Chasing the Wild Sparks, Book 1

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Throwing down the gauntlet has never been so wild. Just ask Hadley Beckett. **** Marriage. Even the mention of the word drives my nuptial-phobic boyfriend of three years, Finn Wilder, who is Richmond’s sexy, golden boy daredevil sportscaster, to the brink of madness. Even though the daredevil thrives on adrenaline and danger and eagerly professes his love for me, he eludes becoming my husband. Furthermore, Finn Wilder is single, according to his coworkers and viewers—Finnatics—as they’re called. I don’t exist. **** Despite his marriage fears and questionable relationship status, Finn pressures me to move in with him, but traditional by today’s standards, I want to marry first, adhering to my beliefs, just as he desperately clings to his own upbringing regarding not starting a family with me. **** As much as I love Finn, I’ve reached my limit with the lies, secrets, and his irrational fear. Something has got to give. We’re forever at a standstill, a faceoff which one of us will lose. Everything. ************* This book is effin amazing. -- Jennifer’s Book Obsession

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Chasing the Wild Sparks

By Ren Alexander

© 2013 Ren Alexander

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I’d like to thank my husband, Tim, and our two daughters for putting up with a messy house, Hot Pockets for dinner, being glued to the laptop, and for my general grouchy descent into madness. Thank you for having undying faith in me and for the reverse psychology. That still didn’t help, but thanks for the effort anyway.

To my best friend and soul sister, Trin. We’ve known each other since birth. Without your cheerleading, I would’ve never even started writing again in the first place. You believed in me when that naysayer said I couldn’t, even if it was the evil voice inside my head. Now the other ridiculous voices in there can be heard. Thank you for indulging me and for being my sounding board, my trial-run, and for sharing my tears. You know what I mean.

My dad. Thanks for the lectures. You beat it into my head to never give up.

Lecture #352 really helped.

To Barb,

one of heaven’s angels who touched

my life more than she

ever realized.

I love and miss you, my sweet friend.

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