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I'm going to put you in the show attack on titan you're going be with these amazing characters. But this story is going to take place in attack on titan no regrets you go through a lot of hardship you will lose and gain friends on the way and will you and Levi be together or do life get in away for doing so. I do not own attack on titan or attack on titan no regrets or these amazing characters I just love show very much.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

The underground city. It lies below the safest region, protected by all the remnants of a failed underground population plan. For those who lived in the shadow of the capital, it was not uncommon that they would die without ever seeing the light of day.

Here. Sorry I kept you you waiting for this for the last job, and the one before Farlan said. While he giving the money to people that help us you can also see Levi sitting in be table cleaning his knife and I'm making tea for Levi and Farlan. Here. Oh, thank- now don't go spending it all at once, you here people will get suspicious Farlan said. We know! Let go. Sure group of people said. Works have been a hell of a lot easier since we got our hands on these 3D Maneuvers Gears. Now we can pay out guys more Farlan said. It seems to be one of them got a little too much any reason why Levi said while cleaning his knife. While there was discussing I finish the tea bring them over to the table and joining their conversation with them why not Levi especially since Jan's leg is not good it use to be. Just like what y/n said you've probably noticed that Jan's leg is getting worse Farlan said. While he approaches the table to get his tea thanks y/n and Levi took a sip of tea also thanking her. No problem as I said with a smile. When Farlan took a sip of tea, meds are pretty expensive. They've gone up recently too. Those scumbags Shysters... Did you hear the toll on the stairways went up? Farlan said. As he looks at both of us. Yeah, Levi and I said at the same time, At this rate, paupers like us will never see daylight. They've claimed the stairways for themselves, So they set their fees as they see fit. Even if you pay to get above the ground, it won't mean shit without papers. You'll just get sent back down... Apparently, the lack of sunlight is the reason all those guys got messed up legs. It's not like I can do anything about it Farlan said. When Levi finishes his tea he said your mother was like that too. Farlan look at him surprised, I guess that's why. Nevertheless, you still gave him much. I went up to Levi to hit him in back of the head, no he didn't he could do whatever he wants Levi, Levi squinted his eyes towards me and said tch. While we glared at each other Farlan said it was his severance at each other. He's done for. Levi and I looked at him, at the very least, he can find himself a good hospital. Is that so... Levi said, how much more would we need... To live up there? Farlan said. As Levi and y/n gazed at Farlan then we heard a bang coming from the door Levi and Farlan stood up from their seats and we all took out our knives. Levi started to walk to the door we heard another bang from the door and we all looked at each other. Farlan is walking to the door while he reaches for the knob he looks at us waited to see if we are ready we gave him the go-ahead. He pulls the door so quickly a girl came crashing down to the door holding something and screams when hit the floor. Ow Isabel said, Levi and I just look at this person, oh it's just a kid! I'm not... A kid! Isabel said. Is that so? So that means I can kick you out and it won't leave a bad taste in my mouth, right? I'll forgive you for dirtying the floor, now piss off Levi said. You can hear the Isabel breathing heavy, what's the matter can't move? Farlan said I can! Don't underestimate me! Isabel said. Aren't we feisty one? Farlan said. You can hear man's voice saying over here we all look up from the door. I walk to Isabel asking are you ok and looked at her with kind eyes. Damn you were being chased, weren't you? Levi said what should we do Farlan said. That little brat...can't believe she bit me that hard. Once we catch her, lemme have a little with her merchant boss said. What fun can you have with a brat like that? One of the boss men said. Huh? Hey! a dirty little urchin came this way, right? They're ten penny here, pal Farlan said. What? As merchant boss said as he walks up the stairs you shit heads from around here? Merchant boss said. Says this guy Farlan said. Merchant boss looks at Isabel and y/n and he saw that they have the brat. Hey! Found her boss the merchant's men said. Thought so, your friends with her? The second merchant said. No Levi said. Hand her over then. Try protecting her and you're in for a world of hurt. After all, she tried to go up the 11th stairwell without paying the first merchantmen said. We were all shocked when we heard that. You know the one right? The 11th is Government Minister Lobov's jurisdiction. We can't let that slide, you three will be charged for harboring her too second merchant men said. We look at them, if you understand then hand her over! Second merchant said. Find. Move aside! I will take her and mine as well take the other girl to just for kicks as he look at me. While he walks to us he put his hand on Levi's shoulder, Levi sliced up his hand with his knife. The boss scream in aging holding his wounded hand. He looked at Levi with a frightened look as Levi came walking towards him punching the heck out of him. While Farlan and I had a straight face and Isabel was surprised. Don't touch me with your filthy hand. You'll make my clothes dirty Levi said. While kicking him out of the door. Oh my, you can't stroll in here. We take hygiene very seriously here as you see Levi cleaning his knife. Come back after you've washed your Farlan said. These people mean business. Let's get outta here! One of the boss men said. As we all watched the men's leave with tails behind there legs. Hey! How long are you going to cling on that too that for! Levi said. Isabel shooked up and look at Levi, it going to die Levi said. Isabel was shocked I thought that'd warm it up she said. We all gazed at what she had in her hand, where did you get that bird? Farlan said. It was flying about. Probably came flying in via the sewers. So I thought I'd let it free above ground Isabel said. You tried to go up the stairways for that? Farlan said. I say you got guts girl to that I said. While Levi gazed at the girl. While the girl smiling as petting the bird this little guy probably prefers soaring the skies instead of wondering the underground city Isabel said. That's fine and dandy, but this bird hurt its wings. Huh? For real? Isabel said. Yeah as I walk to her squat down to her you tell by its wings that it hurts this little guy must have been flying and it probably hit something hard and its wings. Let me see the bird if I may. Yea sure Isabel said. By Farlan can you get the bandages for me. Ok he said. I got the and started rapping its wings. There you go it's done I said you're something else. Oh right. What's your name? I'm Isabel. I'm y/n the on next to me is Farlan and one over there that's with the attitude is Levi and we started laughing once I said that. While Levi glared at me and I glared back at him to. Sis, Farlan, bro? And Levi gazed at her bro? And we gaze at her. Please let me join you! I sable said. Huh, Farlan, and I said you guys used 3D Maneuvers Gears, right? I've seen y'all in action, seeing you guys flying free like birds Isabel said while looking at Levi. What should we do Levi said as he walks away? She stops him Hey! She said. If you're going to stay, learn how to clean first before learning the 3D Maneuver Gear Levi said. She was shocked once she heard what he said as he walked away. She was staying and she looks at y/n while I smiled and said yes we finally have another girl on this team as Farlan looked at y/n and Isabel with a smile. Thank you, Bro! as Isabel yelled.

To Be Continued.....
Next chapter we meet an old guy and ask us a job that gets us in deep trouble and joins be The Scout Regiment!

Wow, that was a lot I hope you guys liked it please tell me what you think thank you.
1524 words.
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