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The Academy: Ensnared

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Life had a strange way of changing suddenly. It had a way of blind-siding a person, flipping their entire existence upside down, shipping them half-way across the world, and forcing changes that were beyond their control. At least, that was the way it was in a day in the life of Amelia Grayson. After one too many wrong choices in her short life, Amelia landed herself a long-term stay at the Academy of Submission, a place where she thought she had no choice. It had become her new home, and with that new home had come a new set of fundamentals for life. Obedience. Respect. Pleasure. And above all else, trust. Who would be the one to teach her all of this? Christopher Alexander, the frustrating, irritating, handsome, and mystifying man that had selected her with a voice like honey and one simple sentence. “She is mine.” Slow Update - Co-Written by Sam (because she is literally my lifeline!)

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 - Him


Amelia stood outside of the looming structure that was the Academy of Submission, her gray eyes following the rental car that held her parents. There were no teary-eyed goodbyes from either of her parents. They had been stone-faced around their daughter since they had told her where she was going for the next year. They had left her outside of the school without a word. She had only two words for them. Screw you.

A large suitcase stood beside her. It was full of her clothes that she had managed to snag out of her room before she had left the house that morning. She assumed nothing good would come of them, not since she had read the pamphlet that described the school. Your dominant will choose your attire day in and day out. She assumed whoever took possession of her would not appreciate her bright, floral dresses.

Amelia rolled the suitcase behind her as she made her way down the cobblestone path to the main doors of the building. The structure was once an old castle in the middle of the country in the UK. She had no idea exactly where it was, and she wasn’t allowed to know, either. Confidentiality was major in the location of the school. Amelia didn’t care, though. She had stopped caring the moment she set foot into the light drizzle. As she drew nearer, the doors opened and a severe-looking woman stepped out. Amelia recognized from the pamphlet as the Headmistress of the school. She didn’t know her name, and she didn’t care to either. The girl approached her warily, her blue eyes narrowed.

“Hello, and welcome to the Academy of Submission. I am Headmistress Spires. You must be Amelia Grayson,” she said in a cool, accented voice.

Amelia nodded. “Yes, I am.”

“We are very glad to have you at our Academy. I will get you settled immediately if you would just follow me.”

She nodded once more and mounted the stairs, her suitcase in tow. She assumed this was the last time she’d be outside for a long, long while. Before she stepped into the threshold of the building, she took one last, longing look at the outside. This was goodbye, for now. The halls were dark and lit by candles. There was no warmth to them. The headmistress led her down a few halls until they came to a door. It had her name on the pane of glass at the center.

“Come in, dear,” she said. Amelia stepped passed the door into a normal-looking office. Headmaster Spires too a seat behind her desk and she sat across from her. For the first time, Amelia took a good look at her. Her features were angular and severe. Her hair was a graying blonde. She had it pulled back into a tight bun. Her eyes were a cold grey. She did not wear a normal pantsuit. Hers was made of matte black leather. “I know your parents signed most of the paperwork, but in order for this to be official, you must sign the school’s contract. I’m assuming your dominant to be will have a contract for you to sign as well. What we want you to understand is that this isn’t to harm you. It is to build trust and respect between two people.”

Amelia raised a single, well-tailored brow. “And you do that by cutting all communication to the outside world?”

“We can’t have our procedures being leaked to the entire world. You will also be required to sign an NDA, a non-disclosure agreement. Now, if you do not decide to sign the documents, then I understand. We will arrange for you to return home, but your parents have informed me that if you should choose that, then you will be turned out.” The headmistress pulled a few documents and laid them in front of Amelia along with a pen.

The girl picked up the pen slowly. What did she have to lose? Her virginity? She would have lost it soon anyways. Her freedom? Her parents would have taken that by shoving her onto the streets. At least here she had a place to stay. Amelia glanced over the documents without taking much care to read the fine print. She then signed her name on any of the lines that required her to. It felt like she was signing away her soul. She laid the pen back down on the desk and sat back in her chair. The deal was done. She officially belonged to this school until the day she graduated a year from now.

Headmistress Spires made a small gesture with her hand and the door behind Amelia opened. “If you’d please follow Master Jacobs, he will get you settled with a dominant. You can leave your luggage here. You won’t be needing it until later on after you’ve received your dominant.”

Amelia turned slowly to look at the assumed Master Jacobs that stood behind her. He was a tall, built man. He was bald with tattoos on his arms. He must have been the muscle of the school. Amelia stood and followed him from the room without question. He led her through a few halls and through a door which led to a small backstage-like area.

“Master Daniels, the auctioneer will be with you shortly,” he said before leaving her. She heard the door lock after he shut the door. She was trapped...

The auctioneer? she asked herself. She was going to be auctioned off? Amelia swallowed and waited. Minutes went by before another door across the room opened. A tall, slender man walked through this time. He was handsome and seemed to be in his mid-twenties.

“You’re the new submissive. Ah, yes, Master Jacobs told me you were tiny. You’ll be broken easily.”

The girl snorted. “Not a chance, dear,” she said. The words had slipped from her lips before she had a chance to catch them.

Master Daniels looked at her with a stern and cold look. “You will do well to hold your tongue, Miss Grayson. Your dominant will not tolerate such disobedience in his presence,” he said. “Now strip yourself of your garments. Then go to the bathroom to your left and shave yourself of any pubic hair. If you refuse, you will be waxed, which I can guarantee is a lot more painful.”

