Fireflies (brotherxbrother)

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To have your parents die anytime in your life will have life altering effects. It might even be the very beginning of your own destruction. That was almost the case for Matthew and Aiden Henderson that devastating October night, when they lost both their parents in a car crash. Neither of the two young boys would have cared to live on, had they not had each other. But they did. Have each other. Overnight, a strong, unbreakable bond grew between them. They came to mean everything for one another. Each other's shelter. Safe harbor. They two boys grew inseparable, barely able to breathe without the other by their side. And it showed. This closeness can be looked upon with very different views, something Matthew and Aiden will soon discover. A decision has to be made. What's more important: what your surroundings tell you, or what you feel deep down in your heart? Maybe all the way to your very soul. Follow the two boys as they navigate their way through their new life together. Finding happiness and meeting obstacles as the dynamic of their relationship slowly but surely alters them and their lives forever.

Romance / Drama
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Life on Earth can offer you many stories, millions and millions of them, all with different beginnings, middles, and endings. Some would make you laugh, others would baffle you. Some would fill you with happiness and love, while others would make your heart hurt while tears run down your face. There are so many stories you could take part of, if you just stopped long enough to listen.

This is one of those stories that you should stop and listen to. The story of Matthew and Aiden Henderson.

Losing not only one parent, but both, in a tragic car crash one devastating October night has a horrendous impact on your life. Whatever view of life you might have had, will be shattered. Like the remnants of a broken mirror that will only cut you if you try to fix it.

What was once certain becomes uncertain. What was once your home, your safe haven, becomes nothing but a box filled with painful memories. A life altering experience it is indeed, and it will without question change the course of your future.

As for Matthew and Aiden, their reactions were probably a little bit different than what many others would have been, and a rather peculiar affair for everyone involved.

The loss of their parents left them on the outskirts of society. In the blink of an eye, the flip of a car, it was suddenly just the two of them.

And it always would be.

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