A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Maria- I don’t know what I’m doing, Rebecca. I like Klaus but I like Elijah and Kol too. I don’t want to hurt them but I wish I could have them all.

Rebecca- I can see the problem you’re dealing with. Maybe if you explain to them, they will understand. But I think it’s best if you kept sleeping with two of them a secret.

Maria- You’re right, I think I’m going to have to choose.


There was a knock at Maria’s bedroom door, both she and Rebecca turned to the door with worried expressions.

Both muttering to each other, to go open the door.

Finally, Rebecca pinched Maria and she answered the door.

One of her guards announced that Lord Elijah was here and wished to have a word with Maria.

Maria told the guard to tell him to wait in the drawing-room so she could get dressed.

Maria swiftly turns to Rebecca with a worried expression.

Rebecca-(sternly) Don’t make that face.

Maria-(nervously) What face? I am not making a face. I am perfectly fine, it's just Elijah. Patiently waiting for me downstairs, Oh my lord. What am I going to wear, I have no time!

Rebecca- Luna, Breathe it’s just my brother. Now, let’s quickly get you ready!

They both rushed to her closet pulling dresses out fo the racks and tossing them onto the bed.


Maria sat in front of her mirror, Rebecca finishing her hair and applying a bit of rouge to her cheeks and lips.

Rebecca- You’re ready now, off you go downstairs before my brother takes notice.

Maria fixed her dress as she made her way through the castle, to the drawing-room.

She approached the room as the guardsmen opened the door, revealing Elijah sitting down.

He rose up as he heard her approaching and smiled and bowed.

Maria- Elijah, what a surprise to see you this morning.

Elijah- I am sorry for the inconvenience but I have a matter I wish to speak to you about.

Maria-(curiously) What about exactly? Nothing terrible I hope.

Elijah- Nothing to concern yourself with. But something has been developed. I haven’t felt this way for anyone in quite some time.

He turns his back to her, facing the bookcase.

Maria couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit of jealousy. In the back of her mind, she’d hope it was her.

Maria- I am happy for you Elijah, you deserve someone that makes you feel loved.

Elijah-(stern voice) Maria, I am here to confess my feelings for you.

She stood there shocked as he turned around to face her.

He tried to study her reaction to see if she felt the same.

Elijah- Please say something, the silence is unbearable.

Maria- I don’t know what to say.

Elijah- You don’t have to say anything now. I will wait for you as long as it takes. Goodbye, Luna.

Maria- Goodbye, Lijah.

He bowed and kissed her hand as he left her in the drawing-room.

She watched him leave the room, leaving her alone.

In the back of her mind, she waited for him to turn back.

The sound of the door closing behind him was only left.


Rebecca- Who would have thought my brother could be so bold. Now you have at least some time to give your answer.

Maria- Is it right for me to accept? Would it be too rash?

Rebecca- Give it a chance, it could make your choice easier. Maybe he could be the one. There’s a ball in the castle tonight, Charles mentioned, I will tell my brother to be your date. It will give you time to get to know one another.

Maria- Sounds like a good plan but what about Klaus and Kol? Wouldn’t they say something?

Rebecca- I’ll handle my brothers while you’re with lijah.


Rebecca- Alright, they are here. We’ll walk down together. I told Finn of the plan and he agreed to help distract my brothers.

Maria-(scoffs) That’s comforting.

Rebecca- We can trust my brother to keep this quiet. Don’t tell me you are having second thoughts?

Maria- No it’s just my nerves are getting to me again.

Rebecca- Everything will turn out. Now let’s go before the party starts without us. How do I look?

Rebecca asked while smiling and twirling around.

Maria-(laughs) Radiant as always. How do I look?

Rebecca- Beautiful as always. Now come on!

They both walked down the halls together.

Maria could hear the music from the ballroom grow louder as they got closer.

Thankfully the ball tonight was a masquerade and no one would know it was her.


The Ball was stunning, filled with acrobatic performers, and draped to the ceilings with colorful silks.

All of the courts attended including the prime minister of Italy.

Maria’s face lit up as she knew the Prime minister very well. Perhaps he had some news about his father and her brothers.

