Timber Falls (My Happy Ending)

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Clarke is your average female werewolf, Alpha's daughter, snarky yet compassionate. What happens when her heart is shattered? Will she be able to trust, and love again?

Romance / Fantasy
Elaine S. Taylor
4.3 6 reviews
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Author's Note

Hello everyone! I am finally branching out and taking the leap to upload a book I’ve been working on over the last year. I’m still currently writing it but I have a good portion of it already finished. Initially, I was just going to get this published, but I thought, I should see if I’d even have an audience. That is where you all come in. I want honest, productive feedback on the book as I upload it. I have other book ideas roaming around in my head and would love to see how this first one turns out. I’m going to start but uploading this note, as well as the first chapter, and see what happens in the next few days before uploading the second chapter.

This book is only available on Wattpad and Inkitt, if you see it published anywhere else please let me know!

This story will contain mature material.

I hope you all will enjoy this book!

~ Eclipsed Wolf ~

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