Haven, Withstanding (The Traveler Series)

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One selfish decision had flipped Haven's world upside down. Clinging to her life in a hospital bed, her only hope of piecing her broken heart back together again lay in the hands of a new resident doctor. One who just so happens to dream about her every night... **Note from Author: This is somewhat of a series, stemming from Sebastian the Traveler. However, reading that book first is not necessary to enjoy THIS book! ©️ 2019 by Alyssa Michelle. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. All names, characters, places, and events are products of the author's imagination and any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

Romance / Fantasy
Alyssa Michelle
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Chapter 1 - Haven

Opening the kitchen cabinets, I sighed. It had been a long day at work and the thought of cooking dinner seemed more of a nuisance than anything. Spinning around, I prayed there was something quick and easy in the refrigerator. Flinging the door open and scanning the shelves, I groaned. New hope arose as I opened the freezer door in the same fashion, only to be met with the same disdain. Nothing looked good. Nothing sounded good. Nothing here would be a quick fix kind of meal.

"Hey babe," I whined as I begrudgingly dragged my feet into the living room, defeated. Nash grinned at me knowingly, "We eating out again tonight, Hay?"

I nodded, thankful he was understanding but ashamed I wasn't the type of woman that spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I knew it would be healthier. It would be cheaper. We spent too much money eating out, but damnit, man. I'm too tired for all this cooking and house cleaning bullshit.

"You realize the weather is pretty crappy right now, right?" Nash asked, eyeing me quizzically. It was mid-April and should have been bright and sunny and spring like. However, mother nature never played by the rules. I heard the sleet, snow, freezing rain, ice--whatever the weatherman decided to call it today-- hitting our living room windows with ferocity.

Did we really need to eat though? Like, at all? It almost seemed like such a hassle that I wanted to just skip dinner altogether. I was that lazy. But that was me. That was not Nash. That would never be Nash. He needed a full three meals and 12,000 different evening snacks to be happy.

I grumbled, "I know, I know... where you want to eat?"

"A restaurant."

I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly what game we were about to play but maybe, possibly, out of pure luck, Nash might choose a place to eat this time. Maybe it wouldn't fall on my shoulders, yet again. Why was it always on me to pick a restaurant? "Which one?" I asked passively.

"One that serves food."

"What kind of food?"

"Edible food."

"Well... what type of food?"

"Good food."

I hit him in the arm frustrated, and fell into the couch. He just laughed at me, obviously amused by my anguish. I couldn't help but smile at him. No matter how mad he made me or how frustrating he could be, I loved him. Hopelessly. He was my everything. From the second we met, we clicked and I just knew one day, I would marry that man.

He was handsome in a rugged way. Stocky and built. With stubble that he rarely shaved, his face was round with an ungodly, perfectly sized nose that fit flawlessly between his deep blue eyes. His dark, long lashes could make any woman jealous and his thick blonde hair, a little too long, always fell in front of his eyes. He was constantly shaking his head to force his hair from restricting his view, unknowingly drawing attention to his lovely peepers. And while his appearance was drool worthy, he had an intimidating authority about him. His aura naturally demanded respect without ever speaking such. It was a quality most men lacked now in days.

And I knew. I reminded myself every day. I would never be able to face life without him. He was my rock, my champion, my cheerleader... my best friend. On days where he pissed me off and I just wanted to stab him with the closest kitchen knife, I knew it was an empty threat. I would miss him too much.

That's true love right there.

We slipped and slid walking through the yard towards our Jeep. If it wasn't for the fact that I truly and deeply did not want to cook tonight, I would suggest we just stay in. But I was selfish. I prayed they had salted the roads. Surely the main roads would be fine, we just needed to find a busy route to follow. The highway would be safe, I'm certain of it. And Nash was an excellent driver. I had never felt safer with anyone else in such weather.

He pulled us into the road slow and steady. As we turned, we fish tailed and I heard him inhale sharply. But he corrected quickly and effortlessly. He whistled, "Uh, Haven, you sure there wasn't anything at home you might want to cook? I'm thinkin' this ain't the best idea..."

I felt a tad bit guilty. The concern in his voice wasn't lost on me but I wasn't in the mood to cook. At this pace, it would take us 15 minutes to go two miles. If we turned back now, and then I found something to cook, cooked it and we ate, then I would have to do the dishes... ugh. It would be close to 11pm before I could start getting ready for bed. Why mess with it? We could just pay someone else to do all the work for us and be home by 9pm! It was a no brainer for me. "We're half way there now," I whined.

