A Love to Lay (The originals)

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We'll have them for Dinner!

Charles- Alright, arrange the dining hall because tonight we have guests. To celebrate my alliance with England and the recent engagement of my dear sister Marie. Now send out the invitations and start preparing for the feast.

His servants promptly went to work to prepare for the King's dinner. With such short notice, only those in court were to be invited.

Maria entered the hall, curiously looking around at servants running in and out of the room.

Maria-Charles, what’s happening?

Charles- Ah, Luna we are having a celebration tonight. I’m inviting the entire court to the castle tonight.

Maria smiled excitingly until she realized that Charles would invite the Mikaelsons. She would be stuck in a room with the two men she planned on avoiding, Klaus and Kol. How could she be near them when she’d slept with both. How her sins have caught up to her. This could break their family apart and ruin the relationship she had with the Mikaelsons. She had feelings for both brothers and there was no changing that.

Maria- Sounds wonderful, Charles. I think it’s best if I stay in tonight, I’m feeling a bit tired but have a great time.

Charles grins shakes his head and tells Maria to feel better.

She walks off to her room. Leaning against her door and sighed to herself.

Maria’s POV:

I can’t believe the Mikaelsons will be under one roof tonight, in the castle.

I haven’t seen them since well you know.

God forgive me, for the sins I’ve committed.

Give me the strength to make it through this night.


Maria remained in her room as Charles’ guests arrived. The music from the ballroom echoed throughout the Castle. With every passing hour, more people from court arrived. She stared out of her window, looking for the Mikaelsons carriage to come.

She knew they would come, Rebecca would never turn down a good party if the wine was involved. There’d be plenty of it tonight as The King was in good spirits.

A party to end all parties.


The party was in full swing as the Mikaelsons arrived at the Castle.

Rebecca and her brothers headed to the ballroom and searched around the room for a familiar face. They were met by the King who greeted them politely.

Kol playfully eyed one of the ladies of the court watching him across the room, grabbed a glass of wine off a servant's tray.

Kol- Now this is a party, Charles. You’ve outdone yourself.

Charles- Enjoy and drink until the wine pours no longer.

Klaus and Kol laughed, smirked at the King's comment.

Klaus-(laughs) Charles, We’ve only been in Court for a brief time yet there’s always a party going on.

Charles- There’s plenty of reasons to celebrate as France entering a new age! So please drink, in the name of France.

They all cheered and drank from the glasses. Laughing with one another, Rebecca hadn’t noticed her friend around.

Rebecca-(giggling) Charles, May I ask where is my dear friend Maria? Her company brings me such pleasure.

Charles told them that she was sick and wouldn’t be attending the party tonight.

Elijah and his brothers couldn’t hide the concern on their faces.

Kol couldn’t help but think to himself that Maria was somehow avoiding him since they last saw one another.

Rebecca noticed her brother's worried expression as he tried to excuse himself. She pulled him by the arm to the side.

Rebecca- Brother, whatever you are planning on doing right now. I suggest you stay here and enjoy the party. Don’t start trouble, leave her be.

Kol shook off her hand as he went outside to the garden.

She knew everything didn’t she, of course, she knows.

Thought Kol.


Rebecca’s POV

Maria had been acting strange ever since our sleepover in the Castle. She’d seemed torn up about something. As her friend, I was determined to find out.

She had confessed to me one evening when we’d went on a stroll in the garden.

I could hear her quickened heart and seen the worried expression on her face, she was scared.

Maria- Rebecca, I understand we’ve only known each other for quite some time but I consider you as one of my dearest friends. I have been keeping something from you. I fear you’d never forgive me. It's something quite dreadful.

I’ve slept with your brothers, Klaus and Kol.

Rebecca could see the tears welling up in her friend’s eyes.

She comforted her friend.

Rebecca- Love, I am grateful you’d told me.

I’m surprised it hasn’t happened any sooner. My brothers are quite smitten with you. How could I be upset with you? I’m honestly quite impressed, with both of them. That explains their recent behavior, I’ve never seen Klaus smile so much.

They both laughed as they playfully pushed one another.

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