Annie & Jack After Forty

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Chapter 39


Wow, we had a busy, busy night tonight at work. Becky, Shelia, Jerry, and I stayed to have drinks after we cleaned up for the night. Karen insisted we stay an hour or two and enjoy some free drinks after our crazy shift. Tonight was a madhouse again, the weather is beautiful, and our sales are up, up, up. The Stardust is the job I’ll completely let go of soon. I’m already down to two nights a week as it is now. I’ll miss these guys when I don’t see them every week. After working long shifts together, I feel like they are part of a circle of friends I have been blessed to meet.

Jerry bought a new car last week and offered to drive all of us home. So we girls, let loose a little tonight before we all piled into Jerry’s new Toyota. I’m the last stop. “Thanks again, Jerry, for driving us. I’ll see you tomorrow night at work.”

“No, you won’t. I’m off the next three nights. I’m leaving right now to go to the lake. Hey, can I come inside and take a piss before I head out of town.”

“Sure, that’s fine. What lake are you staying at?”

“It’s Lake Fenish. I rented a place up there for tonight and the next two to relax. I need to take a few days to myself before Mom dies, and our whole family ends up in a long drawn out fight over everything.”

He parks, and we walk inside to the elevator. “I’m so sorry, I know loss, and I wish I could say something to make you feel better.”

He whistles when we walk inside the apartment. “Major step up from your last place,” he jokes.

I laugh. “The bathroom is down the hall, second door on the right, the door should be open.”

“Thanks, Annie.” He walks towards the half guest bath.

I head to the kitchen to get a glass. On my way to the refrigerator for water, my attention catches on the mail. There is a letter from a New York Realtor Company.

“Hey, I almost forgot. Oh good, give me that glass.”

I jump, Jerry’s right beside me, I didn’t hear him come up behind me. “What?” I ask.

He pulls out my favorite bottle of wine from inside his jacket. “There’s only one glass left, and I grabbed it for you. I know you love it and would never spend the money on it. It’s what you drank all night, right?”

I smile because I know he’s right, I’d never pay thirty dollars for a glass of wine. Becky and I enjoyed it tonight. I hold up my empty glass, and he empties the bottle. I take a sip. Ahhh, I’m going to savior this glass and watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

“Where’s your hotshot boyfriend? Still in New York? ”

I start to walk us towards the front door. “He’ll be home later tonight for a long weekend.” I don’t know why the lie falls from my lips. I feel hot and nauseous all of a sudden, and I sway on my way across the room.

“Easy now, Annie. How much did you drink tonight?” Jerry grabs me around the waist and pulls my body to his. I know something is not right.

I feel really, really hot; I must be getting sick. I want to move away from his body but I can’t, something is not right. I try to talk, but I can only mumble. “I’m sick.”

He whispers in my ear. “You’re not sick, Annie. You’re just feeling extra sweet towards me tonight. Hey, I think now is the right time to share something with you. It was me who broke, that loser, Kyle’s hand. I didn’t like him flirting with you and the girls. When he touched you, Annie, I really didn’t like it. He needed to be taught a hard lesson babe, and I was happy to deliver it, how about you thank me.” He kisses my lips. “You’re welcome, darlin’,” he whispers.

I’m sliding down his body; he picks me up and starts carrying me. I’m so sleepy, my body feels like it weighs a ton, and my mouth won’t function. Please, please, God, don’t let him hurt me. Please, help me stay awake. Why won’t my arms work? He kisses my cheek then under my blouse, down to my breasts. He lays me down in our guest bedroom and removes my shirt.

“That’s right, fight to stay awake, don’t worry, next round I’ll make sure you remember. You can’t tease me, Annie, act like you give a damn, and then shoot me down every fuckin time I try to get you alone. I need to prove to you we’d be good together, but you’re so dumb and naive. Sweet Annie, so stupid, thinking you can do better than me.”

I close my eyes. I don’t want to fight it anymore. He’s going to rape me, possibly kill me. I’ll never see Jack and my family again.

He slaps me hard across the face. “Open up your blue eyes, try to watch, babe.” I can barely focus on him. He’s jacking off over the top of me, talking. I can’t understand what he’s saying. “This is what I’ve been doing all over your mattress, Annie. Every fucking night!”

I can’t fight it anymore, I close my eyes and don’t remember anything else.

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