He sighed. I put my hand on his arm, "I trust you." He smiled faintly, keeping his eyes on the road, "That's reassuring, but it isn't me I'm worried about..." he paused for a few seconds, checking his review mirror, "People aren't very smart in this weather."

I laughed at the hypocrisy of his comment, "Yet, here we are, geniuses, out in it ourselves." I noticed his hands gripping the steering wheel tighter. His eyes narrowed as he chanced a glare in my direction, "And whose decision was that?"

"Excuse me?"

"This is a common thing for you now, Haven. It has to stop. Not only can we not afford to keep eating out, but you are putting us in a dangerous situation just because you don't feel like cooking!" I winced as he raised his voice, obviously aggravated with me. And yet, I felt my defenses go up, "Well I'm sorry that my job is too taxing for you. I'm exhausted, Nash! I work almost 10 hours five, sometimes six, days a week. Maybe YOU should learn to cook! Why does it all fall on me?" I yelled back at him. He slowly turned onto the highway.

"Whatever," he mumbled. Great. Awesome. FINE. We'll ride the rest of the way in silence then. I crossed my arms in front of my chest and leaned back into my seat. I focused on the road, trying not to let myself get angrier. I had a bad habit of getting aggravated at him for one thing and then throwing a thousand little mistakes and annoyances of the last three years into the mix and it would only end in a huge blow up. I wasn't in the mood tonight. I knew we would have to discuss this later, as Nash never let anything go. He never ignored or overlooked the slightest snappish word that ever came from my mouth. I dreaded the future conversation that was sure to happen when we got home.

Testing his anger level, I decided to speak first, "This isn't so bad. The highway is just wet, see? No ice," I said softly and lightly, trying desperately to ease the tension between us. "That's black ice, not wet road, Hay," he replied flatly, through his gritted teeth.


There will definitely be a heated talk tonight.

Just as I was opening my mouth to apologize, headlights in front of us erratically served back and forth. "Shit," I heard Nash curse under his breath as he tried to slow down to avoid a collision. He threw the gear shift into neutral as braking on ice wasn't going to do us a damn bit of good. We started drifting into the oncoming, out of control vehicle. I heard it blare its horn and instantly fear tightened my chest. That was not a car headed straight for us.

It was a semi.

Nash corrected us but it wasn't going to help as the ice had a mind of its own and was more than willing to seal our fate. I gripped the armrest as we slid to the left. Chancing a glance out the window, I knew immediately my poor judgment and laziness would be the death of me as it was my side of the Jeep that would take the full impact. And Nash realized it too.

I turned my body quickly to face him. If I was going to die, I wanted his face to be the last thing I saw. The terror in his eyes was quickly replaced by determination as he spun the wheel, switching the direction of our sliding vehicle causing us to do a 180.

An adorning look of love and peace filled his face as I finally realized what had happened. What was about to happen. I didn't have time to argue, to plead, to scream. I didn't have a chance to tell him I loved him as the bright lights of the semi illuminated his figure and slammed into us.

I squeezed my eyes shut out of pure instinct. My body thrown into the passenger side door by the force of the impact. My seatbelt constricted, not allowing my bottom half to follow my top half that flung itself into my window. I felt the wind hit my face and quickly realized our jeep was no longer in one piece.

Metal upon metal.

Screeching tires.

Blaring horns.

Broken glass.

I tried to speak but I couldn't, my voice hoarse, more like a whisper. A nightmare I couldn't cry out in no matter how hard I tried. "Nash?" Everything was blurry and I was struggling to stay conscious, fighting desperately against the oncoming darkness. "NASH!" I squealed frantically, willing him to answer me.

I couldn't move. I couldn't see. Was I still on the road? Was I now in the grass? I didn't know. My left arm feebly attempted to feel for him, just to know he was there. But I was tired. I wanted to close my eyes... One last attempt to touch him only resulted in empty space and cold air. I couldn't feel my body, it was as if I was floating in water. Weightless. Gravity could no longer control my life...


No, Haven! NO SLEEP!



But darkness over took me, enveloping me in its tempting embrace.

And I didn't fight it.

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