Till I Found You

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Ariana is a sweet young lady who walks in to find her boyfriend with another woman. Any normal person would confront them but she decided to leave. Now she wants revenge... Enters Leo. A blast from the past. He once walked away from Ariana but now he's back in her life. With the intention of getting her back. With a bunch of secrets coming to light will Ariana eventually get what she wants? There's always fine line between love and hate. Join Ariana as she learns the hard way that revenge is not always sweet...

Romance / Drama
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New life.

I finally finished high school and I was now in university. I was going to make this next three years the best years of my life. Unlike high school all these people wouldn't find out about my dad. Only Tamia, Anna and Serena knew. They wouldn't treat me any differently.

My dad was a minister and that always brought the wrong type of people to me. People who wanted my attention and my dad's money.

None of that would happen here.

I sat browsing on my phone at a cafe nearby. I just finished unpacking my stuff. I asked my dad to make sure I didn't get a roommate. Sharing a room was a hustle and I enjoyed my own private space.

Sipping on my tea I glanced up to see the most alluring grey eyes. They seemed hard and cold but softened when they saw me. The guy was wearing a black suite that showed all his underlying muscles. He dismissed the person he was talking to and turned to me. I smiled and looked down. This was definitely a good start.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him even as he kept approaching me and sat right in front of me. He looked like a person that didn't need invitation to sit down. And I didn't mind.

"Hi I'm Leo" he said, his accent coming through. He must be Italian.

"Hey I'm Ariana" I smiled and offered him my hand. He took it causing butterflies to erupt in my belly. His touch was soft and ignited a fire within me. It felt like I knew him before, touched him before, looked into his eyes before. It was like coming back home to. It was like I found the missing piece of my heart.

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