it in place. The beautiful golden brown sinh covered his lower body, waist supported by a gold accessory belt. His wavy pearl blond hair tightly put in a bun and decorated with gold accessories, behind his ear are bundles of small white flowers.
This was the best fancy and comfortable outfit he was able to pick out, he didn't want to stand out as he had to reason to either.
He didn't actually want to be here, but his parents forced him to come, to find a mate even when they knew he was picky. Not that he’s ashamed either, the picker he and his omega is, the better his mate will be.
Head pounding, feeling dizzy by all the alpha hormones that are released. Bringing the red cloth to his nose, trying to block it off.
Jimin’s omega is very picky about smells, especially if looking for a mate, almost every smell of alpha he comes into contact with disgusts him. Like you can have all the charm’s in the world but if your scent is disgusting then its a complete turn off.
Sometime during the events, a couple of alphas tried to approach him but backed off once they smelt the nasty sour scent he gave off. He's so glad that he was able to master controlling his scents and control them too, makes things so much easier.
His focus was brought back when he heard screams of cheers, realizing it was time for the newly discovered mate to dance.
His eyes search for familiar faces, stopped when he spots some of his siblings grabbing or being pulled to dance.
He can't help but imagine his perfect alpha and him dancing like that one day, imagined handing over the garland flower crown that sat untouched besides him, again.
Getting up, he grabbed the flower crown but instead of joining, he walked the opposite way, leaving. A few alphas came and approached as he walked away but he quickly turned down the invite, the only thing he liked about these events.
Omega were able to turn down invites if they didn't approve of an alpha, and if forced then the other party were heavily punished.
He silently walked away from the crowd, to the river where his boat was placed.
Just when he thought he was finally away, he heard someone call his name, choose to ignore it. An arm forcibly grabbed him and turned him around.
It was him, that annoying asshole who couldn't stop bothering him. He dressed in what looked like one of his finest expensive outfits, his tall and manly features dominating Jimin's own. He would have been his type if not for his cocky attitude and really disgusting scent.
“Jimin, you look extremely stunning tonight” he says, chest huffing up, priding himself. This guy honestly thinks just because he’s rich and a good-looking alpha, that he was able to make jimin on his knees, begging for their knot. His jaw clenched when he realized there was no reaction from him, and smiled dropping.
“Look omega, all you have to do is accept my courting and mate with me, after that you can have all the things you want in the world” voice that came out like more of a threat. Jimin stayed his ground and huffed out a laugh, rolling his eyes.
“Listen here ‘alpha’, why don't you have some other omega who’s willing to accept you off so your pride won't be hurt” he suggested and walked away. He grins in satisfaction when he can hear the alpha yelling in anger, knowing he’s unable to anything.
His guard got on his knee and bowed down, greeting him when he arrived at the boat and quickly readed the pedal.
Chilly night air hit his exposed skin as they rowed closer to his house that was located close to the river, other servants quickly placed down what they were holding and bowed down, not expecting him to return so soon.
When they were close enough, he got off and dismissed them, keeping only his personal servant.
“Tae, can you get me some coconut oil?” he asked, Taehyung bowed his head and dismissed himself.
Taehyung, his personal servant, his best friend, his omega soulmate actually.
He’s actually supposed to be happy mated to someone as of now, expect his family were brutally slaughtered the night of the wedding. Ever since then there was no life in his eye, his eyes reflect an empty soul. And on the same night he lost his status as a noble, so knowing he didn't have anywhere else to go, jimin took him in as his personal maid.
Jimin actually wanted his parents to adopt him but they refused, saying it's an un-noble of them, a waste of money and time.
So much for someone who used to adore him when he was a noble.
He goes through mazes of gardens that lead straight to his room as it wasn't part of the main house but located at a very far corner, near the edge of the land they own. Glad that his parents let him pick the location of his mini-home. His mini-home was a two story building, all made out of expensive wood shipped from a foreign country.
He let out a heavy sign when he finally got to his room, taehyung now behind him with a bottle of coconut oil.
“No luck?” Taehyung asked, jimin shaked his head, walked to his bed, hoping to get some rest. Taehyung just nodded and followed right behind him, changing him out of his clothes.
“Tae, i told you, you don't have to do this when we're alone,” Jimin whined, hands and taehyung to prevent him from stripping him further. Taehyung chuckled at his whining before finally retreating and layed down next to him instead. Jimin snuggled into him, taking in his sweet cherry blossom scent, the only smell he likes.
He had wanted to bring taehyung to the event, so at least he had some company but he couldn't. It was only for the unmated, the unclaim and taehyung already had a bite bark on his neck, showing he had an alpha when actually he already lost him.
He had a lot of respect for Taehyung, being able to survive for so long after losing his mate even when the biting marks were so fresh when he lost him. Most omega would die right immediately after if the same thing happened, their wolf unable to accept the loss of their mate.
After relaxing for a bit, he gets up and starts removing his accessories, taehyung watching him.
“Is it really hard to ask for an alpha with at least a decent scent and don't mind a domiting omega?” he let out, asking no one in particular. Taehyung just hums in response, Jimin removed all the accessories on his hair, let it flow freely down and spread out on the bed, some went past and touched the floor. Hands going to taehyung and doing the same thing. Like jimin’s hair, taehyung hair is a light color, one of the traits of the south. His wavy silky sage colored hair goes all the way to his waist, shorter than jimin.
Taehyung is beautiful, the most beautiful in Jimin's eye. He’s not ashamed to confess this but Taehyung and him have to be the only beauty’s worth mentioning when mentioning the south, but of course taehyung isn't one of them anymore since he has no title which is bullshit.
Jimin run’s his through taehyung hair, comb on his other hand, combing through his hair and taehyung does that same thing after he is done.
“Do you think he’s still alive?” Taehyung asked, causing Jimin to pause for a moment, he hesitant to apply more oil onto his palm. “I hope so” his voice barely whispers. Jimin turned around and ran his finger through Taehyung's hair, applying the oil thoroughly.
“don't worry, I think he's still alive, his body was the only one we weren't able to find” he wipes the tear that strolled down Taehyung's cheek, pulling him into a tight hug, scenting him when he smelled the rainy scent on him.
“No tae, he didn't leave you, I'm sure he will come back for you. You knew he had a lot of enemies, he’s probably forming some sort of group of fighters right now so he came back and saved you '' he answered taehyung thought, even when the omega didn't say anything. Just hearing that made him cry harder, Jimin released more of his peachy calming scent to calm him down.
After he was only able to hear a couple of sniffing, he held Taehyung up and walked him to his nest that was next to the window. They snuggled into each other again, feeling more comforted now.
“You talk as if i'm in prison” he joked, jimin smiled, giggling.
“ you see that? The mood goddess is looking over you, I'm sure she hears your cry and is working to reunite the two of you” his finger pointing to the full moon, other hand soothing his back. taehyung just nodded, not having energy to say anything.
This continued until sniffing turned to small light snores, both omega tangled up in each other, sleeping the pain away.

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