A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Hello, Princess

Maria waited for Rebecca in town, she strolled along on the sidewalk looking into the shops. Charles had sent two guards to accompany her to stand by and protect her. Maria didn’t think much of it but there have been thieves robbing carriages in the area. Meanwhile, France was currently in conflict with their neighboring country, England. Charles wanted to take every measure in protecting Maria.

One shop, in particular, caught Maria's interest as it was a jewelry shop, on display were beautiful ruby rose pearl drop earrings. It looked similar to the ones her mother used to wear for special occasions. When she died, Maria looked for them all over their home but she couldn’t find them.

She couldn’t help but shed a tear, looked in awe of the earrings in the window shop.

A turned around as she heard a voice behind her speak. Realizing who it was, she gently wiped away the tear on her cheek.

Maria-(confused) Kol?

Kol-(smirks)Hello, Princess.

Maria- What brings you into Town?

Kol-(laughs) Oh you know, window shopping. Decide to drop by in town.

Kol nonchalantly staring at the girls walking by him as they smiled and giggled at each other. Maria rolled her eyes as she noticed his attention was elsewhere.

Maria-(crosses arms) Well, that makes one of us. I am waiting for your sister. Any word from her?

Oblivious to Maria’s obvious annoyance at his own behavior so he playfully replied.

Kol-(grins) She is running a bit late and told me to drop by and tell you. My sister is not one for punctualities.

Maria-(slightly sarcastic) Well, that’s kind of you but I would rather be on my own. I don’t want to inconvenience you.

Maria couldn’t help but feel jealous of how Kol behaved to those girls in front of her as if he didn’t care what she thought. Although she had some feelings for him, she wasn’t sure he felt the same. He would definitely have to work harder to earn her affection.

Kol-(grins) I insist, plus it would be a great chance for us to get to know each other.

Maria-(grins) Well, Alright.


Maria-(grins) What do you think of this one?

Holding up a pinkish gown with lace detailing and a lowish round neckline.

Kol-(sarcastically) Love, this is the third shop we have been to. You could make any dress look good so just pick any gown.

Maria- Kol, first of all, this is the second shop. Second, We have only been looking for 15 minutes. If you insist, I will pick this one.

’Maria tells the Shop Clerk of her decision and she would also like to purchase matching lace gloves.

Kol-(grins) Alright,good. If its any consolation, I think you look ravishing in pink.

Maria-(slightly blushes) Well, thank you.

Maria couldn’t help blush at Kol’s remark but she tried her best to conceal it. Kol scoffed a little as he could see she was affected by his comment.

Kol grabbed her dress and gloves and they left the store and sat by at a nearby park bench to wait for Rebecca.

Maria-(grins) Thank you for accompanying me and waiting with me. I really appreciate it.

Kol-(smirks) Of course, I couldn’t let you fend for yourself love.

Soon a carriage pulled up to the curb in front of them and the footman opened the door to reveal Rebecca.

Rebecca-(frowns) I apologize for my lateness, Luna. I had some business to attend to. Thank you brother, for keeping her company. Now leave us so we can catch up.

Kol-(smirks) As you wish, sister. Goodbye, Princess.

Maria-Goodbye, Kol.

Kol kisses Maria’s hand and leaves.

Rebecca-(grins) Now that trouble maker of a brother, Kol has left. Tell me, how is my dearest friend? I apologize for leaving you too long in his presence.

Maria-(smiles) I’m very well. It’s alright, your brother was much help in keeping me entertained. He accompanied me to several shops and I even managed to find a dress.

Rebecca-(sarcastically) So the day wasn’t a complete waste, I suppose. Surprising how my brother didn’t pester you. He hates sitting in one place for too long.

Maria-(laughs) Oh, he made it evident of his annoyance in being there but he was quite pleasant.

Rebecca-(smiles) He must fancy you as it takes quite a lot for my brother to withstand shopping.

Maria-(shyly blushes) He was just keeping his word.

Rebecca-(giggles) Believe what you must, Luna.

Both girls giggling, hooked arm to arm, walking along the paved sidewalk.

Rebecca-(smiles) Now let’s shop till our heart’s content.

Maria smiles widely as they continue their shopping trip.

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