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Timber Falls (My Happy Ending)

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It Begins

Autumn in the Amberskye pack territory leaves the air crisp in the evening, but still warm during the day when the sun is at its apex. This particular evening, the moon is full and there is a slight warm breeze cutting through the chill in the air. My mother, Grace, is sleeping, while my father, Paul, is pacing the floor watching and waiting in anticipation. This is their first offspring that he is waiting on, so as one could imagine, he is so excited and scared to meet them. Anytime my mother stirs, he rushes to her side and entangles his fingers with hers. She is still sleeping but his protective side, his wolf, can’t leave anything to chance. He kisses her softly around the neck, around his mark, whispering that everything is okay. My mother opens her eyes and stares into his kissing him softly, and as soon as their lips meet, she feels the pain. We’re coming, and now, not only do my parents feel it, but so does the whole pack.

My father mind-links with the whole pack, stay put, but I need all doctors to my room now, our Luna is in labor! My father slides in behind my mom, comforting her soft humming while hugging around her, holding her stomach. He flinches every time she screams out in pain, and a single tear runs down his cheek. He hates seeing his mate in pain, but he’s also overcome with love and happiness because they created a child. They’re both so happy and can’t wait for their first child to arrive.

“I love you Grace” he whispers into her ear as a low comforting growl erupts from his chest.

" I love you too, but so help me, if I wasn’t in front of you, I'd be smacking the shit out of you for causing this pain.” Mom snarled back at him with love and pain in her voice.

“Grace, I’m here just focus your pain on me, our beautiful child will be here soon”, his voice authoritative, yet compassionate. He leans forward and kisses her neck trying to comfort her.

The doctors finally come into the room and when mom looks up at them they stop in their tracks. The look she gives them would have easily killed them if looks could kill. She growls loudly and screams in pain again. “Hurry up and help her,” my father snaps at the doctors. They look up and immediately obey their Alpha,

Rushing over to my parents' bed, the doctors get all their equipment set up and begin telling her to push. She looks at them with a sense of ‘no shit’ but calms down when she feels my father’s head against hers, breathing in her scent. She smells of honey and hibiscus, and he couldn’t get enough of her. She relaxes just enough to lean into him and, sure enough, starts pushing.

“Okay, we see the head, Luna Grace, keep pushing. Your child is almost here.”

Mom begins screaming in pain again. She reaches behind her and grabs my father’s face, a deep growl builds within her, it’s full of love, but filled with pain as well. He doesn’t give her time to speak and kisses her. He knew she was ready to yell at him again. Slowly their lips part, and he grabs a hold of her tighter as she screams and pushes again.

“That’s it, just one more push, and your beautiful child will be here!” The doctors are doing everything they can to ease the process but being a wolf, everything is sped up and intensified. Using regular pain-relieving methods do next to nothing to ease the physical pain we have.

The room falls quiet, my dad still holding on to my mom. Everything starts to move in slow motion for them. He nuzzles into her neck, and she slowly turns her head to look at him. Their gaze locks, and he gently kisses her this time. As their kiss ends, and they come back to reality, a cry breaks the silence of the room. They both turn and see their new, fragile child. When they see their child, tears flow freely from both of them.

“Congratulations, Luna, you have a baby boy.” The doctors clean him off and hand him to my mom to hold. They both stare at him and couldn’t be any happier.

“Oh Paul, he’s gorgeous. What shall we name him?” My mom can’t take her eyes off of him. My father can’t help but look at the both of them. His wolf comes forward and takes control, which when your wolf takes over there is no stopping them. He’s a luscious gray, massive in stature. His head tilts back and lets out the most intense howl the pack has ever heard. They all join in knowing that their future Alpha has arrived. He curls his wolf around my mom for a moment before shifting back, thankfully having her body hiding his now naked one.

“Matthew. Let’s name him Matthew. Alpha Matthew. I think it fits him, don’t you think Grace?” They lock eyes and mom nods in agreement and dad can’t help but kiss my mom. As soon as my parents come up for air, my mom lets out a blood-chilling scream. One of the doctors takes Matthew and begins getting all his measurements while the rest attend to my mother to find out what’s wrong. Her pain and screaming intensify. My father gets behind her again and holds on to her tighter than before. In the next moment, he snaps at the doctors.

“What did you do to her? What is wrong? Why is she still in pain?” His emotions are bouncing all over the place. He’s trying to stay calm, so he can soothe his mate, but he’s confused and hurt by her pain. “Please, help Grace, why is she hurting?” This time he’s more pleading with the doctors than being angry with them.

“Alpha Paul, trust us, we will do everything to keep our Luna, your Luna safe.” The doctors try to reassure my father while trying to find out what’s going on. The head doctor starts doing an examination and slowly reaches into her to find the source of the pain. Upon reaching his hand inside her, my dad growls lowly, but only because this is his mate. When another wolf touches the mate of another, they become extra protective and their wolf takes over, warning them to back off, even if it isn’t intentionally meant as a threat. “Alpha, we’re not trying to hurt her, let us do our jobs and figure out what is causing her this pain.”

