A Love to Lay (The originals)

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As Maria and Klaus entered the castle, there were more servants awake and roaming the corridors. Trays of food were being resorted to the dining hall. Maria saw strawberries on one of the trays and smiled as she dragged Klaus by the hand to the dining hall.

Maria-(laughs)Come on, Let’s go eat.

Klaus just laughed along with her as she held his hand. He followed her till the edge of the corridor.

They both pushed open the doors to reveal the King and Thomas were sitting down, eating their supper.

Maria gently released her hand as she noticed she was still holding Klaus’ hand.

She quickly ran up behind Charles. Softly covering his eyes with her hands.

Maria-Guess who?

Charles lightly laughed as Maria made funny faces at Thomas who was silently giggling.

Charles-(laughs) Let me guess... A fish? The Sweating hands are a dead giveaway.

Maria playfully hits Charles’s head as Thomas lets out an uncontrollable laugh at the king’s joke.

Maria goes next to Thomas, hugs him, and kisses his cheek softly.

Thomas- Good morning, Luna!

Maria-(grins) Good morning, my love! Did you sleep well last night?

Thomas-(smiles) Yes, I did!

Maria-That is wonderful, Thomas!

Klaus stood silently in the corner until The King noticed his presence. He insisted that he’d sit down and eat something.

Klaus politely accepted the kings’ kind offer. He walked towards the empty seat across from Maria.

He playfully reached over with his left arm and took a strawberry from her plate. Maria gasped and kicked his leg underneath the table. Klaus just laughed at Maria as she was left feeling annoyed and flustered. Klaus smirks and playfully plays with the food on his plate with his fork. Maria softly sighs and rolls her eyes at him.

Both entertained by each other's bickering and playful banter.


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