Annie & Jack After Forty

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Chapter 22


It was a twenty-minute cab drive, but it’s like a different world here. This area is trendy, artsy, and hopping with another kind of New Yorkers than I observed in Manhattan. This street is off the beaten path, but this area feels real.

I enter the shop, and it is so cool. It’s cluttered with a little bit of everything, and I mean cluttered to the brim. A woman around my age, who is built and dressed like a pinup girl from the forties, comes up to me greet me.

“Hi, looking for anything in particular or just browsing today?” Her hair is curled, teased and smoothed in an updo, and it’s a beautiful shade of auburn.

“I hope to stop back tomorrow before I leave town to browse, but I’m looking for a cocktail dress for tonight,” I sound winded. I think I’m getting overwhelmed a little about where I am and what I’m walking into tonight.

“Josie, Come here,” she yells towards the back of the shop. “What size are you doll?” She asks. “Josie, come here, please,” She yells again.

She walks towards the back, and I follow her, still trying to catch my breath.

“I’m a size six,” I say as we stop by a room with a curtain, I assume it’s a dressing room.

“Mmmmmm, maybe a size ten that will need to be taken in some, size six is the first size to go.”

“I don’t have time to have it taken in. I need it for tonight.” I bite my nails; I need to stop it, I know it’s a dirty habit. I’m well aware I just got out of an NYC taxi cab.

“It will take Josie half an hour tops to make small adjustments.”

“What’s up?” I smile at a bright-pink-hair girl. She’s dressed like a typical teenager, ripped jeans, tee-shirt and Converse sneakers.

“What, Ma?” She smiles politely at me and looks at her mother.

“Please bring your kit out here to get her pinned into some dresses.”

Josie looks to me, “Need it tonight, do ya?”

“Yes, I’m so sorry. My new boyfriend is in town for business, and I came along to see some sights. We’ve visited some places today, but he got a call about a celebration party thingy. It’s last-minute, and it wasn’t planned. I’ve haven’t bought myself a cocktail dress ever and I need hel. No, that’s not true, but it’s been since my high school prom in the early nineties.”

“Ooohhh, this is gonna be so fun.” The pinup woman grins.

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