A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Hour of Mourning

As the sunlight beamed through the sheer curtains in Maria’s room, Maria slowly lifted her eyes as the sun glared through the window pane.

She lightly stretched her legs and arms out and tossing to the right. She pressed her face against her pillows and softly smiled thinking of the day before. She propped herself up on her bed with her arms and sighed.

She quickly dressed so she could go with her bow and arrow. She always loved archery as it cleared her mind when something was troubling her.

Particularity, thoughts of the three Mikaelson brothers were troubling her this morning.

She carefully walked through the halls to not disturb anyone in the castle. As it was still very early, everyone besides the servants was still sleeping. The sun had risen but it was still a little dark outside but clear enough for one to see in.

She unlocked the door leading to the East wing field which led to the forest. She thought that would be a safe place to practice with her bow. The cold breeze hit her face as she was walking in the field. She held her bow closely and traced with her finger the initials engraved into it.

I.R. & M.L

The initials stood for Isabella Rosa and Maria Luna.

The bow was given to her as a gift from her mother before she had passed. On her eighth birthday, her mother Isabella had it especially made for her and did the initials by hand.


Maria shed a tear thinking about how happy she was that day. Her family and she had spent the day outside. They went swimming in a nearby lagoon. It was one of the fondest memories she had of her childhood.

Her mother died a couple of days later when she fell ill with a fever that took her overnight. The king was devastated by the loss of his wife as he had to witness the love of his life and the mother of his children being taken away from this world so quickly. The king had the best medics in the country but none could help the queen as the fever had worsened.

Before she passed, all of her children one by one visited her in her chambers, so she could say goodbye to them. She hugged them all with the little strength she had left. Maria waited in the hall as her father softly held her hand to comfort her. She softly cried as she laid her head against her father’s shoulder.

Then her youngest brother closed the door of their mothers’ room and looked up at his sister with tears in his eyes. He wiped the tears from his face with his sleeve and told his sister that their mother wanted to speak with her.

She lightly nodded as she wiped her tears with her hand. He father gave her a quick hug before she walked into her mothers’ room.

The room had a bit of sunlight peeking through the curtains but was lit by the candles alongside her mother’s bed.

Isabella heard the doorknob twist and the door opened so she softly turns her head. She softly smiled as she saw her only daughter walking through.

Maria shyly walked towards the edge of her mother’s bed.

Isabella- (smiling) Luna, come here mi Amor.

Maria kneeled next to her mother’s bed as Isabella grabbed ahold of her hand, gently caressing it.

Maria shed a tear as her mother’s finger wiped it away. Isabella held her daughter's cheek as she lightly cried at the idea of not seeing her little one grow up.

Isabella-(sadly smiling) My Love, you must be strong okay. Mommy is very sick and our time together must be short. I’m sorry I must leave you so soon. I want you to know that out of all my many blessings in this life, you were by far my most precious. Sweetheart, do not weep for me as I will be at peace. Know this, that wherever you are I will be there guiding you. I promise to never leave you alone. Be kind and never lose the light that shines brightly inside of you. There is so much power within you, child. Mommy loves you with all her heart and I will miss you the most. Live life as great as you can and remember to love immensely.

Maria-(softly weeps) Mama, please don’t leave me.

Isabella- (smiles) Oh Mi Vida, I am sorry but I must I am too weak. Come here, lay next to me.

Maria climbed next to her as she laid her head on her chest. She shed a tear as she could hear her mother's weak heart beating. Isabella softly ran her fingers through her head as they both land there in silence.

Isabella started humming while petting her hair. Maria started to slowly drift off to sleep in her mother's arms.

Her father softly knocked on the door and lightly closing it behind him. He saw his wife and child sleeping so he gently lifted Maria up and carried her to her room.

That was the last memory she had of her mother besides the funeral.

The entire kingdom mourned her death as her reputation preceded her as being one of the most compassionate and kindest queens in their history. Thousands came to pay their respects to the fallen queen. The King remained strong for his family but his heart ached. The Queen’s children were beside themselves as they threw flowers onto her coffin. Maria was in utter disbelief of her mother’s death.

She was here one minute then gone the next.

Before the service, Maria had gone to the clearing they’d always gone to as a child and pick the prettiest flowers there to place in it on top of her grave.

Maria used to have nightmares about her mother every night, now it’s occasional. Her mother's face would haunt her dreams. The same dream every night, she would be reaching out for her mothers’ hand but something would pull her away from her.

Their family was forever changed since that day.


Maria wiped the tears that had fallen on her cheeks and continued to make her way towards the forest.

A fog had peered through the forest floor as she approached the woods. She couldn’t shake a chilling feeling that she had as she was walking.

As if someone was there, watching her.

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