A Love to Lay (The originals)

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As Maria quietly yawned and tried to stretch her arms and legs, she could feel something holding her down by her waist.

She turned her head around and looked to see Klaus sleeping softly next to her. She didn’t want to wake him, as he looked so peaceful sleeping in bed.

Her face turned pink as she remembered what happened last night. She had never seen that side of her before, aggressive and submissive.

They both laid under the covers naked as Klaus held her in his arms. Maria faced him and traced the outline of his face with her index finger.

His lips still rosy, she couldn’t help but want to kiss them. She could feel Klaus stir under her as he fluttered his eyes open.

He grinned softly and groaned as he stretched out his left arm out. Klaus rubbed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair.

Klaus - (low rough voice) Morning Love.

He gently kissed Maria’s head as he traced circles on her back with his fingers.

Maria - (hummed) Morning, how’d you sleep?

Klaus - (chuckles) Quite well actually love, I have more or less to thank you for that.

Maria playfully laughs and snuggles up to him, putting her head in between his neck.

Klaus caresses her hair as they are lying in bed.

The sunshine peered through the lace curtains, illuminating their bodies. The warmth of Maria’s body against his cold skin.

Klaus - (sighs) Love, as much as I would love to lie here in bed with you. You must get going before anyone suspects anything.

Maria - (sighs) I know, I wish I wasn’t so-called to this many rules.

Klaus - (grins) I know love.

Maria slowly got up from the bed using some of the covers to cover her body. Klaus chuckles lightly as he watches her retrieve her garments.

Klaus - (laughs) Love, I’ve seen your body I am quite familiar with it, no need to hide from me. You’re gorgeous with or without clothing, Although I do prefer them off.

Maria - (smiles) Very charming, Klaus. Flattery will get you nowhere.

Klaus - (smirks) I believe it already has love.

Maria - (rolls eyes) Klaus

Klaus - (chuckles) Alright, Alright.

Maria walks over to Klaus and kisses him on the cheek as she walks to the door to leave.

Klaus - Such a tease!

Maria playfully waves and blows a kiss to him before she shuts the door.


Maria quietly walks along the hallway to her room. She couldn’t stop smiling, biting her lip thinking about last night.

She slowly opened the door of her room, she could see Rebecca sleeping on the daybed with a wine bottle next to her on the floor.

Maria steadily walked to her bed.

Rebecca - (smirks) Where did you sneak off to last night, missy?

Maria - (grins) Oh nowhere, I just got a little lost, you know how big this castle is. So I got tired last night and fell asleep on a chair.

Rebecca - (rolls eyes) Okay fine, don’t tell me.

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