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Not Te Juliet You Were Hoping For

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I picked up my phone and texted Tara ‘I think I will come to the bar after all.’ I sent it.

My phone dinged. ‘Great were at O’Keefe’s’

(At O’Keefe’s)

When I got there Garcia was dancing with Luke. Matt and Emily were discussing something sipping on their drinks. Tara was talking to the bartender. Spencer was watching Garcia and Luke laughing while he sipped on a glass of water. I went and sat by him and ordered a glass of water. “Having fun?” I asked.

“Besides the pain of being the only sober one here, I would say I’m having fun.” He laughed as he noticed the look on my face. “Are you okay?”

“This is why people hate profilers.” I managed to say while laughing.

“I know, but seriously are you ok?” He asked.

“I don’t know why I’m About to tell you this but, no I’m not,” I said staring at the water glass in my hand.

If, he wanted to pry he didn’t instead he said: “Well watching Garcia and Luke pretend to hate each other always makes me laugh.”

“I guess I’ll try it,” I said.

(A couple minutes later)

Everyone except Reid and I were wasted, Everyone was dancing. Reid and I were making fun of them. We had gotten a little too comfortable with each

other, his hand was on my thigh. I actually didn’t mind it. We started to rate the coworkers most likely to have sex with each other. We eventually settled on these scores. Garcia and Luke 10/10 clearly, Tara and Emily 6/10 because umm yes, Matt and Emily 4/10 cause he’s married, and Emily and I 6/10 Reid said that. I punched him in the arm, he just laughed.

“What about you? Who would Spencer Reid have sex with?” I asked smirking.

He leaned in and said something almost a whisper. I almost didn’t hear him. what he said was “Let’s find out.” Then he walked away to the upstairs bathroom.

I sat my drink down and followed minutes later. I walk into the bathroom to see him leaning against the wall. When he saw me he smirked. He then grabbed my wrists and pinned me against the wall and connected our lips. We moved in unison. I felt a tongue swiped at my bottom lip asking for entrance. I parted my lips allowing his tongue access. We battled for dominance, he won.

He then removed his mouth away from mine and moved it down to my neck, leaving small marks down my neck that would bruise later. A whimper slipped past my lips. I felt him smirk against my neck. A light flashed from the outside window. I pushed him away. “Did you see that?” I said.


“There was a flash outside the window.”

“I didn’t see it.”

“I-I have to go. S-See you at work!” I said leaving the bathroom.

I walked out to my car. I don’t usually drive. I’ve never liked driving but, I drove because it’s dark outside. I sat in my car. I went to sit my stuff down in the passenger seat but, there was another envelope. I opened it. It was a picture of Spencer and I in the bathroom. The bottom read ‘I think there’s a rule against this. Right?’

I then drove with this looming feeling of crying over me. I didn’t drive home. I drove to a graveyard. I parked the car and walked out to a grave and sat down in front of it. There was where I let my tears go. “Hey sis, it’s me again. I-I miss you.” I paused for a moment letting out a sob. “Why? Why’d you had to do that? Why did you get yourself killed? I need you. You were the only family I had left! Now, i-i’m alone! Everyone I love abandons me. I really need you right now. I don’t think I can handle what’s happening to me. I need you to hug me a-and tell me everything will be ok. I need you to protect me but you can’t, because everyone leaves.”

(The next day)

Today was just a paperwork day. All I did was drink water and do my paperwork. I haven’t talked to Reid since yesterday. He hasn’t tried to either. He just would look at me and then looked away when he saw I caught him. “Who was the guy?” Luke asked from the desk next to me.

“What?” I asked turning my chair to face him.

“Yeah what is that,” JJ asked stopping at my desk.

“Seriously guys, I have no idea what you people are talking about.”

“This,” JJ said poking a certain spot on my neck.

I winced. “I just burnt myself with a curling iron.”

“But, your hair is straight,” Reid said, a smile tugging at his lips.

“Ok, Reid shut up.”

“It’s a hickey!” Tara said standing by JJ.

“No, it’s not.”

“Wait, Let me see,” Reid said getting up.

I shot him a warning glance. He just smiled. “Oh my god, it is.” He said.

“Fine, it is. Now is everyone done poking at my neck?”

They all went back to their respective desks. I looked up at Reid. That little bitch is enjoying this. I picked up my phone and texted him ‘I’m going to hurt you.’

He picked up his phone when it dinged. He texted back a smiley face. I would have killed him right then and there, but too many witnesses and Emily called me to her office.

“You said you wanted to talk to me about something?” she said.

“I do, but you can’t look at this through the Point of view of an agent,” I said pulling out the photos and envelopes and handing them to her to look at.

Her eyes went wide at the second photo. “You and Spencer?”

“That’s not the point. I’m being stalked.”

“I see that. Do you want me to show the team?”

“Can we just keep this between us? Like, investigate by ourselves?”

“Of course Julie.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, and alert me if you get Another.”

“I know Em.”

For the rest of the day, I did my work and fought the urge to murder Reid. The mail guy came around and gave me another envelope. I opened it. It was a picture of Emily and I in her office talking an hour ago. The words were ‘Telling on me? Are you now?’

I got up out of my seat as calmly as I could. Which wasn’t very calm, Everyone clearly noticed. I ignored the stares and barged into Emily’s office. “What’s wrong?” she said as I handed her the envelope.

“This was a couple of hours ago!” She screamed.

“I know. Did you send the others to the lab to dust for prints yet?” I asked looking out the window where the photo was taken.

“I was about to, I’ll send this one too. What’s this about?” Emily said.

“look at the first photo’s message,” I said.

She looked at the 1st photo, she looked at me in realization. “That photo’s about my sister.”


1186 words. Hope you like this chapter I worked hard. make sure to eat and drink water.

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