But she tried to contain her excitement to not reveal her identity.

Both Maria and Rebecca separated, Rebecca headed to her brothers to tell Elijah maria was here.

Maria stood by the buffet table and waited for him.

She straightened out her crimson red gown and gold mask.

Elijah- Maria?

Maria- Elijah?

She turned to see Elijah in a black mask with leaves on them.

Elijah- You look beautiful. I am glad you’ve given me this chance and that you changed your mind.

Maria- Thank you and you look very handsome as well. I am glad I did too.

They both chatted and maria laughed at Elijah’s witty remarks.

They stood in the corner of the room talking, the party was in full swing.

Rebecca and Finn in the meanwhile we’re trying to get their brothers as drunk as possible so they wouldn’t notice Elijah and maria.

They drank their way through almost 3 bottles of wine.

They were feeling it at this point but they knew they needed to keep going.

As vampires, it took a lot of alcohol to feel anything.

Rebecca could tell her brothers were a bit intoxicated. Klaus was laughing more and Kol was sillier.

Kol-(laughs)Klaus remember when we drained an entire town back in England. I could go for a bite. Look at all these people, a buffet. I could go for something French right about now.

Kol winking at one of the ladies in the French court, who was eyeing him and giggling to her friends.

Klaus-(laughs) That does sound pretty tempting right now.

Finn- Control yourselves, remember we are guests here and friends of the king.

Kol- Take out that stick that is so far up your ass. We are originals, we can do whatever we please. They should fear us, brother.

Rebecca- Kol behave yourself after the party is over we can eat. Don’t ruin this for us especially me because of your urges.

Kol-Alright at least get me something stronger than wine to ease my hunger.


Maria laughed while drinking her wine. Elijah smiling back as he glanced up at her.

Elijah-Would you care to join me in a dance?

Maria-(drunkenly laughs) I would love to kind sir.

She took his hand as he led her to the dancefloor.

They danced along to the 8 piece orchestra.

Elijah shyly places his hand on her waist as he turns her.

He lifts her up and twirls her around. Maria giggles as they are dancing. The party guests look in awe of them as they dance gracefully together.

Klaus- Who is that dancing with Elijah?

Rebecca looks to the dancefloor and sees Elijah dancing with Maria, instantly her eyes widen. She could see Elijah moving in for a kiss and worries her brothers will know the girl dancing with Elijah is Maria.

She whispers to her brother Finn to distract them as she walks over to the band to compel them to play a festive song.

Quickly the crowd livens up, Rebecca mouths to Maria to leave now and she takes Elijah’s hand leading him outside into the garden.

Elijah-(laughs) Where are we going?

Maria- Its a secret.

She led him to a secluded part of the garden where there was a rose-covered canopy. Charles designed it for her as a gift so she could have a special place to read.

Maria- This is my special place, I like to spend time here and read. It’s peaceful and quiet.

They both sat down, it was silent for a minute until Maria spoke up.

Maria- I am glad you agreed to come with me tonight, I had a lot of fun.

Elijah- So did I, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

Maria slowly inching her hand closer to his. Elijah intertwined their hands together and caressed her hand.

Maria- I like being with you and the way you make me feel.. it feels natural.

Elijah brushes her hair behind her ear as he leans into her. Softly kissing her, the kiss was gentle and passionate.

Maria pulled him in closer and wrapped her arms around him.

She pulled away slightly, smiling into the kiss. Grinning back, he pulled her back by her waist.

Kol’s POV:

The Wine really helped with my hunger but I am craving something with a pulse. So I decided to go outside and see if there was something to eat. I could hear laughing coming from the garden.

I smirk to myself as I follow where the voice is coming from.

I could see a canopy and there were two people sitting there.

I listen closely to their conversation.

It’s Elijah but the girl’s voice sounds familiar.

I recognize that sweet laugh anywhere.... its Maria.

What is she doing with Elijah, alone?

The next thing I see is Maria leaning in to kiss Elijah.

I can’t believe she would do this.

I am falling for her and she kisses my brother behind my back.

I leave before seeing anything else.

I left the garden, furious and broken.


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