A Love to Lay (The originals)

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What is Life without Love?

After supper, Klaus excused himself from the table and parted ways with Maria.

Klaus-(smiling) It was lovely spending time with you, today. I would like to continue our chat another time if you’d like.

Maria- (smiling) I would love that, sounds wonderful.

Klaus-(smirks) Till then, Maria

Maria-(grins) Till then.

Klaus playfully smirked as he bowed to her and gently kissed her hand. Leaving Maria red and cheery, as she watched him leave the estate.


Later on in the Day

As Maria walking alongside chatting with one of her handmaidens, she noticed a familiar face walking with Charles in the corridor.

Maria-(confused) Elijah?

Both Charles and Elijah turned around and faced Maria. Elijah couldn’t resist smiling being in her presence.

Elijah-(grins) Maria, what a pleasant surprise!

They bowed to them as the ladies curtsied at the young men.

Maria-(smiles) How lovely to see you, Elijah. What brings you here?

Elijah- A Pleasure as always, Maria. I just came by to discuss some matters with Charles. Thought to pay you a visit.

Maria-(giggles) How nice. How is the rest of your family? How is my sister?

Elijah- My brothers are well. Rebecca extends her hellos. She told me to tell you, she misses you terribly and to stop by sometime to catch up.

Maria- Aw, Tell her I miss her too. If she’d like, perhaps she would like to go into town with me today.

Elijah- You know how my sister adores shopping, I believe she would be delighted too. I will inform her.

Maria- Thank you, Elijah. Well, sorry to interrupt your discussion with Charles. I will take my leave.

Charles-(laughing) It’s alright, Elijah we can continue our discussion another time. He is all yours Maria.

Elijah- If it's alright with you, Charles. It was good talking with you today, my friend.

Charles- (smiling)Of course, have fun you too!

Maria jokingly rolled her eyes at Charles as Elijah playfully chuckled at his remark.

Elijah-Maria, If you are not busy, would like to go on a walk with me?

Maria- I would be delighted to. Could you give us a moment, Anna?

Anna- Of course, miss.

The handmaiden excusing herself as the pair headed outside into the field. Maria hooked onto Elijah’s arm as they walked across the courtyard.

Elijah- So tell me, Maria, how are you? How is your brother?

Maria-(laughs) Lijah, You know I hate formalities. Luna is fine.

Elijah-(grins) Alright,Luna. Lijah, huh?

Maria-(laughs) Rebecca always calls you that so I adopted the name. Anyways, Miguel is doing alright. My brother is much like yours, he and Kol share... similar interests. Our brothers and their indulgences. Miguel has made himself very comfortable in court.

Although he was sweet to his sister, he had a notorious reputation with the ladies. Known for having a history of breaking hearts with his charm back in Italy. Maria just rolled her eyes at the thought of her heartthrob of a brother.

Elijah-(laughs) Sometimes it feels like there is no hope for our brothers. But I do feel they mean well.

Maria-(grins) If the noble Elijah believes that, maybe there is still hope for our brothers yet.

Maria- But I guess we love those even despite their flaws.

Elijah just looks down and chuckled as Maria slightly nudged him with her elbow.

Elijah just looks down and chuckled as Maria slightly nudged him with her elbow.

Maria slightly shoved Elijah and ran from him as he chased her. Both laughing as she turned away from his touch.

Maria-(laughs) You have to chase me!

Elijah-(grins)Then the game would be over.

Maria-(pointing at his chest) Sir, you play unfairly.

Elijah-(laughs)I do not but was merely evening the odds. I felt pity for you.

Maria-(slightly shocked) Believe what you want, Elijah. But thank you for entertaining me.

Elijah- Of course, Luna.

They continued walking together till they sat by on a nearby bench. They talked about their lives as children and life back home. Elijah talked about his adventures with his siblings in England as Maria told the stories of being a princess.

Maria-(frowns) My father wants me to marry soon. Although he is very understanding of my decision to wait, he worries about my future when he is gone. I don’t think he understands I want something more. I can’t imagine loving a stranger. True love isn’t real unless it's returned, don’t you agree?

Elijah-(frowns) I do not believe in love, Luna.

Maria- That is too sad for me to accept, Elijah. Life is too cruel if we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?

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