Annie & Jack After Forty

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Chapter 34


“Earth to Annie, are you listening to me, or are you still in the dreamy, morning Jack land?” Meg teases me.

“No, I heard what you said. Yes, I can help that day.” I smile. She knows me well by now. I’ve been helping her in her bakery for the last month whenever I have time. Making friends with Meg, the owner, has been a blessing. I look forward to each day talking with her. When Jack and I get off our morning phone calls, I go downstairs to the bakery and spend the early morning hours helping her succeed in her dream business.

“Have you given any more thought about my proposal?” she asks, and I shrug. She knows she has me. She knows I love working down here on the bottom floor of the building where I live. Megs wants me to help her run her business. She has dreams of having her bread on every store shelf in the country.

Maranda intends to work full time since her son goes to preschool a full day now that he’s turned four. Derek wouldn’t miss me. Maranda could finish working at the house, and I know they are all excited because May, Jack's mom, passed their card out to her friends. They have three bids out and two medium-sized jobs lined up.

“I’ll up your salary by a thousand a year.” Her hazel eyes dance, and her bushy, pretty, full brows disappear under the bandana she has tied on her head.

I’m going to take Meg’s job offer. I shake my head yes and smile. Who could have predicted this, it’s almost as if my life is coming full circle. I going to end up working downstairs from where I live, just like the happy years when Mama was alive. “I’ll let you know about the offer by Monday; I want to talk it over with Jack when he gets home.”

She giggles, “Okay, sounds good. You know I love having you here, and I want you to take the job. I also like not being intimidated by Jack any more; you’ve softened him up.”

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