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Dorian's Happiness

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" It's hard to have a heart when you've stopped so many. " ________________________________ Dorian King, the leader of one of the biggest mafia in the whole world, doesn't care about anyone except his family but when he comes across Jude everything changes. « I guess the big bad leader has a sweet side » On the other side, Jade is one sassy girl that shouldn't say everything she thinks. « Does the attitude comes with the salade because I don't see it on the menu » But both of them want something which is power.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

How stupid can people be?! I’m standing here doing my job which is being a waitress at an ice cream shop, and some dumbass asked me if he can buy ice cream. What am I supposed to say? No, we’re an ice cream shop but you can’t buy anything? Well if I do say that I’m probably gonna get fired so I’ll just have to respond nicely.

“Yes sir you can buy an ice cream, what would you like?” I answered him with a fake smile. “Oh no, I’m not gonna buy anything thanks tho! Have a nice day.” And just like that he left, today’s not April fools... so he’s most likely not gonna come back. Standing there for a few seconds I stared at the door with a confused look on my face. What’s wrong with humans? God damn, and it’s only eleven am.

Monday mornings are the worst, I swear I could knock my head over and over on the wall, and I’d still feel numb. Anyways, usually in the morning, no one is here, it’s only at four pm that people come, but the worst time of the day is at night because so many couples come here for dates and my single ass can’t take it.

I must have been zooming out since fingers snapped right in front of my eyes, while rolling my eyes I stood up. Before I even had the time to say a simple ‘hello’ to the couple facing me the girl lost it.

" Keep rolling your eyes maybe you’ll find a brain up there” oh hell no. There’s no way I’m letting that twelve years old bring me down. When I was her age I couldn’t even order for myself, what did her mother feed her when she was a baby? A monster energy drink? Because she’s looking like one.

" Keep talking to me like that and I’ll call dr Phil. Catch me outside howbow that?” gasping she glared at me which I send her back a dirty look as I look at her up and down.

" Go get me your manager!” nodding I made my way to the back of the store then came back “yea I’m the manager what do you want? ” huffing she pulled her boyfriend with her out of the shop, okay I’m not the manager but she’s not here so I’m taking her place which gives me the power that I deserve.

" Bye-bye Danielle tell Dr. Phil I said hi! ” I said giggling before she left, today’s gonna be a great day.

The end of the day finally came, I turned off the lights and counted the money and in no time I was out of here. Making my way to the subway, I spotted five drunk men, I may be dumb but I know that when a man is drunk, he is dangerous plus my mom always thought me stranger danger. Sadly, they spotted me too and started making their way toward me while yelling.

Looking around I saw a smoking hot man looking at his phone. Running to him I hugged him and whispered in his ear “please play along, please”

Thankfully he played along and hugged back but it seemed like it didn’t stop the stoned men from coming, one of them had the amazing idea of grabbing my arm while saying and I quote;

“come on mate! share, I bet we’ll all have an amazing time.” Hugging mister hottie stronger, I felt him pushing me behind him, damn he’s a badass, from behind him. I couldn’t see understand what happened next but I saw him showing his belt or something and in a matter of seconds, they all ran away, with one of them falling on the floor.

Closing the door, I dramatically slid down while groaning. Rolling her eyes, my awesome sister stood up from the couch and sat down beside me.

“Long day?” she says. I slowly nod my head then yawned. Standing up, Ophelia offers me help to stand up then leads me toward the couch where her boyfriend Cole is. He’s been living with us for a very long time now. Before, Ophelia and I have been living on ourselves ever since our parents died which is a very long time ago, I don’t remember their death, because I was very young and we’d almost never see them. We didn’t have that connection that parents have with their children. So when they died, it hurt at the moment but that it. Ophelia was old enough to take care of me so she worked extremely hard and then bought a house with the heritage. Thanks to her job she met Cole, few years passed and he came living with us. From that day on it’s only been us three, and I couldn’t ask for better humans to live with.

" Men are trash” I sigh

“I agree” responds Ophelia

“so do I, but what happened?” period Cole. Being extra, I put my hand on my forehead and let out a huge breath as I say .

“At least five drunk guys yelled at me as I made my way to the subway. But thanks lord, my savior came to my help and saved me from the very mean guys. Unfortunately, I did not finish like Disney movies, I couldn’t get his number, we will not get married and live happily after” If my sister could be an emoji right now, she would be the emoji with the straight line as a mouth.

" You would be an amazing actor if you wanted to, you should try someday. You’d become so rich” Cole comments but not before getting hit by Ophelia. “Don’t encourage her! She’ll think she actually has talent!” she says while winking at me. It’s not her fault if she’s mean though, she’s just jealous, only one of us can be talented and it’s surely not her.

“Very funny, now can we order pizza, I’m hungry. And if we don’t order now I’ll turn hangry!” heavily breath out. Cole made a scared face then ran toward his phone. Ophelia and I both looked at each other then looked at him.

“What? We all know how she is when she’s hangry. I’m scared of her now, she’s something when it comes to food.”

I should be offended. But he’s kinda right. On the other side, Ophelia just looks at him then inhale and nods her head. I should also be offended by that. But deep down, I would have reacted like that if someone would be like me. I’ll let it pass for now.

Eating my pizza is the best part of the day except for meeting hottie mysterious cutie stranger, that my friend was a good moment. Finally, after a long day, I laid down on my lovely bed. Looking into the dark made me think a lot, those minutes turned into hours, and the more time I spent thinking the more tears run down my face. Today’s incident made me feels so vulnerable, what if the man that helped me wasn’t there? What would have happened to me? Would I even be here right now? I didn’t even have the time to tell him how thankful I am, I’m probably never gonna see him again. Too many thoughts were running in my head so I had the amazing idea of eating an entire ice cream pot which made me feel genuinely good. From today on I promise to never let anyone bring me down because I am strong, worth it, and don’t need anyone other than myself. I’m a bad bitch and I deserve nothing but happiness. No one can bring me down. Period.

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