A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Maria- You can’t expect me to be in the same room as your brothers. I’d much rather prefer to stay in my room the rest of the evening.

Rebecca- Love, you can’t hide from my brothers forever. Someone is bound to question your absence.

Maria sighs and falls back onto her bed. Rebecca chuckles at her reaction.

Maria-(laughs) Your family will be the death of me.

Rebecca- Now, let’s get you out of bed and dressed for tonight’s dinner.

She pulled her from the bed as Maria slightly groaned and tugged back in reliance.


Rebecca-(laughs) Calm down, They can sense your fear. Just act casual and explain that you have recovered from your cold.

She smiled reassuringly at Maria as they linked arms together. With each step towards the dining hall, Maria could feel her heart beat faster.

They reached the doors before they entered the hall, Maria stopped Rebecca’s hand.

Maria- I don’t think I can face them.

Rebecca- Love, You forget who you are, a princess. Now let’s show my brothers what they are missing out on.

They both stood tall together and strutted into the hall.

The sound of the opening door, catching the attention of the men in the room as they gazed upon the ladies walking in.

The Mikaelson’s and the King, deep in conversation, brought their attention to the door.

They smiled as they gawked at the Princess. Admiring the newfound confidence of the young princess. Their sister and the princess glided across the marbled floor towards them, clutching onto one another.

Klaus and Kol hadn’t seen the princess in a number of days. Seeing her relieved them both of their suspicions. Yet they were still unaware of one another’s recent interactions with the princess.

This worried Maria as she knew they were bound to find out the truth. She had put on her best poker face for tonight.

Maria could feel their stares as they drew closer to them. Their gaze leaves her bare and vulnerable.

She decided to direct her attention towards the King as she reached over to greet him first.

Charles-(smiled) Ah, Maria I see you are feeling much better. I was prepared to call on the doctor if you hadn’t recovered.

Maria- Charles, you know nothing can kill me not even the common cold. Plus, how could I miss another one of your parties. I heard your latest one was quite a success. I don’t know how you’ll top that one.

Charles- You’re right about that. Everyone last night asked for you and sent their respects. In fact, I have some guests who would like to meet you before dinner is served. Excuse us, we’ll be back!

He laughed as they excused themselves and headed to the other side of the room.

Klaus and Kol puzzled as Maria ignored them both.

They watched from across the room at the princess, jealousy grew as she laughed along at the other gentleman’s remarks.

Using their heightened abilities to listen to their conversation. It is filled with banter and occasional flattery.

Klaus grew tired of hearing their conversation.

Klaus- I’m getting another drink.

Rebecca couldn’t help but hear the annoyance in his voice. Luckily no one else picks it up.

Kol scowling, the thought of severing the gentleman’s heads crossed his mind.

It made his blood boil seeing her with another man.


Maria heard a familiar voice behind her, talking with a gentleman.

Maria- Miguel?

Miguel- Lunita!

Maria- Hello stranger, I thought you were still in Paris?

Miguel-(laughs) I thought I’d come back early plus I miss my little sister. It’s nice to see a familiar face.

She hugged him tightly as he held her close.

Maria- My Big Brother couldn’t live without me. How was Paris?

Miguel- I couldn’t last a moment without my hermanita. Paris was spectacular, you know lots of beautiful women. I bought you a gift you’d like, a gown right off the rack. You’ll be envied by all the other women in court.

Maria-(laughs) Even in France, you’re a huge flirt brother. One day you’ll find a girl who would be immune from your charms. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. Oh, you spoil me. Thank you, Miguel, that’s very thoughtful.

I’ll see you later on to catch up.

They hugged each other and went back to their conversations.

Maria excused herself as she went to go get another drink.

Maria- A glass of wine, please.

Klaus- I’ll take another as well.

He said to the waiter.

Maria- Hello, Klaus. How are you this evening?

Klaus- I’m quite well not as well as others.

He quietly snickered as he pointed towards his brothers, who were drinking wine heavily. They were laughing and telling jokes to one another.

Maria-(smiles) It’s nice to see your family like this.

Klaus- I agree.

He sat down his drink and nervously asked Maria if they could speak in private.

They walked together quietly out of the ballroom to a private study across the castle.

They could feel the silence between them as they walked grow.

The other was scared to spark conversation.

They reached the end of the hall and entered the study room.

Maria faced the bookshelves on the floor when Klaus began to speak.

Klaus- Maria, is something the matter? This is the first time you’ve spoken to me since that night.

Maria- Sorry I...I just didn’t know what to say. I can’t deny the way you make me feel. But this can’t happen again even if we want it to.

Klaus- You can’t expect me to forget everything because I don’t want to.

He moved closer to her, Maria stuck out her hand to stop him.

He gently stroked her hand with this thumb. Maria gently closed her eyes and sighs as Klaus got closer to her.

Maria- We can’t.

She left, leaving a kiss on his cheek. He watched her walk out of the study, leaving him alone.

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