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Not Te Juliet You Were Hoping For

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"Bye Romeo" "That's not my name" "isn't it" ========================================================================================= "I love you, Juliet." "I don't believe in love."

Romance / Erotica
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//New Kid\\

“beep! beep!” My alarm clock ranged through my precious ears.

“Ugh, five more minutes,” I said pausing. “Oh yeah, I live alone.”

I pushed myself to a sitting position and tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I heard the ringing of my phone. I grabbed it and the caller id said “Emily Prentiss”.

You might be wondering, who’s Emily Prentiss? I’ve known her for about a year. She’s been asking me to join the BAU for at least 6 months now. I finally agreed 3 weeks ago and put in my transfer from Quantico’s sex crimes unit. It finally got approved last week. So, I’m starting at the BAU as a profiler for her team.

“Hey, Julie excited for your first day?” she said.

“I mean I’m a little nervous, but I know it will be great because I have an amazing boss. Oh, and if my old boss couldn’t get me to wear work clothes, I’m not going to this job. ” I said.

“You and Garcia are going to get along well.” she laughed.

“Who?” I question.

“You’ll meet her soon. Anyway, see you at work,” she said hanging up.

“Weird,” I said to myself.

I spent the next five minutes deciding if I wanna get out of bed and sadly decided that if I want to have money I have to. So, I hooked up my phone to my speaker and played my favorite playlist. The song that came on was “34+35” by Ariana Grande. I jammed my way to the bathroom and tried to detangle my mess of hair and straighten it. I took a shower the night before so I don’t have to this morning. I washed my face then made my way to my drawers.

I picked out this.

I then went back to the bathroom and did my makeup.

I looked at the clock ‘7:30 time to go.’ I thought to myself. So I began to make my way to the metro. I always take the metro because I hate driving so, yeah. I stood by a man in a suit with long shaggy hair and hazel eyes. We both got out at the same place and began to walk the same way the whole time. It wasn’t until he turned around and said “Why are you following me?”

“I’m not.”

“So, it just happens to be a coincidence that you have been behind me the whole time.”

“Look man I’m trying not to be late on my first day.”

“I don’t believe you. I know you’re following me. I’m an FBI agent I can arrest you.” He said pulling out his badge and showing it to me and walking away.

“Bye? I guess.” I said confused.

I waited until he turns into the sidewalk for Quantico to start my walk again. I to the door and the officer at the front said “Badge, please.”

“Here you go, sir,” I said handing him my badge.

“Have a good day Ms. Adams.” He said handing back my badge.

“Please call me Juliet. Have a good day at work.” I waved.

I got in the elevator with a couple of business-like people. When people see me they think ‘she probably works at a coffee shop or something’. I’ll give it to them there right. I dress like a teenager, but do I care what those people think. Fuck no! I’ll wear what I wanna wear.

Anyway, I got off the floor of the BAU where I saw Emily waiting for me. “Hey Julie, we have a case. I’ll introduce you to the rest of the team before the briefing.” She said as we began to walk up to a briefing room. Everyone was already sitting down in their seats waiting for us.

I was looking around at each of their faces. Until my eyes landed on him. The guy from earlier. His eyes widen when he saw that it was me. “Good morning, team before we start I would like to introduce our new agent from the sex crimes unit. Juliet Adams,” she said.

A man that looked to be older than the rest was the first to shake my hand. “David Rossi,” he said with a smile.

Next, Man much taller than me came up and shook my hand. “Matt Simmons.”

A Pretty blonde woman came and extended her hand and said “Jennifer Jareau, but everyone calls me JJ.”

A man with well-kept hair and stubble said “Luke Alvez.”

Next, A pretty woman wishes wavy black hair said “Hi, Dr. Tara Lewis. Nice to meet you.”

A woman in bright clothes with bright pink glasses raced up to me and hugged me “Hi, Omg your so pretty! I love your outfit! I love that there is another person that dresses in their own clothes! Omg, where are my manners? My name is Penelope Garcia.”

“Thank You, can all call me Julie by the way,” I said.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Spencer Reid.” The guy from earlier said from his seat.

“He doesn’t do handshakes,” Garcia said from beside me.

“I respect that.”

