Annie & Jack After Forty

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Chapter 17


I wake up, surrounded by Jack. I try to close my eyes and go back to sleep, but I know I won’t. I bet it’s a little after five in the morning, my body’s natural alarm clock is going off. I sigh because I hate waking up this early every day. The warm feeling of Jack’s arms tight around me, my back plastered against his stomach, feels lovely. I’m so warm and comfortable in his arms.

The grumpy, grouchy, standoffish, attractive man, who has to be known all over the world for his accomplishments, is spooning me in his fabulous apartment in his remarkable, cool building. How did this happen? Geez, two buildings on Park Avenue, I can’t even wrap my brain around that. I knew he was crazy smart and talented. The house outside the city, he was fifteen years old when he designed it, so I knew he was incredibly gifted and intelligent. I still think it’s crazy about the house and how amazing, grand, and how well thought out it is to be designed by him when he was still a kid. I assumed he was successful but nothing on this magnitude. I need to keep my expectations in check. I need to protect myself.

I feel him hardening and poking into my behind. Lord, I could sleep with him again. Last night the first time started sensually slow but took off to desperate to get at each other. He barely had the condom on when I came the first time. He wasn’t far behind me. The second time was long and leisurely. We touched each other all over and learned what each one of us liked. I sigh. I’m so warm and cozy.

“Mmmm,” he moans and smells my hair. His hands find mine; he clasps them together and places my hand on the back of his neck. I arch and curl my fingers in his hair, close my eyes, and feel his hand slowly travel down, tickling my side, down my stomach to my center. He rubs my clit and rocks his cock in my behind. I flush, thinking about what he said about taking my behind last night. It excites me, turns me on, and oddly it didn’t scare or worry me like I thought it would. I found it erotic; I find Jackson erotic. Last night may have gotten a little dirty, but he wasn’t hard or rough like I thought he’d be.

“Annie.” His voice is gravelly in my ear. He tucks a leg underneath mine to lift my leg open with his, opening me up for him. He shifts, lines himself up to enter me. “So wet again, Annie.” He pulls slowly out of me. We both moan, I’m a little tender from last night, but he feels so good inside me. I roll my hips back on him.

“Annie.” He slowly moves in and out of me, and I arch my back further.

“You feel so good,” I say on a moan.

“I’m clean and healthy, Annie. I’ll get a condom, but I want to feel you. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. Are you on birth control?”

“Yes, I have an IUD, Jack, and I’m positive I’m clean. Don’t stop.” I rock my hips backward, encouraging him to go deeper. He plants himself deep in me, rolls us, and positions me underneath him. He’s completely surrounding me, holding me wrapped tightly from behind. His face in my neck and my face in the pillow.

He bites my neck through my hair, and his fingers find my clit. My thighs are closed so tightly together, and the rubbing, friction of his fingers, Oh God, being held tight like this feels so good. I moan again, and I try to find a rhythm, back and forth, into the mattress and his finger, back into his cock. I’m fighting for space for my body’s need to take over and get what it needs from him.

I feel him breathing hard on my neck. “I’ve learned a few things about your sweet, soft body, Annie.” He turns my chin and kisses me roughly, biting and nipping. “This feels good, doesn’t baby.”

My hips try to move wildly; I’m going to come. I’m wrapped so tightly by his body. I close my eyes. I can only moan.

“Yes, Annie. Feel it, reach for it, take it.”

I feel a flush of warmness fill my soul, and I come, “Ahhh Jackson!”

“Annie!” He raises off me to pound into me faster and harder than he did last night. “Christ, sweetheart,” His hands span my hips, and he raises me to my hands and knees. His thrust becomes out of control. He spreads my butt cheeks open, he pulls out, groans and comes all over on my back and behind. He shoves his softening cock inside me, pulls me back into him, and smack my behind hard.

“Ah!” I yell, and uncontrollably, on pure instinct, I buck hard back against him and come again.

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