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Garden of Snakes

As the Mikaelsons pulled into the Castle, They all exited the carriage and approached the Grand doors as they knocked twice.

It revealed Lucien, who welcomed the family in and chatted with them as he guided them to the garden. All of them beamed with excitement and anticipation to see Maria.

Maria was patiently waiting on her guests to arrive as she fiddled with the hem of her dress. Her nerves started to get the best of her so she started to stuff her face with a strawberry. She quickly finished the sweet berry as she heard chatter coming from the hall behind her. Maria wiped the residue from her lips then was interrupted by Lucien announcing her guest’s arrival. She swiftly turned around as she got up from her chair and smiled at the Mikaelsons.

As she approached them, they bowed but she gave them all a kiss on both cheeks as this was more customary in her country. This took them by surprise but they kindly embraced the gesture. She insisted they sit down and make themselves more at home. The Mikaelsons noted the careful detail that had been put into the decorations and complimented Maria on them. She smiled kindly and bashfully insisted it wouldn’t be possible without the servant’s help. Maria had gotten to know many of the King's help and the castle grew very close with the princess. She often talks to them about their lives and helps around the Castle.

Rebecca- So Maria, I mean Luna. Tell us what is Italy like.

Maria-(shyly smiles) Well, It's beautiful especially in the summer and springtime. France in the spring reminds me a little of home. My father used to take my brothers and me to the woods in the summertime and they would hunt while I picked flowers. There was this beautiful meadow filled with lavender, my mother and I would lay there staring at the sky while she pets my hair. My happiest moments were in that meadow... But anyways tell me more about your life in England. (looks at them)

The Mikaelsons could sense that Her mother was a sensitive topic so they decided to change the subject.

Finn- Well, England is not everyone’s cup of tea but I think it has its moments. (Mikaelsons all agreed) The countryside is spectacular though, I personally prefer it compared to London. One gets weary of the city after some time. (laughs while sipping his tea)

Maria- How lovely! I have never been before to England. I may visit since now I have friends there. (smiles sweetly then sips her tea.)

Elijah- Of Course, You are more than welcomed to come to stay with us if you’d like.

Maria-(grins) Aw Thank you, Lord Elijah. Maybe One day, I will take you up on that offer. Now, tell me more about your family. Are there more of you?

The Mikaelsons tensed a little at her question as they all thought of Mikael. Klaus decided to clear the air before Maria sensed any hostility.

Klaus-(kindly smirks) Ah, yes, Well it’s believed that we are descendants from the first settlers of the New World and later migrated to England. Much of our wealth comes from. Our family has been together for a long time. Though we are not close to our parents, my siblings and I remained united.

Maria-(smiles) How sweet. Your family bond reminds me of my family. We had always been close with one another especially with my older brother, Miguel. He and I were very close as children. I always looked up to him. I was the only girl so he looked out for me. How interesting! I know little of my background though Mother used to say we were descendants of witches. I think she said that to scare me. (laughs)

The Mikaelsons smiled and laughed along but they all considered the possibility of their friend being supernatural as well. Maria poured more tea into their cups. They continued to talk for a while, sharing stories, and throwing banter around. They were having a good time and enjoying each other's company.

They interpreted when Thomas swiftly ran towards Maria. This took Maria by surprise as she didn’t expect him to see as Katerina informed her that he was playing on the other side of the castle. Thomas was eager to see Maria so he went to the garden to see her. Katerina quickly walked after Thomas but realized Maria was with the Mikaelsons today. So she cautiously walked behind him. She couldn’t let them see her so she decided to watch from afar.

Thomas-(quickly hugs Maria) Maria! I missed you!

Maria-(surprised, laughs) Thomas, Mi Amor. What are you doing here? I thought you were playing in the courtyard

Thomas-(smiles while Maria pets his hair) I was but I got bored so I came to see you.

Maria-(kisses his cheek) I missed you too! Thomas, I would like you to meet my dear friends, The Mikaelsons.

Thomas-(shyly waves and smiles) Hello.

The Mikaelsons all smiled and kindly introduced themselves to the young boy.

Thomas-(begs) Luna, Can you play with me?

Maria-(reluctantly) I don’t know, Thomas. I have guests maybe later.

The Mikaelsons insisted that Maria go play with Thomas. They wouldn’t mind at all. Maria finally gave in and went to go play with Thomas. They went to an open area in the garden where they could her guests and they could still see them.