“Okay let’s get on with the case. Julie You can go sit by Reid and Tara,” she said as I took a seat between them.

“Ok so, 2 weeks ago in Montgomery, Alabama. Allie Ciambella 5, was kidnapped Monday, on her way home from school, and was found dead Friday only a mile away from her abduction sight. Now, Bella Stidman 5, was abducted last night at the park and hasn’t been found yet.” Garcia said.

“What was the cause of death?” I asked.

“They bled out,” she said with a sad look on her face.

“That’s highly unusual for an unsub to kill a child that way its seen in adult victims.” Reid deadpanned from beside me.

“Was there any sign of sexual assault?” Emily asked.


“That’s also unusual,” I said.

“Why?” Garcia asked.

“Because typically with child victims usually have been sexually assaulted.” I deadpanned.

“Okay, I’m gonna be quiet now,” she said.

“Okay wheels up in 30, and Julie let me show you to your desk,” Emily said.

“Ok,” I said following her to my new desk.

“Thanks, Emily,” I said as I grabbed my go-bag that was placed there by someone.

(On the jet)

“How was the metro?” Emily asked.

“You know the funniest thing happened,” I said smirking at Reid”s eyes go wide.

“What Happened?” Matt asked.

“Well, this guy and I got off at the same stop and apparently were going the same way. He finally turned around and asked me why I was following him and I said I was just going to work. Then he said he didn’t believe me and told me he was an FBI agent and then walked away.” I said smirking.

“What a jerk,” Emily said.

“Yeah Reid Your A jerk,” I said.

“It was Reid!?” Matt said.

“Yep, he didn’t make a good impression.” I laughed.

“I’m actually sorry about that, ” he said clearly embarrassed.

“It’s fine Reid. I would have done the same.” I said.

“Thank you.” He said as the once pink-tinted returned to normal.

“Okay, When we land Luke and JJ can you talk to the families at the station. Julie and Reid Go to Allie Ciambella’s dumpsite. Tara and I will go set up. Matt, Rossi go get her ME Report.” Emily said.

“Ok.” I heard Tara say.

For about an hour or so I stared out into the clouds. They were so beautiful. The way they floated around without worry about anything. I wish life was like that, not worry about what people might think. “You seem deep in thought.” A voice from in front of me said.

“That’s because I am,” I replied looking at Reid.

“About what?”

“I don’t really know.”

“How do you not know?”

“Reid, You can be thinking about something and not know what it is your thinking about” Matt explained.

“Oh, ok” he replied.

About 10 minutes later the jet landed, so Reid and I grabbed our things along with the rest of the team. We hopped in the car and drove to the crime scene.

(at the crime scene)

We got out at a grassy clearing by an old sidewalk. It was surrounded by yellow crime scene tape. I felt the familiar pit in my stomach that I would get to a crime scene, but it was always worse when it was children. “Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah, I get like this at crime scenes, it’s worse when it’s children.”

“I understand that.”

We walked up to a patch of grass surrounded by police officers. I looked to the place where the little girl’s body was there was little blood to be seen. “Who are you two?”

“FBI, this is agent Juliet Adams and I am Dr. Spencer Reid. We here to help with the investigation.”

“FBI? Well, anyway I’m Detective Belle. I’m the lead detective on the case. If you have any questions feel free to ask.” The detective said.

I looked around the clearing. “Where was she abducted?”

“Here let me show you, ma’am.” The officer said leading us to where she was abducted.

“Thank you you can go now,” Reid said thanking him.

I started to look around for anything. “Why’d you wanna come over here?”

“To see if I could find something.”

“Okay.” is what Reid said as he started to look around too.

I looked all around me. When I looked to the trees I saw a ripped piece of what looked to be man’s clothing. “Reid look! The tree!”

he came over and looked up, he saw it too. “It’s too high for anyone to reach.”

“Not if you let me stand on your shoulders and climb up there.”

“You sure?”


“Fine.” He said squatting down so I could climb on.

After I got myself on his shoulders he grabs on to me to keep me from falling off as he stood so I could reach a stable branch. I grabbed the branch and pulled myself up to stand on his shoulders and pulled myself onto the branch with all the strength I had. “See. I told you all I needed was your help. Now go get me gloves and an evidence bag.” I said breathing heavily.

