Crossed Dreams

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It's Melissa's senior year of college. The only thing she should be worrying about is if she makes it into her dream graduate college while making sure her two friends stay out of trouble, not about some stranger that keeps popping into her dreams. Will she keep heading toward her goals or will she give it all up for some handsome, familiar stranger that she can only see in her dreams? Tae-Joon is the youngest member in Korean's largest boyband, Vortex. He has everything that he ever wanted: brothers, music, fame, and lots of video games. The one thing that he doesn't have: someone to share his days with. Will he find everything he ever wanted when a mysterious and charming girl pops into his dreams? A Dream Weavers series Book 1: Crossed Dreams Book 2: Rippling Dreams

Romance / Humor
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Kim Tae-joon

• 6 foot
• Born August, 12 1996
• Puppy dog like personality
• Loves anime, and gaming,
• Favorite food: noodles and anything sweet, tea and coffee
• Sub dancer, sub rapper, plays piano, writes some of the bands' music.
• Fluent in Korean, Japanese, Mandarian, and is learning English
• Loves all animals except for bugs
• Favorite colors: black, white, and blue

Lee In-jae

• 5'8"
• Born December, 19, 1995
• Likes to work out, dance, fence, and filming the other members
• Loves meat
• Loves cats and dogs
• Lead dancer, Lead vocal
• Fluent in Korean and Japanese
• Favorite color: green

Park Chan-woo

• 6 foot
• Born March, 14 1995
• Loves to work out, eating, shopping, and action figures
• Sub Vocal, sub dancer
• Dated before debut
• Hates onions, bugs, and heights
• Is fluent in Korean and Japanese

Han Jin-woo

• Born February, 20 1995
• 5'10"
• Vocal
• Loves video games, comics, working out, and hanging with friends and family
•Favorite color: blue
•Will eat anything
• Can't dance without choreography
• Went to vocal and acting school

Gu Joo-hyun

• 6'2"
• Born January, 2 1994
• Fluent in Korean, Thai, English, Mandarian, and Japanese
• Lead rapper
• Writes some of the bands music
• Loves seafood
• Favorite animal: lizards
• Loves art, music, reading, and shopping.
• Tattoos; left arm: One life to live. Right arm: Never give up.
• Extremely shy
• Can play the guitar, ukulele, harp, and violin

Sung Jun-hae

• Born October 17, 1993
• 5' 10"
• Is the leader, rapper, sub vocalist, and main composer
• Can beatbox, play the guitar, piano, and drums
• Loves meat, apples, comics, hiphop, cooking, himself, and his bandmates
• Hates Lying, and seeing his bandmates hurt
• Loves dogs

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