“Paul, what is going on?!” My mom screams out again in pain. My father can only hold her and nuzzle into her neck trying to calm her and himself. “Paul, please” my mom is begging him for relief from the pain.

“Well, I’ll be. Paul, Grace, it looks as if you have a second child. I’m going to need you to push again.”

My parents look at each other, confused about what the doctors say. You see, twins in wolf packs are very rare and almost unheard-of. Even with the machinery we have, it’s hard to detect if there will be twins. The pregnancy for a wolf is very short compared to regular humans, lasting only 6 months, so when in the womb, they grow quickly and it would be easy for a second baby to go unnoticed.

“Grace, we’re having twins? Grace you’re absolutely incredible” my dad softly growls into her ear. His heart nearly jumps out of his chest, and he can’t imagine how blessed they’ve gotten to have twins. She screams again in pain and begins pushing again. It only takes one hard push for me to enter the world. “Oh Paul, she is equally as beautiful as Matthew.”

“Congratulations Alpha, Luna, it’s a baby girl. Let me get her cleaned up and then you can hold her.” The doctors begin cleaning me off and get me all swaddled up to be handed to my parents. They look at each other and give each other the most passionate kiss. He lets go of her lips shortly after feeling his wolf come forward again. For the second time that evening, he howls the birthing howl causing the pack to join in. He mind-links the pack, there are twins, a boy, and a girl. The pack erupts in cheers and congratulations for the Alpha and Luna, and the newborn. He shifts back and holds onto his mate, his beautiful Luna nuzzling into her neck. She relaxes her head onto his, breathing hard, but slowly relaxing.

The doctors bring me over to them and my mom brings me close to her. They look at me with loving eyes and instantly know that I’m going to be strong.

“Paul, she’s absolutely beautiful. Her name shall be Clarke. ”

“Grace, you make the most beautiful children. We make the most beautiful children. I love you, my sweet Luna.”

The doctors took me away to get my measurements just like my brother, and then they put us together in the crib in my parents' room. They have a very large room, and our crib is placed by the window, so we can always see the moon. There is a divider that runs through part of their room, and I guess it is a good thing because my father mind-links to the Betas, Arthur, and his mate Opal, letting them know they’ll be our babysitters for the first night. I need you both to come to our room in about an hour. Grace and I need you to keep an eye on the new little ones. Grace needs to recover and I need to be with her.

They both chime back in, Yes Alpha, we’ll be there in an hour. Congratulations again. What are their names?

Dad responds, Matthew and Clarke. They’re absolutely beautiful, extraordinarily enchanting.

The doctors clean up my mom and make sure she is okay before leaving their room. My dad helps her get into a comfy and clean outfit before they get back into bed and hopefully sleep. Our crib is put beneath the large window in their room, Matthew and I fall asleep with the full moon shining down on us. Dad pulls her close, and they fall asleep in each other’s arms.


An incessant buzzing stirs me from my sleep, waking me from the dream of the night my brother and I were born. I sluggishly move my arm to grab my phone to turn off my alarm, cursing the early morning. I lay in bed contemplating how vivid that dream was, it was exactly how my parents described that night to Matthew and me but, I felt like I was in the room with them. I mean, I know I was in the room, but it felt like I was there as myself now, watching myself then.

Woah, trippy.

Lately, I’ve been having very vivid dreams like this from the past. I’ve never had any that take place in the future, which I guess is a good thing because I think if I knew about things to come I’d go crazy. Most of the dreams have just been like replays of things that happened in my childhood, but none have been quite as detailed and realistic as this one.

I mean, it’d be cool to find out who my mate is, and how many kids we’d have. Also, finding out who Matthew’s mate would be awesome too, even though I’m secretly hoping it’s my best friend. She’s already basically my sister, having her as his mate would just make it official. However, I think that knowing some things would be a hassle. Knowing if someone I cared about was going to die is one example of that. I mean I know someday we all will, but I’d rather not see it happen, or know when. Knowing when something bad was going to happen could be an asset though, like being able to prevent an attack from happening, or saving someone’s life, but again, what if going against something that was meant to happen created something worse to happen instead?

Hopefully, these dreams are just meant to be pleasant memories of my childhood to remind me that no matter what I have family and friends in my life. Fingers crossed that my dreams aren’t meant to be interpreted as anything other than just dreams. Very vivid dreams.

Shaking my head out of the depths of thought, I grab my phone again and find that I’ve been laying here, overthinking everything for almost an hour. Sighing in frustration, I get up and get on with my day knowing that soon, I’ll be celebrating my birthday, and with that, becoming one with my wolf.

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