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"Sometimes, truth can hide within the layers of a lie. I was blinded by its shine. But shine fades, like the wind. And I'd soon be blown right over by it..." A chance encounter at the celebrity wedding of the year, leads to Eva Johnson and Curtis Chandler crossing paths. The problem is, she's engaged to a hot-shot pilot, while Curtis, the second lead vocalist in the popular rock band Scarlet Shadow, has secretly been carrying a torch for the bride. Two worlds collide and neither of them is quite prepared for the consequences that follow. Awakened is a slow-burn rockstar-romance, and the fourth part of the Love & Loyalty Series, but can be read as a stand-alone novel. This story is intended for a mature audience, eighteen plus only, please. It contains mature language, themes, and sex. Reader discretion is advised. (C) Copyright 2021 Talita Lawrence, all moral and intellectual property rights are expressly reserved.

Romance / Humor
Talita Lawrence
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Sometimes, truth can hide within the layers of a lie.

I was blinded by its shine.

But shine fades, like the wind.

And I’d soon be blown right over by it...

Awakened Playlist (On Spotify)

Dreams - The Cranberries

Ghost - Ella Henderson

In My Blood - The Veronicas

Stargazing - The Neighbourhood

Fly Away From Here - Aerosmith

Fix You - Fearless Soul

Unsteady - X Ambassadors (Erich Lee Gravity Remix)

Untouched - The Veronicas

Stand By You - Rachel Platten

Getaway Car - Taylor Swift

You Ruin Me - The Veronicas

Heartbeat - Enrique feat Nicole Scherzinger

When It All Falls Apart - The Veronicas

Last Night on Earth - Green Day

Empty Space - James Arthur

Author’s Note

Dear Readers,

Thanks for joining me on another rollercoaster ride. If you’re a new reader, I’d strongly suggest reading Aflame first, before reading this story, although it is not a requirement - this one can be read as a standalone - I’ll fill in the blanks as we go as best I can.

This story touches on mature themes and is intended for a mature audience. As always, expect some character development as they go through fire and come out a changed person on the other side.

Happy reading, and please consider leaving a review, as this helps us in the rankings.

With love and gratitude, T.L. xo

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