Annie & Jack After Forty

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Chapter 24


Last night at the party, Jack spoke to everyone and introduced me to a bunch of people. Some were new faces to him and others, he has known since the first time he worked for Rinzin. He rushed us out the door of Eli and Hannah’s for his favorite pizza. We took a long cab ride back to the hotel. We held hands and talked about nothing and everything with New York City as our backdrop. It felt as if I were in one of my romance books or one of the fantastic worlds created by Netflix. It was magical.

By the time we made it to our hotel, we attacked each other. There was nothing sweet about the first time, right after we walked through the door. The second time was gentle and slow when we made it into the bedroom. The third time, which was early this morning, after only two hours of sleep was wonderful. He woke me up and entered me as soon as my eyes were open. He made love to me sweetly with his body but whispered filthy, dirty things to me into my ear. With his gravelly, deep gruff, morning voice, he described the things he plans to do to me and my body in the future — it drove me crazy with lust. I’m completely in love with him. When this is over, I know I’ll survive, but I’ll be devastated, crushed and heartbroken.

I walk out of the bedroom in the top Brenda, and Josie, from the vintage store, said I had to have because of the blue color. It wraps and ties at the waist; it was a steal. I’m so grateful for their help yesterday and look forward to seeing them again today.

I walk over to sit down on Jack’s lap by the window, and I remove his glasses. “What would be a good thank you to drop off to the women I met yesterday at Seconds are Worth It? What’s a Brooklyn, cool brunch thingy or something?” He kisses me softly and holds my face like it’s fragile. I feel myself relax totally into him. God, I love him. I never stood a chance after he showed me the first hidey-hole.

“Stay with me tonight when we get home.”

“Okay,” I say breathlessly, praying he doesn’t see my emotions on my face.

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