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Dean's boy

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Dean Kelly, a famous actor, lives with his younger brother, Mason. Everything is perfect, a bit scandalous and maybe even illegal, very illegal. But one look at his birth certificate changes his relationship with his brother forever.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

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(This is an old story with lots of flaws and some plotholes, sorry about that.)

Warning. This story will contain explicit descriptions of rough sex within an incestuous relationship. If you are uncomfortable and/or disgusted with reading that then I advise you not to read this story.

And if you’re gonna hate on that, then don't read or hate, thank you.

⚠️Warning! This story is quite unedited and contains plot holes and lacks a sense of reality! It’s an old and naive story and that’s all I have to say about that.

I know it’s not normal for siblings to kiss, especially not like this. My brother, Dean, is an actor. He’s been an actor since he was a kid so he’s constantly in the spotlight, doing interviews, being chased around by paparazzi and recording movies and tv shows. I’ve never met my parents, mom left after I was born and my dad died when I was a baby. So it’s just always been me and Dean. Dean was 14 when I was born and since he was an actor he had enough money to raise me by himself. I adore him, he was only 14 and he managed to raise me all by himself and still keep up with his acting career and school. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. He always made sure to keep me away from the spotlight since he wanted me to have a normal childhood. Thanks to Dean I have been able to go to school and make friends without being seen as “Dean Kelly’s little brother”. Whenever someone I knew saw us together though, or if someone got too close to the truth, I had to switch school. It happened rarely, but coincidentally, just that happened two weeks ago and now it was back to a new school with new friends.

“Maisie!” Dean called from the kitchen. “You’re gonna be late for school if you don’t hurry!”

I pulled my pants up and tightened the belt a little. “Don’t call me that!” I yelled and threw a t-shirt over my head. My backpack was by the foot of the bed and I grabbed it right as I ran out of my room.

Dean grabbed my shirt and pulled it down over my torso as I ran past him. With his hand still on my shirt, he pulled me towards him and pressed his lips against mine. “I’ll pick you up after school and we’ll pick up your suit for the premiere okay? Don’t forget about the party next week, you’re coming with me, right?” I silently nodded and licked my wet lips. Dean smirked. “You’ve gotten taller...” he whispered.

“Don’t say it...” I said and looked into his eyes. He smirked again.

“But you’ll never be taller than me.”

I grunted and rolled my eyes. Ever since I was little he’d teased me about my height. I wasn’t even short, Dean just happened to be oddly tall. “You’re so annoying...” I mumbled with a smile on my lips and pulled myself out of his embrace. His hands slipped off of my waist and I bent down to grab my shoes. “How come you’re not married or in a relationship? You’re getting old, you know...” I said and gave him a teasing smile.

Dean bent down over me as I tied my shoes and put his weight on me. “30 isn’t old!” He whined and stroke my hair back.

“Don’t you want kids someday?” I said.

“I already have you!”

A bitter feeling settled in my chest. If he stayed with me he could never live a normal life. Ironic how it all turned out. He had tried his hardest to give me a normal life and now I was the one preventing him from having his own. “And you don’t wanna get married?”

Dean put his hand on my forehead and bent my head back. “What're you going on about huh? Trying to break up with me?” He whispered in my ear and got off me.

"I'm not!"

"Then stop talking about it," He said and kissed my cheek. “Now let’s go! You're gonna be late!”

Dean’s car was new and smelled like fresh leather. It had that new car smell that so many long for during their lifetimes. The windows didn’t have a single scratch or crack, the digital dashboard was shiny and untouched without a single fingerprint or smudge on the display, the carpets on the floor of the car were spotless and there was not a trace of dirt on the car’s surface. Dean jumped into the driver’s seat and started the car. “What do you want for dinner?” He asked and pat my head.

“Are you cooking or are we getting take out?”

“Whatever you want!”

“I’ll think about it...” I mumbled. Nothing really sounded good. I had just eaten breakfast and my stomach was full. I glanced down at Dean’s thighs and looked at the bulge in his pants. Brothers shouldn’t be attracted to each other but every time I looked at Dean I felt the tension. I couldn’t remember ever not being attracted to him. His sharp jawline, tall build and perfect body were enough to make anyone fall for him. He had large brown eyes and high, defined cheekbones, he was just perfect in every way. I glanced down at my phone and looked at the reflection on the black screen. I did look a lot like him, but different. My eyes were dark brownish-green, my face was rounder and my neck was thinner. I wasn’t as muscular or tall as him either. We had the same hair colour but his hairstyle changed every few months since he was always recording movies and going on shows. My hair had been the same since I was twelve, simple and fluffy. Dean’s hair always looked perfect. His blonde waves were always styled and ready for the red carpet. I only ever saw his untouched hair when he showered and when we woke up in the morning. We did have our own rooms, we still slept in the same bed though. I pulled my gaze away from Dean’s crotch and faced the road ahead. I didn’t feel like getting a boner right before school.

“I kinda want a soy latte...” Dean said. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel and hummed along to the song on the radio. He obviously didn’t know the lyrics but at least he tried?

“Do you think mom still thinks of us?” I said and looked over at Dean. I knew that Dean hated to talk about our parents. Every time I brought it up he would shrug it off and get awkward. I did bring it up once every week or so just to see if he’d answer.

“Don’t bring that up...” he mumbled. Dean looked at me and a sad expression spread on his face. He looked as if he was about to say something but then turned his head.



Dean stopped the car a few houses away from the school just like he always did. He bent over to the passenger seat and put a hand on the back of my neck. He pulled me towards him and kissed me. His lips were warmer than usual. Either that or I was colder than usual. When I tried to pull out of the kiss Dean pulled me back in and pressed his lips harder against mine. After a short make out section he finally let go and sat back up in his seat. “Meet me here after school.” He said. I nodded and unbuckled the seatbelt. As I got out of the car I felt a hand on my butt.

I gasped and turned my gaze to Dean. He smirked. “What’re you doing?! What if someone saw?!” I hissed.

“You just looked so cute... I had to...” he smirked and winked at me before starting the car again and driving off.

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