He came back a couple of minutes later with what I needed plus, a crime scene person. He handed me the things. So, I put on the gloves and grabbed the plaid fabric from the tree and placing it in the evidence bag, and dropping it into the crime scene person’s hands. I placed my hands on the tree beside my legs and flipped back and dropped down on the ground. I fell on my knees as I landed. I felt a surge of pain go through my knees. “Are you okay?” Reid asked.

“I’m fine. I just got a scraped up knees.” I replied standing up dusting the dirt off my clothes.

“Send that to the Quantico’s lab for testing please,” I asked the crime scene tech.

“Right away Agent Adams,” she said.

After Reid and I did a little more investigating and found nothing, we went to the station to tell the rest of the team what we had found.

(At the station)

Everyone was already there when we arrived. It was good because we could tell the whole team. “Hey guys, did you find anything?” Rossi asked.

“Julie found a piece of plaid fabric. We sent it to Quantico for testing.” Reid said.

“Good, Where was it?” Emily asked.

“In a really tall tree,” I said.

“You climbed up there?” Luke asked wide-eyed.

“Yes, I had to climb on Reid’s shoulders, when I got down I fell on my knees,” I said.

“Why didn’t you help the baby?” JJ Teased Reid while hugging me.

“Now she’s the baby of the team.” Reid defended.

“I am only 32.” I teased hugging JJ back to help worsen the effect.

“I really love this kid already,” Rossi commented.

“We should stop teasing the genius before we say something really hurtful,” I said looking at Reid’s sour face.


“I mean before I say something hurtful.”

Just then I heard the ringing of my phone, I picked it up and the caller id said, “Penelope”. I answered it. “Hey, Garcia you are on speaker. ”

“Okay, you know that fabric you sent here.”

“Yeah, what do you have?”

“luckily they discovered strands of hair. Unluckily, they were both Allie Ciambella’s.”

“This case seems so familiar.”

“What do you mean?” Luke asked

“Garcia, look in my old cases from sex crimes.”

“Okay, What now?”

“Eliminate the ones where the victims are over 10.”

“Creepy thinking, but okay. 11 cases.”

“Eliminate victims that are male”

“3 left.”

“Are all the cases from here?”

“Only 2.”

“Can you fax them over?”

“Fax? You are so old girly.”

With that, she hung up the phone as I got up to walk to the fax machine. I watched the files come out. I brought them back into the room. “What’s your theory?” Tara asked.

“This case sounds so familiar. This is it!” I said.

“What is it?” Luke asked.

“I remember this case. Rachael Arnold was 7. She was sexually assaulted and stabbed. The only reason she survived was that the wounds were shallow which shows that he didn’t know if he wanted to kill her. She was drugged so she couldn’t remember much. I was the lead Agent on the case. The unsub sent letters addressed directly to me. He taunted me in the letter. I never caught him. They took me off this case before I could solve it.” I said hanging the pictures on a clear board.

“But these victims weren’t sexually assaulted,” Matt said.

“The stabbing its self could be the sexual act. Our unsub could be impotent now.” Reid suggested.

“That’s what I thought,” I said

“This unsub sent letters addressed directly to you. That hasn’t happened this time.” JJ said.

As, if on cue an officer came and handed me an envelope addressed directly to me. I opened it and it read.

"Dear Agent Juliet Adams,

It is great to see you again. It was such a shame that you got taken off the case. I had just got started. When I heard you transferred to the BAU, I was so happy for you. I was even more delighted to hear you got this case. I wanted you to have another chance at catching me if you can.

Love, You Know Who”

“We need to deliver the profile,” I said hanging the letter up.

(Ater the profile cause I’m lazy)

After we delivered the profile, JJ and I stayed back to look through the files, while the rest of the team went to look at the park where Bella Stiman was last seen. I was looking through Allie Ciambella’s toxicology report. She was drugged with A drug. It doesn’t say how. “That’s another connection.”

“What?” JJ asked.

“The ME doesn’t know how she was drugged.”

“We should probably figure that out.”

“Yeah probably.”

(About 20 minutes later)

“Look At this. Doesn’t that look like a rash?” JJ said.

