A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Starting a New

After traveling from England which seemed like ages, trying to pass through from village to village without leaving a trace but, of course, Kol couldn’t help himself to a couple of snacks on the way. They noticed their commoner clothing wouldn’t convince the court much of their status so they decided to find something more suitable. By coincidence, a nearby carriage had just passed by with enough bodies as Elijah had counted to suit each of his siblings. Rebecca approached the carriage while her brothers were nearby awaiting her signal. Rebecca suddenly ran towards the middle of the path stopping the driver.

Driver- My Lady, you shouldn’t be out in the woods all alone. Are you in need of any assistance?

Rebecca-(Winked at her brothers) Actually, I am in desperate need of your cargo.

As her brothers began attacking the driver and the other passengers in the carriage, Rebecca headed towards a blonde woman who was trying to flee the scene but sadly failed to. Rebecca lunges at her then grabbed her by the neck dragging her carefully across the forest floor not to ruin her blue satin gown. She watched in terror as she saw her companions being drained alive. She had heard the rumors of demons with human faces that gorged on blood, leaving not a single survivor. Tears formed in her eyes knowing she would to soon have the same fate as her friends. The girl screamed for help and pleaded with the stranger to let her go.

Woman- Please, let me go, miss. You can have all my possessions. There are enough silks and jewels for you all. Please don’t hurt me, please. I beg of you, have mercy.

Rebecca- Darling, there is something you could do for me. Give me your dress, we wouldn’t want it to stain.

Black Veins began to form under her eyes as she sank her teeth into the screaming woman. Soon all her siblings were done with their dinner, they started to change out of their clothes into their royal attire.

After a short while, they have arrived at court and their next assignment was to convince the court of their newfound status as Lords and Lady’s. They arrived in a little village outside of Bourges. Commoners filled the streets and the sound of vendors selling goods filled the air. The aroma of freshly cooked bread intoxicated the air. There was a row of luxurious gown and garment shops with society’s elite browsing through the windows while some Lords were getting fitted by tailors. There were people of all classes but the poor heavily populated this area. Beggers in every street corner begging for food or water while children running around playing in the streets. Young women giggled and gawked at the handsome strangers arriving into town. Whispering to one another secrets, little did they know the young strangers could hear their conversations clear as day. Kol smirked at the Ladies and turned to his siblings.

Kol- (silently chuckling) I have a good feeling, I am going to like France.

Klaus agreed with his brother and laughed at his remark. Elijah and Finn shared the same stern look and both agreed that they needed to be careful with their actions. Although their status didn’t hide them from the public eye, they didn’t need to draw unnecessary attention to themselves.

Finn-(turns to his younger brother, Kol) Brother, We must not draw attention to ourselves. We can not risk Mikael finding us, again. Our job must be to blend in with the crowd and ensure that no suspicions are raised of our arrival. We are strangers in this court and we must remember that.

Elijah- I agree with our brother, We must be cautious of our actions. There mustn't be a single trace of evidence that could lead back to us. Klaus especially Kol, you must restrain yourselves from any rash decisions that could endanger our family.

Kol- Brothers, You are such bores. (laughing) Live a little, especially you Finn. (Finn angrily frowns at Kol) Fine, Fine I will attempt to control myself.

Rebecca- Will see about that, brother. (while laughing) Remember England, You and Klaus caused quite a stir. That’s how our father found us, last time.

Klaus-(chuckling)You bleed out a few dozen people and you get labeled as reckless.

Kol- What a few commoners. A lord here and there. That one brunette was delicious, remember brother. (elbowing Klaus)

Klaus- You do have excellent taste, brother. (laughs)

Rebecca- You too better not ruin this for us especially me. I want to try and make some friends while we’re in court. I would prefer you not try and eat them, this time.

Kol- Good luck with that sister, once they hear you rambling on about God knows what. They’ll start running for the hills. (laughs)

Elijah- Stop pestering your sister and control yourself.

Kol-(frowns and rolls his eyes) Always and forever, right brother.

Shortly after, the Mikaelsons approached the King's estate. It was a large castle and that was beautifully designed Elijah noted. As they knocked on the wooden grand doors with golden embellishments, it swung open. A servant appeared at the door and asked what their purpose was.

Elijah stepped forward and introduced himself and his family to the young man.

Elijah- I am Lord Elijah Mikaelson and this is my family. We have just arrived from a long journey from England. We would wish to stay in court for a well.

Servant- Right this way, I will escort you to the King.

The servant seemed convinced by their attire that they came from wealth. The Mikaelson’s walked closely behind the servant and took in every detail as they could. There were at least half of a dozen guards guarding the throne room at the end of the hallway. A couple of other servants passed through hallways carrying food and other supplies into different rooms. There were Guards patrolling the hallways at all times. They began to realize what they were getting themselves into but they knew that they could handle anything.

They were the Originals.

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