Until they were you. (Book 2)

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They were a time when I thought that was it for me. that I had nothing, even though I had everything. My life was a mess because of one mistake that would make me lose everything. You weren't meant to mean anything to me. But you did. You made me feel something that I haven't felt in years, all from one night that shouldn't have happened. But at that moment, you showed me what love was, what love could have been like. You weren't meant for me though. I was meant to be with someone else. Until they were you. This is my story, and I don't get my happy ending. I was never meant to be happy. (CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE!) (This story contains mature contents) (18+ sexual scenes.) Please note that I am dyslexic, so they will be some grammar and spelling mistakes.

Romance / Drama
Kelly Haywood
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(Ivy pov)

Standing watching my life flash in front of my eyes. How did I get here? How did I let this happen?

I always thought I had a perfect life. The kids and the husband.

That wasn't true though. I never had the perfect life.

I felt so alone one night. Too many drinks and one man ruined all of that.

Or did he, did he ruin what was already broken. That night with him and every other night we've spent together, I've never felt so alive, so loved

Now here I stand, watching him walk away. Walk away from what Could never be between us because im too scared to leave my husband. Too afraid to be alone even though I'm alone already and have been for most of our marriage.

Before he gets into the car, he turns and looks at me. My heartbreaks at the look on his face.

With One last look at me before he gets into the car and drives away from us and what we could never be.

The sinking feeling in my heart tells me I've done the wrong thing by not stopping him. But we could never work, and now ill go back to my husband and be the coward that I am.

Maybe one day in another life we will meet, and perhaps that time I'll truly be happy
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