A Love to Lay (The originals)

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The Spark

A deep fog covered the Forest, as Maria made her way towards a clearing with trees circling around it.

She placed her coat on the ground near a tree root and grabbed an arrow. Maria pointed her bow at a tree twenty yards away and placed the arrow, pulling back, controlling her breathing to focus on the shot.

As she breathed out, she released the arrow managing to hit the center of the tree. She smiled as she hit her target. She continued to shot at the trees going further with every shot to push her limits.

The sound of a twig breaking startled her causing her to point her bow in the direction of the sound.

Maria-(yells out) Hello? Who's there?

She heard nothing but still remained vigilant. After a few minutes had passed she heard nothing come from the woods.

She lowered her bow slightly as she gathered her belongings.

She still couldn’t shake the feeling that something or someone was watching her.

She steadily walked out of the woods with her bow and arrows in hand.

She slightly turned her head back as she was walking to see what the noise from the forest could have been but the fog covered the woods.

Then Maria hit something hard causing her to jolt her head forward and stumble slightly back. She looked to see what had hit her and it was Lord Klaus.

Klaus noticed how frightened Maria was by his presence and wondered what she had been doing alone near the woods.

Maria-(exhales, places a hand on chest) Lord Mikaelson, You frightened me.

Klaus-My apologies for startling you, Luna. Mind if I ask but Why are you out here alone? It is not safe.

Maria- I wanted to practice before anyone woke up. Early mornings are quite peaceful. Might I ask what brings you here so early in the day?

As guilty as he was, Klaus had come to the estate in fact to see Maria. But he couldn’t completely confess his intentions to her.

Klaus-(shyly smirks) Oh I wanted to pay a visit to the King maybe pay you a visit as well. I wanted to see how well you both were doing.

Maria-(blushes) That is very kind of you to think of us. Charles I believe is still sleeping but should be awake any moment now.

Klaus-(smiles) Would you like to go on a walk with me while we wait? I would much enjoy the presence of your company.

Maria-(hooks onto his arm) That would be lovely.

They smiled at one another as they walked across the courtyard. Klaus would catch a glimpse at Maria when she wasn’t looking and quietly observed her as they walked. Both of them enjoying each other's company as they walked in silence.

Maria couldn’t help but smile to herself as she could feel Klaus’ gaze on her.

Maria-(curiously) Lord Klaus...?

Klaus-(smiles) Please Luna, call me Klaus.

Maria-(quietly laughs) Klaus, this might be abrupt but tell me something about yourself? I don’t really know much about you besides you are from England.

Klaus-(sternly) There isn’t much to tell. I am afraid it might shock you.

Maria-(smiles, smirks) Come on, take a chance, let me get to know you. I dare you.

Maria sits down on a nearby bench while Klaus looks down at her smirking.

Klaus-(smiles) Alright well, Let’s see... I have traveled to many places across the world. You name it I have been there. There are so much beauty and art in the world but by far my favorite place would be the New World. There is nothing like it.

Maria-(smiles)That’s sounds wonderful. I haven’t done much traveling. I wish I could see the New World someday.

Klaus-(grins) Perhaps I can take you one day.

Maria-(grins) I would love that!

They both continued talking and discussing one another’s interests. They laughed together while reminiscing about their pasts. Klaus even expressed his love for art especially painting.

Maria-(smiles) How wonderful! I didn’t know you could paint maybe one day you can show me.

Klaus-(smirks) Of course maybe if you’d like I could paint for you.

Maria-(blushes) That would be lovely. I will definitely take you up on that offer.

They both got up as it was already sunrise and walked towards the castle.


As Maria was still practicing with her bow, a man had appeared in the woods. He could smell her scent from a nearby village. It lured him right to her. He stood a far distance away from the girl as his sight could see her clear as day.

He could hear her heartbeat racing as she let go of her arrow. The blood rushing to her head as it hit the target. All he could think about what the blood running through her veins and how the vein in her neck pulsated.

Black Veins formed under his eyes as he was tempted to step closer to her. He stepped on a branch causing it to break and startling the girl.

She cried out, Whose there?

But he remained still.

She quickly grabbed her things and left the forest.

His eyes piercing crimson red as he scanned her movements.

He followed her until she reached the edge of the forest.

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