“Let me see.”


I looked at it. I moved to call Garcia. “Whats up sugarplum?”

“Hey Garcia, Did Allie Ciambella have a Benadryl Allergy?”

“Ummmm. Yea how’d ya know.”

“Because those aren’t just any rashes. Those are an allergic reaction to Benadryl coming in contact with the skin. He misting them with an upped dose of it.”

“How do you know?” JJ asked dialing what I think to be the ME’s phone number.

“Because I’m Allergic to it.”

JJ then called the ME and asked if they could test for Benadryl in the bloodstream. Sure enough, there was. I called the team and informed them of this. I then called Garcia and said, “Hey Garcia can you crosscheck my old suspect list with recent Benadryl purchases.”

“Can a person that’s known to do that thing do that exact thing?” she said sarcastically.

“Okay, I walked into that one.”

“I have 13 matches.”

“Ok, now narrow it down to men with the age range 20-35.”

“7 left.”

“Eliminate men that have died or moved away from here.”

“1. Timothy Davis, 26. He got fired from the furniture store. I’m sending you and everyone else his home address.” She said as I got a message on my phone.

(At Timothy Davis’s house)

When we got there everyone got there minutes later. “Reid, Luke, Julie, and Tara go around back. The rest of us will go through the front.” Emily said as we put on our vests.

So, we did. We came upon a fence. I hopped it, while Luke kicked the locked gate. “Seems like you’ve had a lot of experience.” He commented.

“What can I say? I’m a woman of many talents.”

We cleared the backyard. “The doors locked. How are we supposed to get in?” Tara asked.

“We could climb up the drainpipe into that opened window,” I suggested.

“Let’s do it,” Luke said.

Luke and I looked to Tara and Reid. They looked hesitant. “Don’t tell me you two have never snuck out,” I questioned.

The look on their faces told me everything. They apparently never had a rebel side. “It’s not that hard, let me show you,” I said.

I made my way over to the drainpipe and began to climb up there. I used a tree branch to put my feet on the window seal and climbed into a plain beige room. Luke climbed in next. He then helped Tara into the room. Last Reid, I have to say, Reid is fit, but arm strength is not one of his good qualities. He made it up there with Luke and I’s help.

We then made our way around the house looking for the girl. I heard screaming, we looked at each other and nodded. We went down the stairs and into a bright pink room, where a man was holding a gun to Bella Stidman’s head. I went in with my gun aimed at him. “Ahh, Agent Adams, your here. Ready for our first and final showdown.”

“Let the kid go Davis.”

“But she’s so pretty.” He said stroking the poor girl’s hair making her whimper.

I thought for a moment while the others tried to talk him down. The letters have to mean something otherwise there pointless. I looked to the girl, She looked like how I felt when I was younger. Sad. Scared for what might happen. Then it hit me. “You wanna know something, Timothy, I think you are a coward. I mean who wouldn’t. You prey on the innocent and defenseless.” I said tucking my gun away.

“Liar! Your lying!” He screamed.

“Am I though? I mean your holding a gun to a 5-year old’s head. What doesn’t that say about you? You’re a coward, Pedophile, and a selfish stupid man.” I said placing my hand on my gun.

“No! No! No!” He said letting go of the girl and running towards me. I pulled out my gun and fired a shot right into the center of his head. He fell on top of me, His blood coming on me.

“Get him off me! I don’t like this.” I screamed as Reid and Matt got him off of me.

“Are you okay Julie?” Reid asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said breathly.

(On the plane)

[Third person pov]

Juliet was asleep on the couch, with her gun in hand unloaded. “Why do you think she does that?” Spencer asked.

“What? The gun.” Rossi asked.

“She’s in a plane full of FBI agents, and sleeps with a gun next to her.” Spencer said.

“She has trust issues.” Emily interrupted.

‘Why though’ Spencer thought to himself.

[Back to Juliet’s pov]

(at the office)

“Bye Julie see ya tomorrow.” Tara said.

I walked to grab something I left on the desk and noticed an envelope on it. I picked it up and opened it. A picture of me sitting and crying at a grave with a picture. The bottom said ’I know your secret’


Omg, this was 3421 words long. Anyway I hope you like the first chapter

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