Amelia craved desperately to tell this man to get the stick out of his ass, but she held her tongue. He looked upon her with an expectant gaze, and she realized he wasn’t leaving. She was expected to strip in front of him. The girl crossed her arms over her chest, shaking her head. She had an annoyed expression on her features.

“If you expect a free show, then you’re sorely mistaken. I’m not stripping for an adult. That’s just pervy.”

“Hold your tongue,” he snapped, taking a step towards the girl. “Strip or I will do it for you. Believe me, I will not be gentle.”

“Okay fine,” she snapped back, rolling her eyes in disdain. Amelia hesitantly pulled the hem of her top up and over her head. She was left standing in her jeans and bra. She felt goosebumps rising on her skin immediately. Disrobing in front of a man was not something she felt comfortable doing. She sucked in a deep breath and pulled the rest of her clothing off. She left them in a heap on the floor and slipped away towards the bathroom. She flipped on the light and shut the door behind her. She shook slightly, but she assumed it was just her nerves. On the sink there was a razor and some shaving cream. Because Amelia usually kept herself clean-shaven, removing the rest of her hair from her body was easy. She rid of it quickly before stepped back out into the dark, backstage area.

Her clothes were gone, much to her dismay. She hoped she see them again soon...

Master Daniels stood at the far side of the room near the door. He beckoned for her to come near him. “Come now. We have people waiting for you.”

Amelia nodded, gritting her teeth. The idea of going out there to see others was daunting. She waited until the door was opened before drawing any closer. She stepped through onto a brightly lit stage. Around her was an auditorium. It was full of both males and females alike. She felt the urge to cover herself in front of all of these people, but she did not.

Master Daniels began to speak to the crowd.

Amelia stood nude in front of a crowd of dominants. She stood five feet and three inches tall. She was petite in all aspects but her breasts which could easily topple out of the top of a C cup bra. Her pewter-colored hair tumbled down her back in wavy locks and over her breasts. It was the only sort of cover that she had against the people that stared at her. Her arms hung useless at her sides. Her skin was flushed a pink from embarrassment. She didn’t want to stand in front of them any longer, but she had to wait until someone made the choice to take her. It seemed to take years for anyone to say anything about her. She heard their murmurings after a moment, but nothing to tell her that she could stop facing such a humiliation.

And then he spoke.

A towering, blonde male stepped from the crowd. The others seemed to look upon him with awe and respect. He held some sort of status. When he spoke, his voice was like honey laced with venom. “She is mine.”

“Christopher Alexander? Does anyone dare challenge?” Master Daniels asked. Again, no one spoke. No one seemed to want to challenge this man. Amelia could only wonder what he had in store for her if she became his. “Very well, Mr. Alexander. She is all yours. Everyone, you are free to go. Thank you.”

Master Daniels turned and walked backstage once more. While the rest of the crowd filed from the auditorium, Amelia stood still and Christopher Alexander drew closer.

“My name is Christopher. Anyone but the staff will refer to me as Chris. All submissives do not speak to me unless I speak to them first. They will only call me Mr. Alexander,” he said. He then narrowed his gaze, his eyes scanning her nude frame. “You, on the other hand, will refer to me as Sir, Master, or Daddy. Do you understand me?”

Amelia hesitated which resulted in a menacing look from the male in front of her. She then said, “Yes, Sir, of course, Sir.”

Chris pulled something that Amelia couldn’t quite make out from his back pocket. He then held it in front of her face. It was a plain black collar with a metal loop for a leash on it. He unbuckled it and slowly put it around her neck. He made sure to make it tight enough to where she could feel the tautness, but not as to asphyxiate her. He then stepped back to look at her again.

“I will refer to you by a number of names, some derogatory and some not. Rarely will I use your name unless we are in a crowd. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, now, let’s get some basic rules down before we leave. I have five. One, you are to keep your mouth shut at all times when you are in my presence. You are only allowed to speak when I allow it or when another dominant requests you to speak. If you are away from me with other submissives, you may speak to them. I best not hear you, though. Two, you follow every order I give you unless there is foreseen bodily harm. I am a dominant, not an abuser. I do not wish for you to get injured. Three, you will not engage in any sexual contact with any other dominant unless I permit it. The other dominants will try to seduce you and touch you, but you are to politely refuse. If he or she does not stop, you are allowed to leave or run. Four, you will wear whatever I give you to wear. There will be no objections. If it is revealing, then so be it. If you’re sweltering hot, then you will deal. Five, your body is mine. I will do anything I please to it. If I want to fuck you until you’re sore, I will do just that. I will not, however, intentionally leave you with any sort of laceration of the skin. Bruising does not apply. I am trying to build a trust relationship with you. These rules are in place for protection and pleasure. There will be others, but these are my five major ones. I expect respect from you, and you will earn yours by providing it to me. This situation is mutual. Do you understand me?”

Amelia looked upon Chris with an overwhelmed expression. She had been hit with five rules, only one of which she understood. The others seemed so irrational. She could not speak to him unless spoken to first. She could not wear what she wanted. She had to follow his direct orders. Her body had become his. This was all so overwhelming. She could only utter two words.

“Yes, Sir.”

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