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-Warning: this book will contain descriptive sex, and dark themes that revolve around bullying and abuse. THERE WILL BE VIOLENCE- Emmaline is someone you would describe as the living embodiment of innocent. She is a care free naive teenager living with her four protectors, who stop at nothing to keep Emmaline safe and happy.

Romance / Erotica
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Tears streamed out of my eyes as I ran.

What was a bitch anyway?

And why did the other kids on the playground have to call me names?

I only wanted to be friends.

When I asked to join a game of tag they just laughed and pulled on my light pink sweater saying I was a baby and an attention seeking bitch.

I didn’t know what that was but it sounded like a baddie word.

I dragged myself over to a lonely swing at the far end of the park and pooped myself down with a huff and the tears made their way to my collar.

Peering down and my outfit, I thought that maybe I was a baby and that I didn’t deserve friends.

My hands crept up my face as I sobbed and the sun started moving downwards.

It’s not like mommy would care if I was late again anyway.

The voices of the meanies rang in my head and I could hear their taunts in my ears.

You’re such a little brat, what did your daddy leave again?

Just look at her! Who would want to touch her, let alone be friends?!

Put on your big girl diaper and go cry elsewhere, god you’re such nonsense.

Joke on them I grew out of diapers a long time ago.

My sobbing only got harder as time went on and my face got more and more red.

The wind in the park also got stronger and started to blow my blonde locks all over my head.

No wonder people laugh at me.

Mommy says that she’s ashamed of me so why wouldn’t anyone else be.

After ten more minutes of relentless crying four figures approached my lonely swing.

Probably more bullies that have come to say how pathetic you are.

They wouldn’t be wrong.

I stuffed my face deep into my knees and elbows as I waited for the laughing and pointing to start.

I just wanted the world to swallow me up whole.

As a few more seconds ticked by but the four kids in front of me just stood there and didn’t say a word.

Probably coming up with big persons words to describe my disgustingness.

“Look at us” A strong voice commanded me and I found myself peeking up at the strong voice.

Wow, my brain giggled at how someone could make me do something with only three words.

In front of me were four boys, all looking older than me, probably being around ten years old.

They stood in a very tense way and looked like child models.

The first one I inspected was the one who spoke.

He had pitch black hair and bright green eyes that rivaled my own.

His clothes were all dark, crisp and tidy and it looked like he got them from one of the stores at the mall that mommy likes to shop at but says it’s too expensive for me.

That a brat like me should live in scraps and thrift store finds.

The boy standing on his right had perfect red hair and freckles.

Not the kind of hair and features that would make him look childish and nerdy, no he gave off the opposite vibe actually.

The red haired boy’s jaw looked like it would give me a paper cut and I eagerly wanted to test my theory.

The boy next to him and on one of the ends had black hair like the first boy and was slightly shorter than the boys to his right, but nonetheless looked like he popped out of a movie.

He had dark grey stormy eyes that intimidated my small frame and gave me shivers on top of the ones I already had from the wind.

The next boy, the one to the first boy’s left was a contrast to the rest with his wild blonde hair like mine and goofy smile.

The thing that poked out to me was that the blonde one had golden eyes that perfectly matched his hair.

Another brain giggle, I wish my eyes could match my hair!

Blondie’s expression was blank and he stood calmly next to the others in the line.

All of them had very expensive looking clothes on and I winced at the thought that I was somehow going to mess something up.

I always did.

They all scanned my form over and over as I looked down again and the tears dripped down my chin.

The boy with the stormy eyes walked towards me and hugged me, while pulling me off the swing and sat me down with him on the ground.

Oh no his clothes were sure to be dirty and ruined now.

But I didn’t have the courage to say anything and this boy’s embrace was so strong and warm that I felt myself relaxing into it.

All the chills from the cold evaporated and his warm sweater rubbed against my cheek as he put my head to his chest.

No one had ever wanted to cuddle before and I was so excited I finally got the chance too!

Besides he didn’t seem like someone that would hurt me.

The boy that held me shhhh’d me to stop my tears and whispered down to me.

“Care to tell me why you’re sitting alone on a very cold day crying?” His voice rang and it sounded like ringing bells.

That was funny too! How come not everyone’s voices sound like that.

He just raised an eyebrow when I didn’t answer immediately and I forced out a tiny squeeze before shoving my head back into his chest.

I didn’t want to talk when I could be warm and comfortable tucked into him.

Someone chuckled behind me and I assumed it was because of me.

Suddenly someone picked me up from behind and I yelped at the sudden action and clung on as the newcomer pulled me to his chest while holding me against him.

“She’s just so adorable how could I not hold her?” The new person asked and his voice sounded like the other boy’s just a little higher.

I turned up with red cheeks at the comment and saw that the blonde boy was holding me with a warm smile.

“Ok that’s enough, you’re going to drop her.” The red haired boy piped up behind me and once again pulled me out of the previous boy’s grasp.

Just like before I got carefully tucked under his chin and I couldn’t stop myself ever from breathing in, in his neck.

He smelled good.

His arms wrapped around me very protectively and he started to rub my head and play with my hair.

I could fall asleep like this.

“Enough!” The last boy said, the one that first spoke and had the green eyes like me.

“We haven’t even told her our names yet.” He explained farther.

“Well,” The boy holding me started as I pulled back a little, “My name’s Wren, precious.”

“I’m Coastal.” The blonde one all but yelled because he looked like he couldn’t keep it in anymore.

Without thinking I giggled at his outburst and the fact that he had such a weird but cool name.

When I realized that I giggled my cheeks got red and I felt my shyness came back.

However all their eyes softened and the next boy spoke.

“You can call me Kace.” The one with stormy eyes said and I made the connection that he was the first boy to pick me up off of the swing.

I turned to the last boy that asked for the introductions in the first place.

Instead of just saying his name he came and took me out of Wren’s holes while Kace put a big warm jacket over my shoulders.

I’ve been told not to let strangers touch and hold me but since I knew all but one of their names now they were not strangers anymore.

Besides they were too comfortable to not be held.

“And I’m Apollo, sweetheart.” Finally I knew all of their names.

“Hi guys! I’m Emmaline, but most people just call me Em.” I spoke out with enthusiasm after letting my shyness reside.

It would be weird after all if they didn’t even know my name.

The group chuckled again and complements were passed around again.

Sigh, my cheeks will be forever red.

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