Annie & Jack After Forty

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Chapter 27


Jack’s mom, May, surprised us at the house this week when we showed up to work on Monday. She’s beautiful. A tall, slender woman with white hair, and she’s one who can wear red lipstick and pull it off. She’s smart, quick-witted, a straight talker. She’s also a no-nonsense person like someone else I know. She wasn’t shy complaining about Jack’s changes in front of us.

I was a little nervous she would question me about my relationship with her son. But she didn’t say a word. She didn’t ask me one question about Jack. Our conversations never strayed from the house, and my aunt and uncle. I didn’t know, rather to feel relieved or disappointed. Maybe she didn’t ask because she knows Jack will never be satisfied with me. She must believe I’m just a passing fling, so why should she invest her time into getting to know me? Or maybe he hasn’t even bothered to tell her about me.

The happiness I’ve been feeling lately deflates a little, and self-doubt takes hold of my mind. Jack won’t be home until next Tuesday. I’m staying at his place downtown tonight after work because I let him dirty talk me into doing things on his sheets and bed during our morning ritual phone conversation.

I smile on my walk to the bus stop. Early mornings are now my most cherished, favorite time of day because of Jack.

Jerry rides his motorcycle up to the bus stop. “Hey, hop on, and I’ll give you a ride to work.” He motions me to get on.

I look at Harley. I’ve never been on one. I giggle. I feel like I have knowledge of motorcycles because I love MC kindle romance books. I make a joke, “Isn’t there a biker code about who’s allowed on the back of one of these things?”

He scrunches up his face. “I’m no longer a part of a club, Annie, and when I was, it was a club, not a gang of one-percenters.” He rolls his eyes like he always does when he thinks I’m ignorant. “Get on, and let’s get this night started and over with.”

He’s not wearing a helmet.

I pat the bun at the top of my head. “What about a helmet?”

He smirks, “We’re going a couple of blocks, I’ll take care of you, Annie. I won’t let anything happen.”

I guess I’m going to have another new life experience. “Okay, thank you.” He holds out his hand, and I swing my leg up and over onto the bike.

“Hey, has Kyle been in to apologize to you yet? I ran into him, you know, someone beat the shit out of him and broke his hand. It happened in a parking lot of a bar up the street from The Stardust.”

“Oh my god, Is Kyle okay?” I feel sick to my stomach a little hearing that about Kyle. I don’t believe he’s truly a bad man deep down, he just so, so lost right now. Everyone at work feels sorry for him, even after I told them what he did to me. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him.

Jerry looks over his shoulder at me like I’m crazy, dumb, and naive. “Annie, toughen up some, come on, he deserved it, he had it coming. He’s a drunk, something like this was bound to happen to him, his days were numbered. He needed to be taught a lesson. Hold on.”

He’s never hidden his dislike for Kyle. But the look on Jerry’s face says his feelings are stronger than dislike. More like disdain and hatred for Kyle.

“Hold on tight to me, Annie.”

“Okay,” I yelp when he bolts out into traffic.

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