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2 Minds are better than 1

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Nye is the best lawyer they know, Tie is the best Homicide detective. What happens when they hate each other, but assigned to the same case of a missing girl?

Romance / Thriller
Denisha Banks
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"I have no clue why I was told I have to work with that stupid guy "Tie", he even has the audacity to rhyme his name with mines."

"Oh yeah and Terry, I have this big case that I have to work with him, I can't believe they have a detective and a lawyer work together."

Terry is Nye's therapist, the only person she will ever open up to because the her bestfriend since kindergarten.

The setting was a fancy white and gold room in L.A.


"I see but Nye... why are you so mad? You are the best lawyer I know. Why do you care about him, does he give you thoughts about....yk?"


"GOSH Terry of course no! How could you say that!"


"Ok ok, can you tell me what he looks like though? Is he a eye candy?"


"Well, he's tall, blue eyes, chocolate skin tone, black hair and I can see him with the strong muscles."


"Oh so I see you love my muscles?"

Authors Note:

Hey everyone I hope everyone liked my new story if you want to message me or anything like that my instagram is @denishawrites.
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