Maria-(laughs while holding Thomas’ hand) Okay Now, Let’s play a game I learned when I was a child... called football. My Father taught this game to my brothers and me.

Thomas-(smiling) Sounds fun!

Maria further explained how the game works so They started passing the ball to each other’s feet. The Mikaelsons were intrigued by this game they have never heard of. They smiled while watched Maria laughing and have a good time. She wasn’t like most ladies who would do anything else than get their gowns dirty. She had a young spirit and it was very refreshing.

Maria-(smiling at the Mikaelsons) Would you all like to play?

The brothers smiled and agreed while Lady Rebecca stayed sitting watching them.

Maria- Come on, Rebecca! Join Us!

Rebecca-(lightly laughs) Maybe Another time, I don’t want to get my dress dirty it’s from Paris. But Give them hell for me, Luna.

Maria smirk as she knew as a kid she was great at sports especially fencing. She made the teams up and to make it fair she paired Thomas with Finn and Elijah. On her team, she was with Klaus and Kol. Maria excuses herself so she could change her attire into something more comfortable. After waiting a couple of minutes, Maria came out in a fitted white peasant and light brown patterned trousers with loose curls framing her face. The Mikaelsons were shocked yet dazzled by the Princess chose as women, in that time didn’t wear masculine-looking clothing. The Sun had illuminated her as she made her way to the field. She looked more of an angel in the sunlight as it enhanced her features. The boys particularly Klaus, Elijah, and Kol were in awe. Rebecca saw what Maria was wearing and asked her why chose that.

Maria-(smiles proudly) When I was a little girl, My father had a seamstress make clothing for me to play in. He always felt that the dresses women wore were too impractical. Now, Game on.

Rebecca-(jokingly yells) Brothers, you better watch your backs.

After a couple of games later, both teams were tied. Thomas wanted to take a break so Finn and Elijah were left. The brothers tried to play fair by not using their supernatural abilities. Elijah tried to steal the ball away from Maria but sadly failed so he decided to pick her up and toss her around before she could get a goal. Maria was caught off guard and couldn’t resist laughing as she was being dragged away from the goal line. She tried squirming around and lightly kicking his back but Elijah’s grip was too strong. The rest of the Mikaelsons laughed at them along with them. Until finally, Elijah put her down on the ground. She was a little furious but was overwhelmed with laughter.

Maria-(laughs and points at Elijah) Sir, you cheat! That was not fair.

Rebecca-(laughs) Lijah, I’d never considered you to be one to break rules!

Elijah-(smiles while putting his hands up) Alright, Alright.

Maria- Now so it's fair, Let’s play one-on-one.

Elijah-(curiously) What do you have in mind?

Maria-(smirks) Me and You, Fencing.

The Mikaelsons were surprised by Maria’s suggestion as the princess did not know what she was getting herself into. Elijah was the best swordsman in their village and becoming a vampire had made him ten times as stronger. They all gave each a look as Maria tossed a sword to Elijah, swiftly grabbing it.

Maria-(narrows eyes) Bring it on, Mikaelson!

Elijah smirked as they both tapped each other’s swords.


After what seemed like hours, the two were head to head. The rest of the Mikaelson clan watched from nearby. They were astonished at how the Princess could keep up with their brother. She clearly was skilled they noticed. Elijah with one step caught up with the Princess making her take two steps back to avoid the tip of his blade. As he swung the sword, she quickly bent her back as the blade glided above her body. She sees a weakness and gently kicks Elijah in the stomach enough to push him back. They were mutually impressed by one another’s skills. Elijah had never had another surpass him before but maybe this time the odds were against him.

The princess with one swift move forward startled Elijah making him trip and land on the ground raised her sword at the middle of his chest. Elijah dropped his sword and raised his hands up, a sign of surrender.

The Mikaelsons were stunned as they have never seen anyone beat their brother before.

Maria smiled at Elijah and the others, she offered her hand to help him up.

Elijah was more in awe of her at that moment than the first time he had seen her. She was not a delicate flower but strong like steel. She moved the blade with such grace yet with fire in her eyes.

He laughed as he stood up. The Mikaelsons laughed as well while teasing Elijah.

Then a strange voice came from the garden and their eyes followed the voice.

Miguel- You’re playing without me, Lunita?

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