A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Flowers in Your Hair

Maria-Charles, Look at me!

As Maria ran although a field holding at least a dozen flowers in hand.

Maria-(smiles) A flower for my king.

Maria playfully bowed in front of the king holding out a flower.

Charles chuckles lightly as he jokingly bows back.

They laugh as they both lay in the grass together.

Maria- Charles?

Charles- Yes, Luna?

Maria- I just want you to know that I’m glad I have you as my friend. If anything were to happen to me, would you please watch over Thomas?

Charles-And I you, my friend. I will look after Thomas as if he were my own. We are family of course. Is everything alright, Luna? Are you in any kind of trouble?

Maria- Thank you, Charles. No everything is fine, it’s just I started thinking about how fragile life is that’s all.

They sat together in the grass watching the sky until one of Charles's servants came by and he had to excused himself to meet with some government officials in the map room.


Maria sat under the oak tree, staring at the sky watching the clouds walk by.

She could hear the stream nearby, the sound of the water going against the rocks.

Maria- Why not? It’s such a lovely day for a swim.

The river was slightly hidden behind various trees and bushes so no one would notice her.

She took off her heeled shoes holding them in hand as she stepped carefully on the dry rocks leading down to the stream.

The clear blue water seemed deep enough for her to submerge in. Flowers and moss outline the sides of the river.

Maria started to untie the strings to her corset, taking off each layer of her clothing and placing it on a rock. She walked towards the edge of the river and stepped into the warm water. Her undergarment gown slowly rising as the water kept getting higher as she walked.

She swam underneath, the clear water revealing small fish swimming by. The sunlight shined through, illuminating the water.

She just floated above the water, staring at the sky looking out at the birds and trees.

It was peaceful.

Kol-(smirks) Now this is a sight for sore eyes.

Maria turns around and screams out, covering her exposed body with her hands.

Maria- Kol, Turn around!

Kol-(grins) I’m alright love, continue on with what you’re doing. I quite enjoyed the scenery.

Maria- I mean it!

Kol just stood across from Maria and laughed at her frustration.

Kol- Alright, princess!

He crossed his arms and turned around as Maria held down her gown, coming out of the water.

Maria cheekily smirked as she thought of a plan to get back at him.

She grabbed ahold of his shoulders and pushed him into the water with her, dragging him down.

They quickly come up from the water. Maria couldn’t contain her laughter and playfully splashed water into Kol’s face.

Kol- Maria! I’m drenched.

Maria- Serves you right for spying on someone.

She playfully pushes his shoulder and splashes water at him.

Kol- Come here!

Maria laughs as she tries to swim away from him but he grabs ahold of her ankle and pulls her closer to him.

She splashes him again as their both laughing at one another. Kol looks down at her before he lightly grabs her waist, pulling her closer.

Maria could feel his breath on her lips, she looks up at him through the strands of her hair blocking her face.

Kol takes his middle finger and moves the piece of hair behind her ear, he lightly caresses the side of her face with a hand.

Maria blushes as her breath hitched in her chest at his touch.

Maria shyly looks up at Kol as he traced the outline of her face.

Kol-What are you doing to me?

She could see the emotion in his eyes and she knew he was being sincere.

Maria leaned into Kol as he grabbed tightly on her waist.

Bringing his hands to the sides of her face to pull her in closer.

This kiss was different as it was filled with need and tenderness.

Maria playfully bit his bottom lip as his hand grazed her thigh, a sign for her to wrap her legs around him.


He carried her through the water and pushed her against a rock.

He kissed down her neck as she clawed his back, wanting him more.

Maria- Kol, I need you now.

Kol looked up at her affectionately and peck her lips as he pulled her gown over her head.

She kissed him passionately as they were chest to chest.


Maria- Kol, that can’t happen again.

Kol- Why not, Love? Never took you for much of a heartbreaker.

Maria- I am being serious. We both know you are a huge flirt. You can’t handle anything serious.

Kol-(grins) I am serious, see!

As he playfully smiles at her and tickles the sides of her waist.

Kol- Love, now we both know you can’t resist it.

He tugs her closer to him, kissing her.

Maria laughs in between the kiss and playfully pushes him back.

Maria-(smirks) Control yourself, I must go before they notice I’m gone.

She swam to land, picking up her garments and putting back her gown.

Kol- How could I control myself, this sight could render any man speechless.

Maria-(giggles) Well then don’t say another word. Goodbye, Kol. Till we meet again.

Kol- Till we meet again.

She turns towards the castle, smirking as she could still feel his gaze on her.

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