Annie & Jack After Forty

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Chapter 53

Wedding night


“Do you realize you play with my hair before you fall asleep most night?”

“Most of the time, no, I don’t.” He kisses the top of my head and smells my hair. “One night when you were sleeping, it was the first weekend I got you in bed beside me. I was watching you and thinking of your journey, and I touched the long wisps of hair lying on your shoulder. It was soft, beautiful, silky, and it moved me, Annie.

“I loved the feeling of it between my fingers, and I tried to understand and make sense of the powerful feelings I felt towards you that night. I touched your hair, and I knew I loved the feel of you safe by my side. It felt right, it felt like love. It’s been a hell of a wild year and a half sweetheart. I’m ready to ride off into the sunset, get our happy ever after. I want to give my wedding presents to you now. I hope they make you happy and give you joy. I’ve set up an account with five hundred thousand dollars, and I want you to use every penny paying off people’s medical debt. You’re in charge of it, and I’ll help you any way I can, I’ll be happy with however you want to handle it. You can donate to whoever you feel is right for you to help others. When that money is gone, we’ll add more to it.” He kisses me, and tears fill my eyes. “Till death do us part, sweetheart. It’s my small way of showing you I see and listen to you. We can pass our good fortune forward.”

I straddle him and bury my head in his neck. His whiskers tickle my lips. I whisper, “I really thought it was impossible to love you anymore, Jackson, but once again, you’ve proven me wrong. I love you so, so much. Poetry, songs, words, sculptures, buildings, television, or film cannot express to you how much, Jackson.”

He squeezes me tight, flips our bodies, so he’s on top, and kisses me deeply. “I’m going to make love to my wife again, and then I need to show you your other wedding presents.”

“There’s more?” My heart flutters. His dimples are out, and he looks so happy and handsome.

“There’s more, sweetheart. I need to show you the places I created in the apartment for you; your hidey-holes, baby.”

The End.

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