A Love to Lay (The originals)

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A Night in the Castle

Maria decided to invite Rebecca over to spend the night as they haven’t had time to see each other recently. While Charles decided to as well invite the Mikaelson brothers over to the castle.

Maria paid her dear sweet Thomas a visit before her guests arrived. Maria walked to the east wing from her bedroom to Thomas’s room. Katherine was putting him into bed when she entered the room.

Katherine-(smiles, says quietly) Hello, Luna.

Maria-(grins) Katherine, thank you, my friend. May I have a moment with Thomas?

Katherine-(smiles) Of course, good night Thomas.

As she kissed him goodnight and hugging Maria before leaving.

Maria-(petting his head)How is my little prince?

Thomas-(yawns) Tired, I miss you today. I played outside with my ball after my studies.

Maria-(smiles) That’s good, how are your Spanish lessons?

Thomas-(grins) Muy Bien!

Maria-(laughs) Que Bueno, You will be fluent no time. Good job, little one. Now would you like me to read a story before I leave?

Thomas-(grins) yes!

Maria looked around for an old, navy storybook that her mother had read to her every night before bed.


Thomas drifted to sleep as Maria finished reading, closing the book softly placing it on the nightstand, and gently kissing Thomas’s forehead.

Maria blew out the candle by his bedside and left, closing the door behind her.

She carried with her a candlestick, making her way back to her room. Rebecca waited for her in the adjoining room until Maria came back. The Mikaelson brothers were in the west wing while the girls stayed in the east wing of the estate.

While Rebecca grew bored waiting, she sneaked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine to surprise Maria.

Maria knocked on the door of her bedroom and entered seeing Rebecca grinning holding glasses and wine.

Maria couldn’t help but laugh as Rebecca called out Wine?

They both giggled as they poured each other glasses.


The girls giggled drunkenly as they were dancing around Maria’s room.

Maria had never drunk that much before but she liked the strange warm feeling.

Maria-(laughs) I think I’ve gone past my limit! We are all out of wine, Becca.

Maria shaking the empty wine bottle while giggling.

Rebecca- I guess so, Luna! I have a brilliant idea, Let’s go on an adventure through the castle!

Maria- Sounds splendid!

Rebecca- Alright you go to the west wing and I will go to the east wing.

Maria- You’re on!

Rebecca- 1, 2, 3.. Go!

Both girls running in opposite directions, laughing in the halls.

After 10 minutes of walking, Maria lit a nearby candle as the hallway was too dark to see anything.

As she kept walking, she passed by a door that was slightly opened and the candlelight was still lit. Curiously she peered through the door to see what was inside.

She saw a tall man with blondish shoulder-length hair and his back was turn to her.

Embarrassed, she tried to close the door but it made a loud enough creek that caused the man to turn.

Maria’s face turned red as she knew she was caught.

Klaus- Maria?

Maria-(shyly) I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that this was your room.

Klaus-(grins) It’s alright, it’s late why are you still up?

Maria-(smiles) Rebecca and I decided to go on an adventure throughout the castle and we drank a little too much wine so...

Klaus-(scoffs) I’m not surprised, my sister is quite the rebel. I expected her to influence you.

Maria could help but notice behind Klaus, was a painting half done and paint on the hem of his shirt. She blushed slightly as his shirt was unbuttoned slightly.

Maria-(curiously) Are you painting?

Klaus-(shyly) Yes, I couldn’t sleep so painting helps.

Maria walked toward it and stared at it, admiring it. It was a painting of the rose garden outside. It was beautiful and so lifelike.

Maria-(smiles) Klaus, this is beautiful. Did you draw this?

Klaus- (grins) You like it?

Maria- Yes! You are very gifted.

Klaus-(shyly) If you’d like when I’m finished you can have it, as my gift to you.

Maria- Really! I will cherish it forever.

Klaus- If you’d like, I could paint your portrait.

He looked down at her as they stood in front of the painting.

Maria-(shyly blushes) Okay.


She sat behind the canvas on a stool as Klaus was preparing his canvas.

The light illuminating her tan skin. Her light curls framing her face as her white gown hung loosely on her body.

Klaus couldn’t help but stare at her. He could feel his palms sweat as he held his paintbrush in his hands.

He started painting the outline of her face using the beiges and pinks on his palette. Maria couldn’t resist nervously touching her fingertips as he stared at her.

She looked at the candlestick next to her and played with the ends of her hair. Twirling the strands of curls in her fingers.

After about half an hour he’d finished her face and moved on to her hair, he noticed one strand of hair blocking her face.

Klaus- Could I fix something?

Maria-(shyly) Sure.

Listen to The Loved Ones by Sanders Bohlke

Klaus slowly walked towards her and gently moved the hair off her face.

Maria’s breathing hitched as he was a couple of inches away from her face. A blush slowly crept up her cheeks as he gently caressed her shoulders back slightly.

She couldn’t help but stare at his eyes and glance at his lips while his focus was on her shoulders.

Klaus couldn’t help but glance up at Maria as he got closer to her. He could hear her heartbeat quicken. He noticed her looking at his lips and stared back at hers. They both started to inch closer together.

Klaus- Maria, Can I do something? Close your eyes.


He put a piece of her hair behind her ear then gently grabbed the nape of her neck. He closed in and kissed her softly.

Maria slowly engulfing herself into the kiss, she had never been kissed before especially as passionately as this.

He kissed her softly as his hands started roaming her body, then landing on the small of her back.

Maria’s hands were on his chest as he slowly backed her up on the wall. She moaned softly into his lips as she felt her back on the wall. Klaus groaning as he felt her tongue caressing his. Losing himself, he started to kiss up and down her neck as Maria gently grabbed his hair.

Klaus craving more crept his hand upon the sides of her dress. Maria throwing her head slightly back as her arms crossed behind his head. Maria getting lost in the kiss, not caring how far they were going.

Klaus-(moaned) so beautiful.

As he kissed her neck and shoulder blade, Maria moaning his name.

Klaus- Are you sure you want to do this?

Maria-I want to experience this with you.

He grabbed her thighs and carrying her to his bed and setting her down.

Klaus slowly pulling the straps off her shoulders, climbing on top of her putting all his weight on his arms as he was hovering above her.

Maria grabbing his neck pulling him closer to her, moaning softly as she felt his fingers in between her thighs.

Klaus couldn’t help but smile as she stared into her eyes, his hands on her waist pulling her closer to him.

Pushing her hair back as he caressed her cheek, Maria slowly kissing his hand affectionately. He kissed her while pulling down his pants as Maria threw her dress off her, tossing it across the room. Klaus pulls the sheets over them, losing themselves in one another.

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